9 Ball Mode lands in 8 Ball Pool!

An amazing new update is coming to 8 Ball Pool! It’s our first major release of 2017, and we’re very pleased to announce a couple of big new features that we’ve been working on – including a brand-new game mode.

Here’s a breakdown of the three new features arriving on your Android or iOS device later this month.

A new multiplayer challenge: 9 Ball Mode!

One of the modes most demanded by the community is here! This new multiplayer game mode will let you play 9 Ball in 8 Ball Pool. Standard 9 ball rules apply: balls must be potted in numerical order (from 1 to 9). The first player to legally pot the 9 Ball wins the game. This can happen by either being the only ball on the table (after potting the 8 Ball, for instance) or by a combination shot. You can pull off a combination shot on any object ball – as long as you hit that ball first, you can flick in the 9 Ball and nick the win. This opens up a whole new level of skill and tactics in what’s sure to be a fast-paced game mode. 

Table - 8 Ball Pool

Play 8 Ball Pool using iMessage on your iOS device!

If you love playing games using iMessage, today’s your day! You will be able to rock the 8 Ball Pool tables using your iPhone or iPad’s iMessage app. How about that? In order to do that, you must have 8 Ball Pool installed already. Games are played asynchronously –  you take your turn, play until you miss, then send your turn to your opponent. They then pick up where you left off, then send you back their shots. You will be able to send messages to your friends at the same time. This is a back-to-basics 8 Ball Pool – classic cue and table design for both players, no coins at stake, pure gameplay and pure fun. Hope you enjoy.

Changes in the Friend list and more!

We are revamping a bit the social aspect of 8 Ball Pool. Friends list will now be sorted by activity (the most recently online players will be at the top). You will also be able to see lifetime score against your friends – time to get those challenges going and show your pals who’s the boss!

Loads of new, exciting features

Overall, this new update will enhance your 8 Ball Pool experience a lot. The 9 ball mode is the highlight of it and will take most of your time, but make sure to check out the new social re-vamp in the game and play some games with the iMessage feature, if you happen to have an iOS device. We are sure you will have a blast!

This update launches towards the end of February, although of course, you can start playing Pool right now!

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    • Yes sir I’m facing the same problem. I keep winning but it never counts in league. I had like 28million and suddenly it went back to 500k and stuck there no matter how many games I win. It’s so annoying.

  1. Why don’t you guys fix the issues that 8 ball pool has first before …. creating a new one. I have lost so many coins you challenge a table it goe’s in and kicks me Right out please sort it out aswell. I’m not getting anywhere.

  2. The 9 ball game has disappeared from the app!! Please tell me it’s only a glitch and it’s coming back.

  3. It need updating
    It doesn’t choose the correct bet
    If I choose 100k the game play 50k
    Can’t challenge friends to 9 ball
    Also 9 ball would be better if it was called shots

  4. Every time when I accidentally touch home butoon & then 8 ball pool hardly try to reconnect, fail many times, crash ever & lose the game often like this…
    I have the latest version on ios … so i can’t do anything about this problem… so so annoying… why r u trying not to need to reconnect immediately after pressing home button ???

  5. I have noticed many people playing this game is very CRUEL and very ignorants. I always click “hello!” and most people would just mind their own business and finished this game without greeting at each others. Horrible people.. Most people are HORRIBLE. No love, no care, no friendly conversation at all. They would nag at you and laugh at you when you fail this game or lose the game. Most human are disgusting and scum people on Earth. Jesus teach us to love and to care each others. We are all family, What’s the matter with most of you ?! Jeez! Sorry about my English.

  6. I think on foul shots you should get 2 shots as I find it so annoying as so many people deliberately do fouls if no ball is potable waiting for opponent to separate them or you could be there all night it makes me want to throw my iPod at wall when they deliberately do this I wish I could give them comments on this

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