Goodgame Big Farm: Tips and Tricks

Goodgame Big Farm has become one of the most popular games on over the last couple of months, and people keep asking us to give them some pointers on becoming the best farmer around. How could we refuse? These are our top tips to becoming the best at Goodgame Big Farm, a game you can play for free on


The most important thing to remember when playing Goodgame Big Farm is that farming is a business, and thus your approach to the game needs to be business orientated. You’re going to need to use your business skills — along with the help of your neighbours, family and friends — in order to turn your overgrown barnyard into a beautiful and prosperous centre of farming excellence again.

What does “use your business skills” mean? In a farming environment, it means you’ve got to be savvy and make sure you plant the right crops at the right time, process them properly, care for your animals and make sure the people working on your farm are happy. A combination of these is going to ensure your farm grows successfully.

Getting started

If you’re just starting out on your farming adventure, the game’s built-in help system is pretty handy at getting you started, but we’ve got a couple of tricks to give you a bit of a boost once you’re out of the help system.

The main advice we’d give to players who are just getting started is keep tabs on your tasks, as these are the things which are going to show you how to properly manage your farm. You also get the added bonus that doing tasks helps you level up, getting you free rewards.

However, whilst you’re doing the tasks, don’t become fixated with them: remember you’ve got the rest of your farm to run! You’ll need to carry on collecting and producing, otherwise your farm won’t have any output! And when you’re not producing anything, you can’t make any money! Speaking of money…

Earning more money

Having more cash to splash on your farm means is always handy — bigger investments can yield bigger returns! So how should you earn more money in the game? Our big tip is play every day. You get a “daily bonus” by logging in on consecutive days, and the rewards vary from cash to gold to crops and feed for your farm. Making sure you play every day also means none of your farm is going to get neglected… handy, right?


You can also bump up your earnings by starting and then completing missions; you’ll earn experience points, farm dollars and reputation points from doing the game’s missions. When you choose a mission from the menu on the left hand side, hover over the “reward box” to see what the reward you will get for completing it.

After finishing a mission, make sure you claim your reward — and don’t forget you can also get rewards for leveling up! Goodgame Big Farm rewards you for playing 🙂

Get farming!

Goodgame Big Farm has flown up the Miniclip charts, becoming one of our favourite games in only a couple of months. There’s good reason for it to — you can really make your farm your own and running your business can get addictive!

Hopefully those farming tips will be helpful for everyone playing… if you’ve got any tips of your own you want to share, then feel free to leave a comment below 🙂