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Welcome to the official Miniclip.com blog.

We plan to use this blog to:

  1. Keep you up to date on the latest updates to the Miniclip website
  2. Give you some inside information into what we do on Miniclip and the things that are coming up in the future
  3. Give you status updates on our apps and services

We’re looking forward to seeing how the site evolves and would be very interested to hear any ideas you have for the blog in the comments of this post.

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  1. It’s so nice to meet you at last, Team Miniclip! Thanks to your diligence behind the scenes, I have enjoyed a year’s addiction to –um, er, ah– I mean a year’s worth of great FUN– on Brainwave. Many thanks. I love your games!

  2. There is a problem with your Boxo game.

    When a sore looser doesn’t like the fact you’re winning they have a method of leaving whereby you loose and this comes off your rating.

    This has happened to me countless times.

    This may not be the right place to report this, but hereit is!


    • Hi Pete – really sorry to hear you’ve had problems with the game. I will forward your comments on to the game team so that they can look into this for you.

      In the future I would suggest emailing support@miniclip.com and one of our support team will get back to you personally.

  3. Das pool billard ist echt schon nicht schlecht,leider kann man im KOMMENTAR Fenster nicht richtig schreiben oder ich bin zu Doof dafür,vieleicht kann mir ja jemand einen Tip geben,ich sage schon mal Danke..

  4. I love the Brainwave games. I can spend hours playing them however, that site has been down for a week for repairs. Any hope that it will be up and running again soon? I really miss straining my brain. 😀

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