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You may have heard about the Beat The Boss events we’ve started running in 8 Ball Pool – you may even have been one of the people lucky enough to take him on so far. We thought we’d put together some answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Beat The Boss to bring you all right up to speed. Let’s go!

Big Rob Beat The Boss

What is Beat The Boss?

Beat The Boss is a special event on 8 Ball Pool where Miniclip chief Big Rob takes time from his busy schedule to play Pool with you, the players. He’s usually online for 30 minutes to take on as many challengers as he can.

When is it? How can I find out when the next one is?

Beat the Boss events will be announced on the 8 Ball Pool Facebook page and on Twitter. Keep an eye out for details!

How can I join in on web?

If Beat the Boss is taking place on the web version of 8 Ball Pool, then getting set for Beat The Boss is easy. First, you need to be logged in to 8 Ball Pool on

Click Play Friends from the main menu, then search Big Rob to find him. Remember that he’ll only turn up in search when he’s online – so try searching during one of the events. When you’ve found him, click that challenge button like your life depends on it!

You can also watch the action on our Twitch channel, where you can chat to other players while you watch!

How can I join in on mobile?

Occasionally, we have special mobile versions of Beat The Boss where you can take on Big Rob on your mobile or tablet.

To play, you just need to add Big Rob’s account to your Friends List: open 8 Ball Pool on your device, and go to Play With Friends > Add New Friends, and type Big Rob’s ID number 1188718823 into the search box. Hit Add Friend and you’re ready to go – now just press Challenge during the event itself.

Challenge him to a game in the London tier - that way he’s unlikely to run out of Pool Coins mid-event if he gets off to a bad start ;-)

Remember, Big Rob is only online for a short amount of time – so don’t hit challenge until the event has started!

Help! I can’t find Big Rob!

Are you playing on Facebook? Because you’ll need to be logged in to 8 Ball Pool on Miniclip. Mobile users won’t see him online, so get Miniclip to make sure you don’t miss out! Remember that you can use your Facebook login on Miniclip – you won’t need to create a new account. Here’s his player card so you know you’re playing against the real deal – we gave him a special Level 150 account ;-)

Big Rob's account

Big Rob’s account

Logged in on Miniclip, but still can’t see him? That’s because he’s currently offline! Search again when one of the events is underway, and you’ll be able to find him. Plus, once you’ve added him as a friend on 8 Ball, you’ll have him saved in your friends list for future events.

Can I play Big Rob on mobile?

Only if we’re having a special, mobile-only Beat The Boss event! Unfortunately, you can’t play mobile-to-web in 8 Ball Pool, so make sure you’re playing on the right platform each week.

Big Rob didn’t accept my challenge request :-(

Big Rob receives hundreds if not thousands of challenges when he’s online – there’s a lot of 8 Ball Players out there! To keep Beat The Boss fair, he always accepts the very first challenge he receives when he returns to the game lobby. Even so, there’s only so many games he can squeeze in per event – if you don’t get to play him, try again next time! Remember, he’s not ignoring you, he’s just busy winning.

What do I get if I Beat The Boss?

You win a prize greater than gold, greater than the rarest gem or jewels. You win what many have tried to achieve, few have come close to and even fewer have accomplished. You become part of the special ones that can say they’ve beaten the Boss.

You will also get this wonderful award, and, from 23rd May onwards, all Boss Beaters will also get the super-cool prize of 50 Pool Cash.beat the boss award

Hey! He only played 1 game against me and then left, what gives?

Big Rob tries to get through as many opponents as he can, so he only has time to play 1 game per challenger. It’s definitely not the case that he doesn’t want to play you any more because he’s worried he might lose.

Who is this Big Rob guy anyway? 

Big Rob is the CEO of Miniclip (so yes, you really are playing the Boss). When he’s not playing 8 Ball Pool he’s usually determining the fate of world, or playing real pool (and winning at that too).

Is he any good?

He is unlike any 8 Ball Pool player you’ve ever seen. His focus and determination have been forged in the fires of a thousand suns. His abilities were honed under pressures greater than a hundred black holes. He has been compared to a force of Nature, a constant of our universe, like gravity or Time.

Tl;dr – yeah, he’s alright.

Wait, don’t go, I have more questions!

Got another question about Beat The Boss that wasn’t answered above? Click that comment button and ask away and we’ll help you out.

Big Rob in action

150 replies

  1. hello please do something nice, to me going really stopped, and if I request a friend that friend tells me he has not got anything nice to update the game please! I beseech

  2. I know 100% I can beat the boss on a real table I beat a pool halls owner I never wanted to because lots of $$ was involved, but a person saw me play and he put up the $$ which I also did not like. He broke sunk all his balls, but he blocked himself from the 8 ball, which made me smile I sunk all of my balls and the 8 I won and all balls are called shots I’ve even called 4 banks and a combo in the side pocket I would like to play the boss if he’s not to scared

  3. wait ? 11 pm est aint that 05.00 (pm) Amsterdam time? mmm you really expect people from (NL) to stay up or get up at that time? lol give me a buzz and hit me up when your playing when i am online ;-)

  4. This game is my favorite pool, during a game of pool, I’ve been using chat with friends, but in the match pool if using a white page chat, chat I was able to respond, but games are not visible

  5. I think he’s an all go and no show… He’s just too scared to challenge me even when in the first to hit the challenge button. I’m the only superstar there is…. That is final :-@
    By the way, I haven’t been able to access any of Miniclip’s 8 ball pool new features fro the year 2010. It’s jus the same old lay out and design and nothing new ever happens. #Frustrated

  6. Does his name say BigRob or a space in betweenlike Big Rob i played against BigRob yesterday his profile photo was the same beat him but did not get any achievementn plz just say something Ben M

  7. when a contestant does not turn up for games,the other contestant who is given a bye should also get the apropiate points and maximum balls 10,

  8. why big rob did not accept my challenge ,, but im first click and did not accept im very dissapointed,, please make big rob event every week and not play other player that get an award on big rob event to fair!!!

  9. Is the “Winner keeps it all” and “Go for broke” awards active yet? If so how do you achieve them as I can’t see an option to select within the game. Thanks.

  10. i want to know that whenever i hit the challenge button when there is no busy written on his profile , he never accepts my challenge ;why this happens?

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