Behind The Scenes At Miniclip: Charity Quiz

Last Thursday the Miniclip UK team sat down after work for the fourth outing of the Miniclip Charity Quiz, in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. Miniclip has been collecting money for the Trust for over three years now and in that time it has raised over £17,600.

Can you put the famous names to these baby faces? We couldn’t…

Naming Henry VIII’s wives: divorced, beheaded, died, something, something, survived…

Teenage Cancer Trust is a UK based charity who help teenagers with cancer, leukaemia and Hodgkin’s related diseases. They do this in a number of ways. Many young people with cancer either get placed in child wards or adult wards, neither of which are suitable for their specific needs. Teenage Cancer Trust builds specialist medical facilities inside UK hospitals which are equipped with specialist medical expertise, as well computers to do their school work on, plus TVs, games consoles and much more, in order to give maximum support, help them relax, and make them feel less alienated from their peers. These units alone cost over £2 million each, and Miniclip has been doing a lot in recent years to support this great cause.

Miniclippers have put themselves through gruelling training for physical events such as the Three Peaks’ Challenge, an endurance challenge where you attempt to climb the three tallest peaks in England, Wales and Scotland within 24 hours (including driving between the peaks!). They have taken part in volunteer days for Secret 7″, have shaken buckets at the annual Royal Albert Hall concerts, and they have also held internal competitions and auctions to raise money.

The teams hard at work!

However, last Thursday, the attention was on the Quiz. In the hours beforehand, wounds from previous years were re-opened as competition between the different teams heated up — although at that point it wasn’t even clear who would be on what teams!

After everyone had finished working for the day (apart from one lonely individual who brought his laptop with him to carry on working), we gathered in the area you can see above and divided ourselves into five teams. The questions came thick and fast, and before long we were trying to work out the difference between a frilled shark and… well, eleven other types of shark (I’m pleased to report that my team correctly identified all twelve of the sharks).

Marking the papers: there were demands for a recount after one team claimed victory by one point.

After several hours of competition and confusion, we tallied up our scores and my team quickly claimed victory, only for another team to demand a recount and slightly suspiciously find an extra thirty points they’d missed the first time round and conveniently end up one point ahead. Naturally, this was disputed, but we both left feeling like we’d won. Despite a lack of clear winner, though, fun was had by all and more funds were raised for Teenage Cancer Trust.

If you’d like to find out more about the Trust, you can visit their website here.