How To Get Free Miniclip Credits & Free Pool Coins

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Earn free Miniclip Credits!

Miniclip Credits are our virtual currency which allow you to maximise your gaming experience in a safe and secure way. Miniclip also uses game-specific virtual currencies such as Pool Coins in 8 Ball Pool. To use these currencies you just need to sign up for a Miniclip account if you don’t already have one, or sign in if you do.

You can get hold of Credits by purchasing them by credit card, PayPal or a number of other different payment methods.

However, these aren’t the only ways to get Miniclip Credits. You can also earn free Credits by completing simple tasks such as watching a video advertisement or participating in a survey.

In this post I’ll walk you through how to earn free Miniclip Credits, which you can then either use in Credits games such as Bullfrog Poker or Dogfight, or convert to Pool Coins for use in 8 Ball Pool, getting you free Pool Coins.


Choose your offer to start earning.

Earn free Credits

To start earning free Credits, you just need to go to the Credits Offers, by clicking here (you will need to be logged in to your Miniclip account). Here you’ll see a list of all the offers you can complete, and how many Miniclip Credits you’ll earn from completing the offer.

You can choose between our two sponsor providers, SupersonicAds and SponsorPay by clicking on the tabs; just take your pick between them.

In the example on the right, I can earn 1,012 Miniclip Credits by registering for the chance to win a Mini Cooper on SupersonicAds. I just need to complete the offer and make sure I follow its steps right to the end.

View status

Click view status to check you’ve completed the offers successfully.

After I’ve completed one offer, I can do another straight away, so I also earned another 33 Miniclip Credits by clicking on the “video” tab, selecting an offer and watching a short video.

With the offers completed, I can see if I’ve successfully earned the Credits by clicking “View status”. On SupersonicAds, this link is at the top of the page, whereas on SponsorPay, the link is at the bottom of the page. This screen shows me which offers I’ve completed and which offers are pending. All I need to do now is wait for the “earned credits” to be added to my Miniclip account.

On most offers this only takes a maximum of 15 minutes, but for some offers it may take longer. You can see when the Credits have been added to your account by refreshing any page on the main site and checking your total in the top right hand corner.

My total Credits!

Wait for the Credits to be added to your account!

I can now see I have 1365 Credits in total, so the offer has been successful and I’ve earned my free credits! I can then spend these Credits in any games which support Miniclip Credits.

Convert Miniclip Credits to Pool Coins

Convert your earned Credits to Pool Coins!

Convert your earned Credits to Pool Coins!

If you play 8 Ball Pool, you’ll know the game uses Pool Coins as well as Miniclip Credits for entering tournaments and purchasing cues and tables. You might, then, want to convert some of the Credits you’ve earned to Pool Coins. Luckily, this is really easy to do!

Load up 8 Ball Pool, and from the main screen click on “Pool Shop”, and then the “Coins” tab. Below the option to purchase Pool Coins, you’ll see a Miniclip Credits to Pool Coins converter. To transfer your Credits to Pool Coins, you just need to enter how many Credits you’d like to convert and click the “Convert” button.

The exchange rate works out so that you get the same value whether you purchase Coins or Credits, so one Pool Coin is worth approximately three Miniclip Credits.

Totally free!

That’s all there is to it! Earning free Miniclip Credits and free Pool Coins is really easy, so get earning :)

Make sure you follow us on Twitter and join us on Facebook so you don’t miss out on the latest Miniclip news! If you have any problems with the free Credits system, please use the support links below.

20 responses to “How To Get Free Miniclip Credits & Free Pool Coins

  1. when i click on convert to coins a window comes up asking for my credit card details, so is this game free to play or not?

  2. Hi. Are you sure the Miniclip credits to Pool coins conversion still working? Because Under the Coin tab, there’s no option to convert. Was the feature discontinued? Thanks.

  3. It’s a nice to hear this free credits pool coins. In 8-ball, it is important to have a general plan for your run out before you start shooting. One of the most basic concepts is to identify a “key ball” which you will shoot immediately before the 8-ball, leading to an easy shot to win the game.

  4. Please put the conversion feature back! From coins to cash and cash to coins! Then you can use your earned money as u´d like!
    Great game….but I´m missing the conversion feature…

  5. This game is awesome but at the same time its pissing me of spend a lot of money on coins miniclip loses connection in the middle of a game and you loss all your entry fee> I have lost around 300,000 coins in the last week what is going on??????????????????????????????????????
    I have had my internet checked and it is not from my end !!!!!!!!
    fix it.

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