Gifting: get free coins in 8 Ball Pool!

Update: gifting is now out on web as well as mobile. On web, you can only send and receive gifts if you’re playing on Facebook.

One of the best things about 8 Ball Pool is challenging your friends. Whether its someone you’ve known in real life for years, or someone you’ve played multiple times online but never met, having a friendly game with acquaintances is a blast. But if that wasn’t enough, we’ve added a new feature that makes having tons of friends in 8 Ball Pool even more essential than before. Let us introduce “gifting”.


Gifting will allow you to send a package of free coins to every single one of your Facebook friends once per day. These coins are not taken from your current total – they are completely free for you and your friends. The amount you send is randomly generated, so some friends may get luckier than others!

Similarly, every single person who has you on their Facebook friends list can send you a free gift once a day. When you get sent a gift, you’ll be able to return the favour if you haven’t already. Make lots of friends and send them a gift every day, and you’ll get loads in return!

Remember: the coins you send are not taken out of your balance! Sending and receiving gifts are both TOTALLY FREE.


Sending and receiving gifts is easy. You’ll see a new gift button on the 8 Ball Pool homepage. Press it and you’ll have the option of either sending coins or requesting them from others. Then you can choose who to send to/request from, or simply press “all” to do so for all your Facebook friends. Simple! You’ll be notified whenever you have received coins yourself.

Gifting will be coming to the mobile version of 8 Ball Pool in a few days, and the web version a couple of weeks after that. Make as many friends as you can and enjoy free gifts every single day!

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  1. wowwww miniclip that sounds best…r u aloud 2 have any amount u want bc ppl at low levels surely should recive alot more then like 250 pool,coins on a spin…like low levels should be getting like 5Million and high levels like me with hardly anything should get atleast 1 or 2Billion bc ppl love 2 show off coins like that…

  2. How do I swap my miniclip account to comnect with facebook so I don’t lose my coins, cash, and stats. Or, will this feature be available to miniclip users as well?

  3. I wish we can choose that how much money send to friends. For example I wanna send 20.000 coins. Is it possible?

    • It says that the amount of coins given is totally random. Also, it is free, the coins DO NOT come from your coin total. Doesn’t cost you anything, they decide how much each gift is, totally random.

  4. I play using the miniclip is? Can I merge my facebook into the same account? I have purchased that I don’t want to lose.

  5. Doesn’t work on iPad. I get the notifications from FaceBook telling me I have been sent gifts, but inbox is empty when I open the game. Yes, I have updated.

  6. how can you all get away with charging coins to play with a stick that i bought?
    well i will not give another penny. because when i buy a stick with my money, you wanting to charge money on the sticks that i have bought,,, greed well, you may want to look at history! that will let you see where greed have in store for what is not to come….

  7. Dear 8 Ball Pool admin, I logged on to 8 ball pool on my facebook, but I couldn’t find the ‘gift’ button to click. I know that it is supposed to be on the home screen and has a gift box icon, but it is not there. May you please post a picture showing where it is on the screen, or tell me? Thank you!

  8. I’m sick of 3 ball pool it’s jipped or something cause I play a total of 5 games per day and I only win 1 and then I have to wait to play cause you have to buy coins to play and lose waste of money waste of freaking time

  9. In my facebook notifications it keeps saying that people are sending me gifts but then when i click on the notification and the app opens up there are no gifts there or if i just open the app itself when i get a notification on facebook there still arent any gifts there but it says im recieving them?

  10. Friends of mini-paper clip good nights I wait they find enough good!. They will see I expose my case enough for time play 8 ball pool is an excellent enough game I congratulate them on this work, good a few months ago buy me a BlackBerry z10 and already I cannot continue playing his game as which it does not have support for this platform! I have tried many ways up to unloading the apk of the game but it does not run in the BlackBerry 10. My request is that please they give support to BlackBerry to be able to traverse the game that is it good enough and be able like that to continue enjoying it! Ado that to say I say goodbye of you being grateful for his prompt collaboration to them thank you very much!..

  11. Hi admin 8 ball pool,
    I had a problem my coin is lost about 100000. Two days ago i have about 130000, but when I want to play today, my remaining 30000 coins.
    Please check this problem.


  12. Hi admin 8 ball pool, I had a problem my coin is lost about 100000. Two days ago i have about 130000, but when I want to play today, my remaining 30000 coins. Please check this problem.

  13. Dear,
    I would like if you can change my username 8ball pool.
    Herminantoh –> Herminanto ( without “h” of my username).

    Best regard, Herminanto

  14. I wanted to find out this girls name she seems really cool and we’ve played each a bunch of times:) i want to add her on facebook or find out her name can anyone hepp??

  15. can you send cues aswell because i have a frined that has extra cash and he has enough for more cues and he wants to send me one so can sending friends cues happen

  16. So if we play by logging in through google plus we cant send coins…only through Facebook? A few of my friends don’t have facebook accounts so that is kind of bogus only to make gifting available through the facebook option

  17. Why won’t 8ball pool let me collect my free gift from Jean. shows I’ve got a girt but when I try to collect it it won’t give it to me…it tells me I’ve already received it

  18. i don’t receive the gifts from my friends and they don’t receive mine. i have sent messages to mini clip support and put messages on you facebook page , now i am here toput it out their . what good is it to have this if it does not work.

  19. I get notification from facebook that i have gifts from friends but when i log into 8ball pool there are only gifts from jean. Some friends use iphone and ipad and get different gifts on each so why am i having this issue on android?

    • who is Jean b. and why is she asking for coins from, now I see an pic above, jean b. needs to stop bugging people if she fake…..

  20. This is bogus. If your not kn fb. Then you cant send and receive gifts. Equality for all servers. And with that said there should be better spin prizes. I havent won more than 500 coins and thats wack.

    • I actually received 1,120 coins on the daily free spin so it does happen. I’ve been playing for about 7 months and spin rewards were always under 600 till now but today I was pleasantly surprised to receive a large prize. Yea me!

      • Hey Rebecca i also won a fair decent amount of coins for once…. i won 8000 the other day. Couldnt believe it. Kerrrr-chinnnnngg!.

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