8 Ball Community Update, February 2014

Time for us to lift the lid on what the 8 Ball Pool team are working on this month, and give you some insight into what’s coming next to the game.

All In Mode

Our new mode in 8 Ball Pool: ALL IN!

Our new mode in 8 Ball Pool: ALL IN!

We’ve got an update coming to 8 Ball Pool on mobile in the next few weeks – and the big new feature is the Monaco All In Lounge. This means that you’ll be able to stake all your Pool Coins on one match of 8 Ball. It’s a mode for the most confident of players, or those that like taking risks! The All In Lounge unlocks at level 10 and above.

Some important things you need to know about going All In:

  1. In order to win a Monaco Lounge match-up, a player needs to win two games in a row against their opponent. With so much at stake, we know that there’s always an outside chance that your opponent might make a good break and then clear the table without you taking a shot. So even if that happens in the first game, you’ll get a break-off shot of your own to stay in the game.
  2. The prize for All In will be based on an equal amount of coins from both players, like going “all in” in a game of poker. If, for example, Player A has 100,000 coins and Player B only has 10,000, then Player B’s coin total will be used for the match (10,000 coins from Player A + 10,000 coins from Player B = 20,000 coins total prize).
  3. There are no guidelines in the Monaco Lounge. UPDATE: Monaco will now have guidelines 🙂
  4. The minimum stake is 1,000 coins.
  5. This sounds obvious, but we wanted to make it super-clear: if you go all in and lose, those coins are gone! There’s no way to choose who you’re going up against when you play All In mode, so it’s best to assume that you will be staking every last Pool Coin on the match. Good luck!

    Make sure you're ready to go all-in before you click that button!

    Make sure you’re ready to go all in before you click that button!

Monaco All In Lounge will be a special tier on mobile that you choose from the main menu. Make sure you’re ready to play before you pick it!

Beat The Boss

Our Beat the Boss event sees Miniclip chief Big Rob taking on you, the players, in a series of special 8 Ball events. We’ve seen some awesome skill on display (mainly from you guys rather than Big Rob, admittedly). We put together a short highlights video of a Beat The Boss event from a few weeks ago.

Want to know how to get involved? We’ve put together a blog post of Frequently Asked Questions – check it out. We’ve recently made this shiny scoreboard too – who’s gonna get their name on there next week, and will it have the “Boss Beater” mark next to it?


Limited Edition cues

The Limited Edition Valentine's Cue in all its glory.

The Limited Edition Valentine’s Cue in all its glory.

You may have noticed that there have been some exclusive Limited Edition cues hitting the Pool Shop recently, including the Chinese New Year cue and our most recent addition, the lovely Valentine’s cue (nothing says “I love you” like thrashing someone at 8 Ball). You’ve still got a few more days to pick up the Valentine’s one, but then it’s gone for good!

However, we’re already working on another very special cue that’ll be coming your way in March… make sure you follow @8ballpool on Twitter for a sneak peek in the next few weeks.

What kind of cue would you like to see in the game? Tell us below and we’ll try and make it happen!

Click To Claim Reward – disabled

Some of you may have noticed that the “Click to Claim Reward” links on Facebook have recently been disabled. We discovered a small bug with these links recently which we’re now working to fix. In the meantime, they’ve been disabled while we work on it.

Top-tier Tournaments

The Tokyo Tournament, and a brand new Cairo 1v1 tier, are coming with the next mobile release.

The Tokyo Tournament, and a brand new Cairo 1v1 tier, are coming with the next mobile release.

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is: when will the higher-tier tournaments open again?

Well, the answer is: very soon! The next version of 8 Ball on mobile will have a new 1 v 1 tier (Cairo) with a whopping 500k prize, plus access to the Tokyo Tournament – with a 60k prize up for grabs.

