Behind The Scenes: Big Rob’s Photoshoot

Yesterday we enlisted the help of Miniclip’s lovable mascot, Big Rob, to take a couple of photos for the 8 Ball Pool and Miniclip Facebook pages.

It being Halloween, we wanted to go for a slightly spooky theme and we ended up using two pictures. In one, Big Rob “lost his head” over a game of pool and the other, Rob’s body went missing, leaving only a mysterious crime scene.

So how did we create the two pictures? In this blog post, I’ll show you how.

“Rob lost his head over a game of pool!”

“Who killed Rob?”

We’ll start off with the “who killed Rob” picture that we used on the main Miniclip page.

We started off by laying Rob’s head, gloves and shoes out on the floor of the office to get some idea of the scale. Once they were laid out, we then thought if we could find some chalk we’d be able to draw an outline of Rob’s body and give the impression he’d lost his body.

Creating the outline for Rob’s body.

This meant we needed two things: some chalk and an outline of Rob’s body. We couldn’t find chalk and had to make do with tape, but Miniclip’s Community Manager, Bryony, was able to provide the outline of Rob’s missing body.

With the outline complete, we then needed to position Rob’s gloves and shoes in a way that made it look like he’d mysteriously fallen. This proved more difficult than we thought as the outline by itself made it look like Rob was running. We tried a couple of different gloves-and-shoes layouts, but we got one that worked in the end.

One of the other Rob layouts we tried.

With the photo taken, the only editing we did was crop the photo slightly and then it went straight on Facebook! You can check out the finished photo on the Miniclip Facebook page.

With one photo finished, we then moved upstairs to the office pool table to get a photo to use on the 8 Ball Pool Facebook page.

The idea we had here was to make it look like Rob had “lost his head” over a game of pool… by making his head float. Once Tom, who gets into Big Rob’s outfit for us, was all dressed up, we set about creating the photo.

One of our first attempts: we thought we could edit out Tom’s head and make Rob headless, but this didn’t really work.

We initially tried to do the photo with a single shot, putting Rob’s head on the pool table and editing out Tom’s head, but this didn’t really work too well. Tom’s head was behind the wall and the brickwork, which meant it was hard to convincingly draw his head out.

…and Rob has lost his head! We thought we could do a slightly more convincing job, though.

We then came up with the sneaky idea of taking two photos and merging them to create the illusion that Rob’s head was floating. The first photo just had Tom, with Big Rob’s head out of the frame. For the second we kept everything exactly still and Bryony held Rob’s head next to Tom:

Spot the difference…

…the two photos we used to create the final image.

With the photos taken, we then imported them into Photoshop and used the magnetic lasso tool to cut Rob’s head out from the second photo and paste it into the first.

The last thing to do was removing Tom’s head, which we did with the clone stamp tool… and then we had the finished picture!

The finished picture!

We put the picture on the 8 Ball Pool Facebook page and it got a thousand likes in about five minutes, which suggested to us that some of you had lost your head over a game of pool.

And that’s how Big Rob’s photoshoot happened! Make sure you’re following us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ so that you don’t miss out on more of Rob’s adventures in the future 🙂