Cues With Powers in 8 Ball Pool

You’ve probably already heard about Cues With Powers coming to 8 Ball Pool – in this blog post, we lift the lid on this big upgrade to the game, to tell you everything you need to know.

UPDATE: Cues with powers is out now on mobile! Get it on Android and iOS!

Cues With Powers will be released as an update on mobile first, with the web version of the game getting the upgrade soon after.

Blog Update: 1st September 2014

Thanks for all your feedback on this post so far! We wanted to address a couple of points that have come up in the comments section, with an update to the original blog post. First of all…

What if I don’t want to use a powered cue?

If you’re worried that all those hours of practice might suddenly go to waste, don’t be! The Standard Cue has the same attributes as the cues you’re used to. It’s also free for all existing players – you don’t have to purchase it. So, if you don’t want to try one of the upgraded cues, the Standard Cue is the one for you.

Of course, you may still be playing against players who are using higher-powered cues than the Standard one. This brings us onto the second thing we wanted to clarify…

You’ll still need skill to be the best

We understand some of the concerns that players who have premium cues might have a big advantage over those who don’t. Keeping the game balanced has been a big priority for us for exactly this reason. So while some cues do allow you to hit the ball harder, or with more spin, you’ll still need skill to take advantage of those attributes.

We’re not talking about cues suddenly having the power to magically hit the balls into the pockets, or automatically spin the cueball perfectly into position for your next shot. It also doesn’t mean that inexperienced players will simply be able to buy a premium cue and beat more skilled players. You’ll still need ability, skill and practice to be a top 8 Ball Pool player :)

Different cues have different strengths and weaknesses – it’s about finding the right one to suit your play style.

What are Cues With Powers?

Ever wished your cue had greater shot strength, or could put even more spin on the ball than normal? How about when you’re on the black, and you want just a little more time to line up the winning shot? Cues With Powers will allow you to do all this and more – you’ll be able to take your game to the next level.

It’ll also add even more depth and strategy to 8 Ball Pool: we’ll be reintroducing the ability to switch your cues during games, allowing you to choose a cue for specific situations.

Each cue will have 4 different attributes:

1) Spin – this is the amount of spin you can put on your shot

2) Force - how hard you can hit the cueball

3) Aim – this determines the length of your aim-line when taking a shot

4) Time – this determines how much time you have to take your shot

Of course, there’s no insta-win cue – you’re still going to need skill to win!  But it does mean that some will be better suited for certain situations. You may want to use a Force cue to try and pot more balls off the break, or you may decide that a cue with a better Aim will help you make a game-winning shot into the middle pocket.


How will this affect the cues I already own?

You’ll keep all your existing cues, of course. But we’re also giving a free upgrade to every player who already owns a cue with attributes that are higher than the standard cue.

This update is automatic – if you own a cue already, you’ll find the upgraded version of the cue in your collection and ready to go as soon as we update the game.

All the cues

As well as upgrading the cues that are in the game at the moment, we’re also adding OVER EIGHTY new cues! Our personal favorites so far are the Shark, Galaxy, Titan and Sheriff cue, and we’ll bring you a closer look at all the other new ones in another blog post soon.

Oh, we’re also including a load of new country cues, including the Philippines, Algeria, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia. Get ready to play some patriotic pool!

Don’t forget – you can switch cue at any time, even during a game.

We're introducing LOTS of new cues to the game.

We’re introducing LOTS of new cues to the game.

What about existing boosts?

The existing boosts – the spin, aim and power boosts that you can buy in the shop – are no longer going to be part of 8 Ball Pool. You’ve still got a few weeks to use up the ones you have at the moment, before Cues With Powers arrive in the game. We recommend you use them up before the update!

Playing on mobile

Cues With Powers is coming to mobile first, then the web version of the game soon after. Remember, if you’re playing on web or Facebook you can only play against other players also on web or Facebook, so you won’t be going up against players who are playing on mobile who already have the update.

Charge your cue for maximum benefit

Every cue has a maximum charge of 50 shots, although you can recharge it at any time with Pool Coins. You can also set it to auto-recharge, so you never have to break up your flow during a game. You can play on with an uncharged cue, but its attributes will be lower than normal. Auto-recharge is set to ON by default: you can change this easily by tapping on one of your cues and setting auto-recharge to OFF.