Trickshot Masterclass #3

We were blown away by the response to our last trickshot video, made up of brilliant shots sent in by you, the players. We had so many new shots sent to us that we had to make an extended video – and we’ve already had plenty more breathtaking shots emailed to us since we published this new collection.

If you’ve got a shot to show us, just email it over to social at miniclip dot com, and maybe you’ll be appearing in the next video. In the meantime, sit back, relax, and enjoy this supreme display of 8 Ball awesomeness.

That’s all for this month 8 Ballers – enjoy the game!

158 replies

  1. How come on break shot if you make in a ball you have to make another one or your opponent can steal them, whatever happened to REAL pool rules??? And also if you knock in 8-ball on break its your opponents turn, ummm, thats game in real pool. Do you think you could make these rules to reflect a real pool game???

      • Can you guys please do something about the emails? I got a new phone but I got the same email and I messed up on that account.

    • what u are discribe jay, these are the official REAL pool rules, played all over the world…..the only exception is, that u need here no cushion after the break aslong no other ball is down…..

    • no one wants to play me and when they do they use queue’s they’ve clearly payed a lot of money for, I think i’ll take it as a compliment however, the game was a lot better before money took 0ver

      I agree with all that also how come ball can apparently go through balls in this game, you look at a shot know it doesnt go then it does, the balls in between suddenly become invisible

      lol it’s fun tho, i hate people who use expensive q’s on cheap games, we havent all got money

    • When I’m playing games for big money it says connection slow and I lose the game, but my Internet connection is fine, very frustrating! !!!

      • The same has happened to me for over 150,000 coins. And even though I have contacted customer support they have not refunded any coins. I continue to lose games due to this connection slow bullcrap sometimes when I’m about to pot the black. What can be done about this? I really don’t want to play this game anymore because of this, I can’t take losing so many coins without reason …

        • This poor connection happens to me and usually when I’m winning then all of a sudden it does that poor connection crap and I loose my turn because it says I ran out of time. Not fair.

  2. Did anyone ask you to include a “live chat” facility in your new version of 8 ball? …and if they did, what was your reply?? We WANT and we NEED a live chat option……make it happen BEFORE you make any other changes. Thank you.

    • Yeah i agree with you here and we want these updates on the PC version…..Far too many updates for your mobile version already, they need to start updating 8 ball frequently with new modes and other things.

      • We’ve got an update coming to the web version in the next few weeks too, which will include the Cairo 1v1 and Tokyo tournament.

        Live chat is not on the roadmap we’re afraid, due to the potential moderation issues. We want our game to be a fun and safe playing environment for all our players 🙂

      • Honestly, “oops” is not sufficient enough when I screw up a shot lol it sounds like a four year old who accidentally dropped their cookie on the floor. For the longest time, I couldn’t understand why “shoot!” was not included in their dialogue (I get it now…DUH lo)l but something like “ugh” would be nice to have.

        Then again, so would “shoot!” I’m so irritated by people who seriously wait until they have fourteen miliseconds left on a shot to actually make it. I came here to play pool, not sit around while you screw around.

  3. Please please please include a “live chat” option on mobile, we need it! That would be so convenient and awesome. Thank you 😀

  4. All In Mode game ? That’s crazy. It takes for frickin’ ever to earn all those lost coins back per hour , if you lose all your coins & it costs an arm & a leg to buy them with the credit cards. I don’t know why people spend real money for fake coins.

  5. Tell me, how is it FAIR the following two cases:
    1. Someone who is VERY good BUT his opponent is breaking and makes no mistakes and wins -> lose without even playing.
    2. Someone VERY good but due to connection failure or crappy internet or any other reason out of his power and …. he loses
    CAN someone make this incredible game to FEEL like a game as it should be?
    And for goodness sake, either create chat where you can write what you REALLY think or remove it completely!!!
    Thank you, very much!!!

