The Best Racing Games

The best racing games on

We’ve rounded up the best racing games!

If you want to play free racing games, there are so many to choose from that finding the best racing games isn’t easy. To help you find games to play, we’ve compiled this comprehensive list of the best free online racing games that can be found on

Turbo Racing 2

You need to be fast in Turbo Racing 2!

Turbo Racing 3

If you’re after a racing challenge, then check out Turbo Racing 3! This is a street racing game with a twist: the bottom placed racer at each checkpoint gets eliminated, so make such you’re fast enough throughout the race, or you’ll be eliminated before the end of the race. You’re also able to choose from a number of awesome-looking cars to make sure you win every race in style… just make sure you’re agile enough to dodge the oncoming traffic!

Gas & Sand is for racers looking for raw power!

Gas & Sand is for racers looking for raw power!

Gas & Sand

Gas & Sand is one of the fastest racing games we’ve ever played. You’ll need to be at the top of your racing game if you’re going to win races! One of the coolest features about Gas & Sand is that you can make the whole game full screen, meaning you can see the details better as you drive around the track and defeat your opponents. Racing in front of a huge stadium adds that little bit of extra pressure for you to win, so only play if you can handle the speed!

Use powerups to take the lead in GoKartGo! Nitro!

Use powerups to take the lead in GoKartGo! Nitro!

GoKartGo! Nitro!

GoKartGo! Nitro! is unlike most other racing games you’ve played online. As well as straightforward racing skill, you’ll also need to make use of items and powerups in order to beat the other racers to the finish line. You’ve also got the extra challenge of having to find all the extra shortcuts, stars and hidden character… whilst also fighting off attacks from other racers in their own karts. If you’re after a racing challenge that’s more than just racing, GoKartGo! Nitro! is definitely a game you should try playing.

Rally Point 2 racing game

Can you become a rally champion?

Rally Point 2

Rally Point 2 is one of our favourite rally games because of its amazing graphics, fast cars and responsive controls! Mastering Rally Point 2 is tough: you’ll need to win races by beating the target times! The game also features unlockable vehicles and tracks which you can activate as you play through the game. What gives your racing the edge, though, is the boost and drift. You’ll need to perfect your use of these if you’re going to unlock the awards and become a Rally champion!

You'll need to master Motocross Nitro's tricks to win challenges!

You’ll need to master Motocross Nitro’s tricks to win challenges!

Motocross Nitro

Motocross Nitro is one of the best looking web-based games we’ve ever played and it’s also one of the top played games on Miniclip, so it’s addictive too! You’ll need to use the in-game upgrades to make sure your bike’s best suited to each of the terrains, and then you’ll need to master the tricks and nitro to beat the opposition in the sprints, races and freestyle modes and challenges. If you want a racing game which requires all your racing skills to properly compete, Motocross Nitro is the game you should be playing.

Master Monster Trucks 360's stunts!

Master Monster Trucks 360’s stunts!

Monster Trucks 360

The final game in our roundup of the best racing games is one where you’ll need to race against the clock to beat the best times! Monster Trucks 360 puts you in some of the most dynamic race courses and challenges you to perform the most outrageous stunts and tricks. You’ll need all of your racing skill if you’re going to master some of these tracks. This one’s not for the faint hearted!

What’s your favourite racer?

So those are the best racing games we could find! Which one of those is your favourite? Tell us by leaving a comment below 🙂 Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter so that you’re kept up-to-date with the latest games!