Remember, if you do run out of charge during a game and don’t want to charge up, you can always switch to another cue in your collection mid-game.

How to turn off auto-recharge

Cues are set to auto-recharge automatically – but you can turn this off easily! Just go to the Owned section of the Shop, tap on the cue, and slide the Auto Recharge button to red – as shown in the picture below.

Now, when your cue runs out of charge, you’ll be prompted to recharge it – but you can just cancel that any carry on playing with an uncharged cue, or switch to a different one.


Get Pool Cash with the update

The mobile update will also add 2 Pool Cash to your balance to get you started with some of those new cues ;-)

More news soon

We’ll bring you a close look at all the new cues, plus all the latest news on Cues With Powers, over the next few weeks as we get closer to launch. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for your daily dose of all things 8 Ball Pool.

166 replies

  1. i would like to make a suggestion….. i would like to play friends for money as if your playing a random person for money or as if your playing a tournament

  2. I understand that the power-ups will be included to ques we already possess, as long as the cost of the que is above average! I was wondering what amount of power-ups my expensive que would be? I own the $2 mil diamond que

    • Not really fair to convert to coins. I worked my BUTT off for the measly 2M coins I have, it is unfair to think everyone else is going to get them for free. I was all the way down to 50 coins and played like no other to get where i am. EARN THEM GUYS, the rest of us did. Unless they BOUGHT them anyways

  3. One big ploy to entice more people to spend more money and will negatively effect game enjoyment…..someone potting 5,6 or 7 balls from the break isn’t improving the game…….messing around changing cues and taking more time on the black is just going to slow things down……you should be having less time on the black as it should be a pressure shot…….all round poor.

    • I am in 100% total agreement with you on this. I honestly think the game is fun enough as it already is and challenging if you take on the right matches to fit your level. Having younger, inexperienced players just come in and start running tables is going to take the fun out if the game. I have been playing this game for about a year and a half and I worked hard to get where I am to have ppl start just taking my coins. It will almost be like “whoever breaks wins” sort of scenario..

  4. jerzey
    August 26, 2014 at 9:41 pm

    i would like to make a suggestion….. i would like to play friends for money as if your playing a random person for money or as if your playing a tournament.

    you won’t ever be allowed to play friends for money because mini-clip won’t want people arranging to denote coins to one another when one or other is short.

  5. This means more time per shot can be bought. What next? Buying tables with larger pockets. How about magnetic pockets and smaller balls. Maybe an all powerful huge cue ball that sinks all stripes on break?

    • i totally think this is such a bad idea to put attributes on cues, which makes the game even more unfair to play. Have u ever thought about those ppl who are new , inexperient,etc… they all start with a standard cue, and suddenly comes a challenger who has a powerful attributes cue to face with… is that situation even fun to play???? or u think that will encourages the new ones to play more and save up more which enables them to get an “awesome cue?’ that is so different from what 8ballpool is now.

  6. I played with you and you who were sitting in front of the computer my friend. You were “unnamed” player or I didn’t see you name. When I exited the game, you said that: I need more coins and than I exitted fastly. I didn’t do any wrong but if you got angry, I want to say sorry to you. You were sitting in front of the computer and you had white on you ıf I don’t remember wrong. I had to go because my dad had just came. I had to see him. I didn’t anything wrong but I want to say you sorry. Because when I just exitted, I saw your comment but it was too late. And your comment shows that you won’t play again with me so it was correct for me to exit. Right? Anyway, I didn’t anything wrong but if you misunderstood me, sorry friend. Take care of yourself..

    • Don’t feel bad. The phrase “I need more coins” is a selected comment commonly used. Your opponent may have lost their last coins and upset with themselves. Many of us has had to start over. It’s just a game.

  7. It would be really nice if there would be an update where you could talk amongst players instead of having pre made quotes.

    • That will never happen.. At least thats what i think… Coz if they allow free chat.. It will burden the server.. Too many ppl just chit chat and too much server workload

    • I’m with you on that one! I absolutely love snooker, and it would be great if it was made with the same phisics as 8-ball. I would definitely play it.