    • i actually agree with you on the chat… give us real chat or remove it completely

      LOL i assume it is yourself to whom u are referring as “VERY good” … is that really relevant? (or true?) you’d probably be taken more seriously if you left out the opinions and stuck with the facts… i think “VERY good” is 10k games played with a 75%+ ratio … im sure others have other opinions

      also… if you have crappy internet how is that “out of his power?”

    • On your second point, if a person is about to get a hard fought win and the about to be loser just shuts off his internet in order to avoid losing? According to me, the existing situation is bad, but the change you seek isn’t foolproof either.

  6. Please get rid of the comments during games. nothing more annoying than oops, unlucky, you’re good all through the match… I swear some people spend 90% of clock time with thses stupid comments than just RAM a shot. I have so many loss on my record for just bailing on these type of players. If you insist on this; can you ad the messages HURRY UP or TOO SLOW or YAWN!!!!

    • I agree, sometimes I don’t mind….But sometimes I just want to play in peace without having to feel like I need to read/answer comments. maybe you could add a do not disturb, mute or silence button?

  7. we need live chat… at least give US the option to enable or disable it… put an age limit on it do what you have to but this is silly… such untapped potential… remember the pool leagues in yahoo pool? that was awesome… this version is so much better all it needs is live chat

  8. hey Ben why dont u please release another tower defence game, a super tower defence game because i m fond of them and i have played all tower defence games on miniclip because miniclip relases superb games. THANKS.

  9. Hi there miniclip/8ball team 😉 I want to ask you, is it possible to add possibility to decrease quality? I think that not only me have old laptop or computer, its hard to play when it lagging. ….

  10. Thank you bangers. I love to watch you run out of slop and can’t make a real shot. Then I can come in and tap the rest in. Watch me grow and hear me roar. And you hot shots. If your not 100% you can be beat.

  11. Ben M., Seriously bro, do you have an actual time frame when some of the other tournaments will open again? I would personally like to see one with an entry fee in between the 200 coin London and the 3000 coin Sydney entry fees…seems like a big disparity between those two tourneys. I feel maybe a tourney in the 500 coin entry fee range would suit many players who cannot afford to or choose not to gamble 3000+ coins per tourney due to their on-hand winnings or their skill level. A mid range entry fee may encourage some players to participate in a tourney other than London without the risk of losing 3000+ coins. It seems lately that most updates are geared toward the higher-end tourneys or gambling large amounts of coins (All-in, etc.)…Please consider/suggest/pass on this request…I know it will be much appreciated and enhance the playing experience for all….Thanks Ben for all your support.

    Later, darksidemike.

  12. Ben, I noticed now that “Scratch & Win” is on my PC…Will we be awarded these like the “Daily Spin”?…or are they just to purchase?…More info please, thanks!

  13. updated yesterday, played the monaco tournament twice, then the tournament is gone? i have enough coins to participate.

  14. I had I think over 8k pool coins and when I logged back in, it was at zero. I don’t understand what happened?

  15. if any way like before people can get a visual look fro owr teables? look like I can not see any adversary tables any more?! becouse if any body can not see my tables , what is the case to buy it? only people can see owr cue’s

  16. Monaco All In Lounge is pure evil… I love it! But I noticed it does have guidelines though. I guess there weren’t enough players without?
    Really like the 2 in a row format. How about some higher valued 1v1 and tournament tables with this format?
    Also I find 3 minutes is not always enough in the tournaments, sometimes opponents are deliberately trying to time me out (not always successfully). How about some kind of “power” where you could add a minute? I realize there are people waiting in the next rounds, so there needs to be a clock, but then again no reason for a clock in the final.

    • Actually, a better solution for the time limit in tournaments would be to have less time (maybe 60 or 90 seconds), but that you get your time back for the shot when a ball is legally potted. This would stop the situation where you’re first in, get down to the black or one ball left using up a couple of minutes, but the opponent just lays snookers to time you out because they have so much more time remaining than you (and all their balls to get behind)…
      All the same, you could turn off the time limit in the tournament final.
      Another thing I would love to see is higher valued tournaments … shouldn’t they be worth more than the 1v1s? And if the problem is having enough players, why not have tables that open at certain times (for example, for a couple of minutes on the hour or half hour)?

