Miniclip’s Social Networks: Keep Up To Date


Stay up to date with us :)

With new games and updates coming out every week on, keeping up to date with all our news can be a little challenging. Luckily, we’ve got a number of handy ways for you to make sure you know about all the latest Miniclip news, via a number of different mediums and social streams.

Here we’re going to show you the different ways you’ve got of following Miniclip’s social profiles to make sure you’re up-to-date.

Get notified when we publish new posts by hovering over the Like button and then clicking "Get Notifications".

Get notified when we publish new posts by hovering over the Like button and then clicking “Get Notifications”.


Liking our page on Facebook is one of the easiest ways of keeping up-to-date. We’ve got a number of Facebook pages, but the two we recommend you follow are the Miniclip page and the 8 Ball Pool page. We update these pages multiple times every week, so you’ll always be kept up-to-date.

With lots of content in your Facebook News Feed, it’s easy to miss our new posts, so a great way to make sure you see our updates is to get a notification every time we publish a new post. You can do this by going to any of our Facebook pages and hover over the “like” button. You’ll then see a dropdown, and you just need to tick the box which says “Get Notifications”.


Get frequent updates by following us on Twitter!

Get frequently updated by following us on Twitter!

If you’d like more frequent updates from Miniclip, then you should follow us on Twitter. We’re always tweeting, and it’s a great way to tell you about our latest game releases — and some of the older classics too :)

We also use Twitter to host our Miniclip Madness giveaways, where we regularly give away cues and tables for 8 Ball Pool and download codes for our mobile games. We usually host a giveaway once every couple of weeks, so keep an eye on our tweets so you don’t miss out on the chance to win!


If you use Google+, you should add us to your circles! We post on Google+ with details about our new game releases, so look out for those. If you’re not a Facebook user, Google+ is a another way to get our news :)


We’re often making videos, like that time we re-created Gangnam Style (after Miniclip users voted for it on our Facebook page!), as well as showing off trailers and gameplay from our favourite games. Naturally, we always post these videos on YouTube! Make sure you subscribe to us on YouTube so you don’t miss any of our awesome creations :)


We love sharing images and pictures and we use Pinterest to share our artwork! If you want to see pins, make sure you follow us on Pinterest :)

Miniclip Blog

We recently wrote about how to play Pool here on the Miniclip blog!

We recently wrote about how to play Pool here on the Miniclip blog!

And, of course, there’s the Miniclip Blog, the thing you’re reading now! The blog is updated weekly with behind-the-scenes features, Miniclip updates and tips-and-tricks for our latest games. Recently we’ve written about the best racing games, as well as showing off how to play Pool in our 8 Ball Pool user guide.

There are a number of ways to subscribe to the blog: if you go to the blog homepage, in the sidebar you can enter your email and opt-in to receiving new posts via email. We also always tweet about our new posts, so following us on Twitter will keep you notified of our posts. Finally, you can also subscribe to the blog via RSS and get new posts into your favourite RSS reader as they’re published.

All in once place

Those are all of our social channels! Here they are in one handy place for your convenience:

We hope to connect with you soon, folks :)

26 responses to “Miniclip’s Social Networks: Keep Up To Date

    • Hi Brian, if you’re logged in via, your profile picture is your YoMe and you can change this from your Miniclip profile. If you’re logged in via Facebook, your picture is just your Facebook profile pic, so changing that will change your picture on Pool.

    • @ Alex Instead of connecting to Fb profile pic is not uploaded …what shoul i do????

  1. 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer has a bug, I had some coins and won the Sydney Tournament, my coins were reducd to -50 and ended up with 550 coins, and played the second time (with 550 coins – 100 fee) and the same happened. It showed I had -50 coins and ended up with 550 coins

  2. Help! i dont have a profile picture on 8 ball pool. i logged in with my facebook but it still shows that i don’t have a picture. What did i do wrong?

  3. I too cannot get my 8 ball pool avatar to display via Facebook even though I have a profile pic loaded in FB. What am I doing wrong? How can I fix this? My friend downloaded and installed 8 ball pool on his iPhone 4 and it brought his FB profile pic in no problem … I’m on Android JB v.4.1.2.

  4. I have this problem too. Does anyone know what the problem is? I am using 8 ball in facebook and my pic is just a question mark where as other people have their pic.

  5. Help me please, I can’t share my game pool. I needed the coin to claim in other account my husband. Why ?

  6. Hi. I have the pool app, and I dont have facebook. Is there anyway to get a picture without signing up to all the miniclip site and all that stuff

  7. I’m logged in with my Facebook account and my fb profile will not show, nor will my face book name… Why is this, I’ve tried un and re installing from the app on my tablet and from fb itself the data everything. It just come back up the same on re installing so im stuck with a blank picture when everyone else has their photo up… Very annoying… Please help!!!!

  8. Why isn’t there an answer to people not being able to get their avitar or Facebook picture showing on a device other than a laptop or pc because I feel like not playing the game anymore, without my picture or avitar showing I feel like a nobody.

    • I was having the same problem with the Display picture but have solved it. I am playing on a PC and was using Mozzilla Firefox as my web browser, but have sinced switched to internet explorer and it seems to be working. Works for google chrome as well. Hope this helps.

  9. I am sitting on close to 92,000+ Friends Fans & Fans personal website & also quite a bit of Social Networks as well hmm Producer/Artist Etc. So something of this nature should NOT be happening hmmm WHERE IS MY PROFILE PIC… Not Miniclip Nor FB is Showing Please Fix ASAP Thank You (IT WAS WORKING JUST FINE A FEW DAYS AGO)

  10. Im on Samsung Galaxy S4 and i installed the miniclip 8 ball app and i want to edit my avatar but i just cant figure out how!

    I clicked in the edit avatar thing on the website but nothing happened. And i cant find Adobe Flash for android.

  11. I am playing on a ipod5 and I want to change my profile picture from a “?” To one of my facebook pictures or one from my photo albums. How do I do it?

  12. Another one here wanting to know about profile pics on mobile…have got a miniclip ID but logging in with that or with facebook makes no difference, I still get the blank blue avatar and wrong country flag etc, despite resetting both on This is really annoying, surely there’s an answer?

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