      • Snooker would be great. However eventually would turn out like 8 ball now. With all the bells and whistles of a parade of arcade games. Pool is suppose to be a gentleman’s or ladies game. A relaxing and enjoyable experience among all players.

  8. This is great.. I gover 200million pool coins laying around unused.. Bought all expensive cues there is currently available.. Now i can use my coins to a much better use.. Thanks miniclip!

    • Here is a prime example of “buying” the game win. Those of us without millions to spend will be handicapped. Yes, you will still need skill yet there will be a financed unfair advantage.

  9. Will we be able to see what cues our opponent are using, if they change them to play a certain shot? This would be very interesting, but never used to happen when the old pool shop was in the game (the appearance of the cue remained the same) …

    Regards, K.I.

  10. Those “buying” more time per shot and (yawn) will show us how they can twirl the stick and pretend to make silly shots before they actually shoot. I hope they are fouled for this.

  11. If having a power cue and you still need skill, what is the purpose. I won’t be fooled that newcomers with money to buy this special powers will not have a better chance than those who don’t.

  12. Miniclip needs to add a coin vault to the game so you can store coins in reserve so you don’t loose them all for example if you had 1.5 million coins you could store 1 million in the vault and use the 500,000 to win more coins you would then just keep storing coins away as you win more

  13. I think an all-around change about cues is not a good idea in some situations.Perhaps you should keep some matches with totally no power-ups,no items,neither power-ups on the cues,it means a player can just use standard cue(or the cues which have the same attributes on all 4 directions).Someone needs the equalest match.
    And,for the in game cue-changing system,a limitation of the cue can be use in one match is need to be set,my opinion is make a “In Game Cue Change Slots”, 3 cue slots with standard cue always stay in the first slot,than 2 with your own choice,if one forgets to set a slot or doesn’t want to use his/her own cues,this slot will also be regard as a standard cue in it.When in a match,he/she can’t change the cues that are not in his/her 3 slots.then,the 3 slots should have hot-keys,such as “1” to the first slot,”2″ to the second,”3″ to the third,or “right Ctrl” change to next slot,”right Shift” change to the previous.
    As the cues have difference on the difficulty to get them,you can give a bit stronger attributes to those cues which are not easy to get,but if you want to do so,I suggest you can set a new balance system in the new cues system,”Cue Level”(abbreviate it to “CL”),and to all players,”Expectant Performence Level”(abbreviate it to “EPL”).
    The CL will be determined by the following factors:
    1.The total power-up points of a cue
    2.The number of the point on the two major attributes
    You have showed the attributes of some cues.So in your example,the Ninja cue have 5+6+6+3=20 total power-up points,with the number of the point on the two major attributes is 6&6(Aim and Spin),and the Sheep Cue have 3+4+3+0=10,with 4&3(Aim and Force or Spin).The rules to calculate the certain CL of a cue may not easy to design and balance,but I wish you can make it.
    Than,about the EPL of a player,it will be determined by the following factors:
    1:The level of him/her
    2:The winning rate of him/her
    3:The total CL of his/her cues which now equiping in the all 3 slots.
    Every time a player click the play button in the one-on-one match,the server should hold for 3 seconds to finds another player whose EPL is close or gives him/her the time to run away.If no one matches and he/she don’t run,than try a disparer one.When a game set,if a player whose EPL is lower than his/her opponent,he/she can get a bit more experience than usual.
    Finally,this is a small suggestion about the Lucky 8 Cue,there is a saying in recent China,that is”Great power can make a miracle”,usually said when in a game,one has no easy way to pot a legal ball or to defense,than he/she may take a shot with great power but not aim well and say this,hope for pot the legal ball luckily.So I think you can set the Lucky 8 Cue with a high power(even can near the max),than some spin and a bit time,but no or just 1 aim.This will be interesting,but don’t break the equal too much.(Notice that in the match without guideline,the aim will be useless,so spin and time also can’t be too high.)

  14. I cant see the option to get these power cues, all that I see in the shop is the same ones that have always been there. Where do I go to get one?