  17. No guide lines blow. In actual pool you can at least look parallel down the cue and see your angle with the table. The guide lines aren’t very long anyway and you can’t use your extended ones you either won or paid for.

  18. I would like to see a “weekend deal” with reduced prices on the different countries cues…They have been $40 forever. Making them half price for a weekend would be nice.

    • I have won many cues, but the USA cue (that I want) is only available for purchase…plus, What else should I spend my earned cash on?…I don’t need coins, spins, scratches, power ups or tables. I know it doesn’t matter which cue is used, i switch cues frequently,,,I would like the USA cue, but don’t want to spend $40 on it…I would most likely purchase it at a reduced price though (I’m not a cheap- a**, just don’t feel it’s worth $40 for appearance only).

    • Just another elbow to the ribs Mike. I also find power ups are near worthless. Max power, what for? The spin, never could see the advantage, and the extended guide, I can get by without them besides they eat up time on that stupid timer. Never buy any and would like to get coins for the ones I won.

    • Thanks for the kidney shot…lol I agree on the power ups…I do occasionally use the extended line on a difficult 8 ball shot…That’s if that #^%&@*% timer don’t get me first!

  19. […] One of the big updates to 8 Ball Pool Mobile was the All-In mode where you have the chance to double your coin balance – just so long as you win two consecutive games. Another point to be aware of is that the winnings are the total of the player with the lowest balance. For all information on the All-in mode check out last months blog post. […]

  20. What happened to the Cairo Tournament, the Las Vegas Tournament, the Jakarta Volcano Tournament, and the Toronto Maple Suite Tournament?

  21. hello…why i can’t see my profile photo of facebook.??//?// what can i do|???????? sombody tell me pleaseeeeee

  22. Hello I’m playing this game on my tablet I just love it couple days minutes ago just bought a cue for quite big coins for me and it told that I can’t use it on my account , and there is no coins and cue ?? :(((

  23. Why are my coins being constantly stolen, I had over 250 million points at the weekend and by today I have only 195 million left and I have only played about five times in the smaller tournaments yet my coins keep disappearing, this is totally unfair as it has took a long time to build all these coins up. Just now I played one game in the Sydney Marine Bar entry 100 coins to win 200 and when I finished after winning my coins had reduced to 192,854, how is this possible?

  24. Why won’t the game load? If I try to use it in my homes wifi it just says connecting but never actually does.. Anyone else have issues loading the game?

  25. Why is that every time I login and try playing a game no matter what it is I get told that my account unauthorised cue? And it signs me out?

  26. Why is that every time I login and try playing a game no matter what it is I get told that my account unauthorised cue? And it signs me out?

  27. I’ve had enough now, everytime i up the game i lose connection, even tho i know theres nothing wrong with my connection. add that to people using expensive q’s on cheap games and this just isn’t worth playing anymore.

    It used to be good and I’d take the odd fault but as with most things greed on the part of the owners has spoilt it

    good luck 8ball pool

  28. hi there!!when I login with facebook and try to play it’s say ”the cue you selected is not availabel in your account.”what to do?
    thank you!

  29. Unauthorized Cue
    The cue you selected is not available in your acount ?!

  30. Best pool game on store —- but keeps crashing when I buy ‘ spins’ and I’ve lost loads — pay them back please ….. Thank you Tim

      • What on earth are you matching a person with a level of 106 with someone who is at level 23. What a colossal waste of time and coins. This must be fixed immediately!!!

