Gifting: get free coins in 8 Ball Pool!

Update: gifting is now out on web as well as mobile. On web, you can only send and receive gifts if you’re playing on Facebook.

One of the best things about 8 Ball Pool is challenging your friends. Whether its someone you’ve known in real life for years, or someone you’ve played multiple times online but never met, having a friendly game with acquaintances is a blast. But if that wasn’t enough, we’ve added a new feature that makes having tons of friends in 8 Ball Pool even more essential than before. Let us introduce “gifting”.


Gifting will allow you to send a package of free coins to every single one of your Facebook friends once per day. These coins are not taken from your current total – they are completely free for you and your friends. The amount you send is randomly generated, so some friends may get luckier than others!

Similarly, every single person who has you on their Facebook friends list can send you a free gift once a day. When you get sent a gift, you’ll be able to return the favour if you haven’t already. Make lots of friends and send them a gift every day, and you’ll get loads in return!

Remember: the coins you send are not taken out of your balance! Sending and receiving gifts are both TOTALLY FREE.


Sending and receiving gifts is easy. You’ll see a new gift button on the 8 Ball Pool homepage. Press it and you’ll have the option of either sending coins or requesting them from others. Then you can choose who to send to/request from, or simply press “all” to do so for all your Facebook friends. Simple! You’ll be notified whenever you have received coins yourself.

Gifting will be coming to the mobile version of 8 Ball Pool in a few days, and the web version a couple of weeks after that. Make as many friends as you can and enjoy free gifts every single day!