    • When I use my free daily spin, I always get low amounts of coins. I have not won more than 450 coins in 1 spin for about 3 months and that is 90 spins. Miniclip, you need to be more fair on the daily spins cause it is not a random result. Random means mixed and anything can happen, but when I use my daily spin I know it is not random cause I know I won’t win the big amounts of coins. Anyone else noticed this?

      • Yes, you are absolutely right.. i am also facing this situation…
        When spin is running,then when there is possibility that it may stop on 50000, then suddenly it stops running and i recieve less coins, but if it is expected that it will stop in a small digit, then it runs smoothly and i recieve another less amount..
        Miniclip have to stop this kind of injustice..

  15. It costs too much to recharge a cue. Pool cues could recharge over time. Maybe choose between 25 coins per hour or recharge one of the cues. I know its early days and a lot of the game could be tuned as time progresses.

    I bought a 175k? coin “insane” cue and now I can only play 50 shots with it at a time? I bought it so I can play and use it all of the time, and I don’t care about power of the cue, make an option to turn off the power of the cue but just keep the look.

    I’m not sure if having extra power/spin/time/guidelines will help me play any better. I already play fast anyway.

    Hi-lo minigame costs too much too play.

  16. Charging 4.5k for a cue recharge for 50 shots drains your account real quick. I liked it better the way it was, now I have the recharge symbol flashing or the pop up interfering with my game. 4.5 k? Give us a break!

  17. Powered cues ruined this game imo. I was okay with it, and was okay playing with the standard cue until I realized I needed to pay coins to charge it and it is practically worthless without charge!

  18. Rubbish game now. Played over 2000 games and have been at 73% due to skill and understanding the real game. Now it’s all about the owners making as much money as possible. Will not be playing anymore. Well done miniclip you’ve ruined a decent game.

  19. I used to complain about the clock. Now that I am used to it, those who aren’t can buy a cue with more time. Anyway, I hope some of us won’t be forced out of game because of the expense.

  20. Please give me a cue with NO cost and NO attributes, if I want power I’ll hit it harder, if I want spin I’ll put spin on it myself, if I want to use a power I’ll use it. What I don’t want is to be annoyed every game that I need to recharge a cue for attributes in do not want/need.
    A couple more suggestions is the guideline is a little small and can be a tad bigger.
    Also I would like to see a continuous tally with your friends with total games played and total win/loss.

  21. Autocharge is way over priced. I paid 50,000 coins for my cue and a recharge costs 8,000 coins. Unless I play all high priced games it just doesn’t pencil out: If I play 25 games of Moscow, and win 80% of the time, I would only win 7,500 coins. Could you play 25 games in 50 shots?……I doubt it. It might make sense if you could use the powered cue for individual shots but once you charge it, it will use all 50 shots and discharge. I will try to play without this feature until a less costly option is available. Disappointed.

  22. 8 ball has been a little boring. The advent of cues with powers are not being looked forward to. Other miniclip games are a great diversion. I especially like Stealth Sniper. Thanks miniclip for other offerings.

  23. I was happy to see that there were 60 different country cues. But in the next moment I was sad because I realized that Hungary wasn’t included.
    What makes me really angry is that there are countries, I don’t name them, which I have to say: How on Earth these countries have got a cue and Hungary don’t???


    Thank You.

  24. Powered cues will ruin that 8 pool game that was once was nice. It is stupid that we should pay for using a standard cue! Uncharged standard cue is rubbish now… Generally, I’m interested in fair competition. It’s not interesting to compete with an opponent after he or she has bought many advantages in terms of “a better cue”. This commercial approach has nothing common with development of the skills of players. I think that time has come to make a pause in playing this game. Regards.

  25. You stated that if we did not want a cue with powers, we could use the standard cue. The standard cue does have powers and costs 200 coins a recharge. This is definitely not free.

    • Hi Zip, what we meant here was that the Standard cue is freely given to all existing players, and doesn’t need to be purchase. You’ll still need to recharge it though (or you can turn auto-recharge off). We’ve updated the post to make this clearer, thanks.

  26. what’s going on this morning. now i can’t aim to hit a ball straight on ? what’s that all about ? might have expected something like accuracy as a power… but this just makes the game unplayable
    the other powers are reasonable enough.
    walking away until this is fixed

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