        • Not only was I matched with someone with a level of 106 but straight after I was matched against someone with level 40 and then level 43 then numerous people in the 30s. Not we are going to be matched against people who are higher then we should be given extra free shots to even the game up so that we are not thrashed completely!!! What also really annoys me is that these people do Not have control over the white ball. I am sick of “heroes” mucking up my balls that I have carefully placed over the pockets but get knocked out by someone’s white ball. If I can control my white ball at level 23 then those people who can’t control their white ball should not go up levels!!!

  31. I was playing on 8 ball pool & this ad kept coming up get $3 more if I were to update.I avoided it.I linked to FB too.Yesterday I got to level 16 received my $1 & so I updated to get the extra money thru the update.It downloaded.Now I am no longer linked to FB & I can’t even access the game.I am not to happy…Can You delete my pool altogether or at least the updated version so I can play the game.I’ll start new.IDC if I start over.I wasn’t happy w/ my 61 percentage anyhow.Do it to it.My ipod can’t handle the updated version.Delete and I’ll be happy~

  32. I can’t play 8 Ball on my mobilephone after I play it on PC Miniclip’s website (same account facebook). What should I do to play it again on my mobilephone?

  33. I can’t play anything because it keeps on saying ‘Unauthorized cue’ – the cue you selected is not available in your account. also it just logs me out

  34. I suppose my only pet peeve about this game which I love so much are the cheaters. The ones who play and play and get very good and then create a new Persona so that their rating is very low and then they will proceed to trounce on the less experienced. These players are nothing more then cheaters and show offs and I have no respect for them. Stay where you belong in the higher ranks and with more experienced players and stop trying to make the less experienced feel bad and stop stealing their coins.

    • why is that cheating. You are assuming a lot. Maybe they were locked out of their account. Changed their email address. That’s not cheating at all, just misleading

    • Thats OK because I am ranked at 27 and have beat a 100+ ranked player many times….which by the way…….the new beat a 3 higher ranked player does not give you the award when you do 🙁

  35. Ia there anyway to update your profile pic? When I first played 8 ball pool was about 3 years ago & it still has my facebook profile pic as what I had then. No matter what I do it won’t update my current profile picture & it’s sooo annoying.

  36. What’s the maximum stake on an all in Monaco match? I have over 200 million coins and have only played a maximum of 10 million stake which has happened a few times. Is this the maximum?

  37. for some reason i cant play 8ball pool on my phone on wifi. i can only play by using my internet data which is annoying because it must chew up a lot of data. can anyone help?

  38. Should be 3 fouls in a row make a game forfeit … People cheat if in an u winnable position otherwise and just pot the White til time runs out

  39. I played “ALL IN” mode n my opponent made the break and when he did , he pitted the black ball . It re-appeared on the table and he proceeded to play win the match!! How is this possible ? Should I not have wont that first round??

  40. 3weeks running I haven’t received my winnings from the tournaments. I was due to win 4000+ each time for my place in my league. Why am I not receiving my coins? I log in more, play more, etc.. Just so I can place higher in the tournament and you are denying me my winnings. Please help!! I use the iPad app. Also can you please do something about the cheaters, I have lost many tournaments because cheaters cause the game to end when I’m actually winning the game, next thing I know I’m booted from the game and they are moving to the next round. Not fair. Also can we have the ability to put in a ticket on the iPad app? Currently not available

  41. I am playing game with my best friend, Can I see the all games results played with my best friend in last month/year/ or days.??

  42. Ive just been scammed after a Very long time getting sufficient coins to get on a larger winning table suddenly i get a friends request while playing and if i say no or yes the game ends and coins are lost…very annoying these people need to cheat to get coins they dont diserve. Can i avoid this?

  43. Every time I do a free spin I win nothing more then $225 I’ve never won anything better other then when I first started the game a year ago. Now I get more money from ‘Jean B’ then the free spin

  44. Few weeks ago I submitted a claim to support but didn’t get an answer ??? I lost a 50K game because when my aponants time ran out it didnt switch over to me instead it gave him 3/4 time bar and won the game in 2 shots . Any thoughts ?

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