8 Ball Multiplayer Pool Update: The Details

If you follow our updates on Facebook, you’ll know that there are some changes coming to 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool. We’re really excited about these features and we think you will be too! On Facebook there’s only so much room available for us to tell you about the changes, so here we’ll do a complete run-through of all the new stuff coming and answer any questions you may have.

The first thing you need to know is that we’re not removing anything. The update is going to add some amazing new features, but we won’t be taking any of your favourite features away.

The new look

The first, most obvious change is the graphical overhaul the game is getting. This is the new interface, and we think you’ll agree, it’s looking good:

8 Ball Multiplayer Pool’s new look!

In addition to refreshing the look of the game itself, we are also updating other parts of the menu system so that everything fits in.

The new levels

One of the other big changes is that we’re adapting a ranking system, introducing levels, new ranks and experience points. This is how it’s going to work:

With every game you play (and whether you win or lose), you’re going to gain experience points. These experience points determine what your level is. The levels go from 1 to 100, with 100 being the highest possible. As you gain experience points and level up, you’re also going to see your rank increase, in the same way it does at the moment.

The important thing to know here is that you are not going to lose your current rank with the update. If you’re a GrandMaster now, you’ll be a GrandMaster in the new system; we’ll make sure your rank transfers. With the transfer you’ll be awarded experience points and a level, depending on your rank.

As well as transferring your rank over directly in the new update, we’re introducing a number of new ranks into the scale to help better distinguish between players. The full list of ranks under the new system is:

  • Trainee
  • Beginner
  • Student – NEW
  • Amateur
  • Skilled – NEW
  • Semi-Pro
  • Professional
  • Virtuoso – NEW
  • Expert
  • Veteran – NEW
  • Master
  • GrandMaster
  • VIP – NEW

The new currency

We’re also introducing a new 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool currency, called Pool Coins. As before, you’ll be able to use these to purchase new cues and tables, but the currency will be exclusive to 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool, and not all Miniclip games (as it is currently), so we’ll be able to do a lot more with Pool Coins.

For starters, we’re expanding the Pool Shop and introducing a lot more cues for you to buy. Here’s a sneaky peak at two of the new cues:

Just two of the many new cues that will be available!

Just two of the many new cues that will be available!

You will need these Pool Coins to enter tournaments, as we’re about to explain below, so we’re going to make it much easier for you to acquire Pool Coins. We’re going to be giving out Pool Coins when we launch the update, and the amount you’ll get will depend on your rank in the old system.

You will now get a 30 minute bonus for playing over half an hour at a time, and we’ll be giving out a daily bonus which you receive for playing each day, so there’s a big incentive for you to check in for a quick game of Pool every day.

The new tournaments

You asked us for this one, so here it is: we’re introducing brand new tournaments where you’ll be able to play for Pool Coins and cues. You’ll be able to play against people of a similar rank in one of three locations, with another two being unlocked after launch.

London: one of the new tournament locations.

London: one of the new tournament locations.

You’ll be able to enter tournaments using Pool Coins and if you win the tournament you’ll be awarded all the Coins in the prize pot — so in the London tournament it costs 100 Coins to enter, and if you win you get 500 Coins. You can then use the Coins you win just like any other Coins, so you’re free to use them to enter more tournaments, purchase new cues or purchase new tables.

We hope this will create some real challenges and competition for you, with the best players playing against each other in the most exclusive tournaments, a place where everyone aspires to be.

To make sure you know when the update is out, make sure you keep tabs on the 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool Facebook page!

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to ask that when will the game update. This game is awesome with high quality and awesome game play. I suggest that just add the voice chat or a simple custom chat. It will make the game sick and add some more spice! And I’m waiting for the update from long!

  2. I think that being able to talk to another player while in game play is important. The comment section doesn’t feel like a community chatting place and that really singles most of us out and makes the game less desirable. Thank you 🙂

  3. “The first, most obvious change is the graphical overhaul the game is getting. This is the new interface, and we think you’ll agree, it’s looking good:”
    just about this little part, and i think many players agree with me and we’ve said it already..no, it doesn’t look good!this new layout makes no sense ( although the powers and shopping cart buttons are cleverly positioned according to Fitts law…lol in the middle of a game what’s more important is to run to the shop to buy something…). If you apply spin with mouse, the white ball to do it is not in the best place.it should remain at the middle of the game window for time reasons. And the table looks smaller than it is now…Hope that’s not the case. about the rest..we’ll see tomorrow how it is. Thanks for the new tourneys option. we’ve been asking that for a long time. Hope the update goes well and this time the game returns with less glitches.

    • I agree – I don’t think it looks as good as previous. Not so worried about the position of the white ball for setting spin, but the size of it has been reduced making it harder to be accurate. The power ups are ridiculous – never used and never will – no need.
      What would improve it massively would be a league format – I know this would be difficult, but worth thinking about
      Despite not liking the new layout, the game is still awesome.

  4. Love the new 8 ball, but a lot of times now so far i have counted 13 instances in the past 3 days where it won’t load on multiple attempts. Keep up the good work just try to get that figured out!

    • @metafalopa, When your rank in the star reaches 91-100 then your a vip. If you look at the bottom of this page( how to play 8 ball pool) click on it that explains it all.

    • Hi there it all works of the green line,when the green line fills up it increases the number,not sure where you have to be to get the VIP,i am on superstar on 112 but i have seen a 130 called a king

  5. I started playing 8 ball multiplayer it said free to to join then i get a message saying become a member and you get different things after a few games im asked to buy credits for dollars I think when you say free it should mean free, and it wont let me get back into the game unless i buy these credits it starts from 1250 for 1.99 , please explain.
    kindest regards

    • Hi Tom,

      8 Ball Pool by Miniclip is free to play, but players have the option to purchase our in game currency, Pool Coins, which can be used to get new cues and tables, as well as enter tournaments. However, you can also earn free Pool Coins every 30 minutes and by playing 8 Ball Pool daily, as well as by winning 1-on-1 matches and tournaments, so you shouldn’t be forced to purchase Pool Coins to play. Hopefully that answers your question; if you have any further queries please contact support@miniclip.com 🙂

  6. Practice with another player is gone. There went a favorite feature. All the coins I earned the old way have not converted to the new coins. There went a lot of time and effort from a veteran player. I don’t give a poop about the layout changes except for the cue ball placement. I agree that it costs us more time to place English on it with it on the side of the table instead of in the middle. A support rep emailed me that a “convert” box would appear so I could convert my old coins to new, but I haven’t been able to find it. I realize you have to make money on your site, but screwing over your players is not the way to do it. I’ve been playing a lot more at OMGPOP since you made the changes. It’s a harder pool game and requires more skill, but your physics are better. I’d like to stay with mini clip but I am wavering a lot these days since pool is pretty much the only game I play.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your feedback; you’re able to convert your Miniclip Credits to Pool Coins in the Pool Shop. Just click on “Coins” and there’s a conversion tool along the bottom of the screen.

  7. Thank you! That the conversion tool was in the pool shop was not clarified. However, 3703 credits became 1904 coins. I didn’t even get half of my original total. Technically, I should have gotten all 3703 since I did earn all of it. But thank you for the clarification and your promptness.

    • The conversion rate for Credits -> Pool Coins works out so that you get the same value whether you purchase Miniclip Credits and convert them, or you purchase Pool Coins directly; you’re not losing out 🙂

  8. I have started to play a friend ( jimmyguitar ) on a regular basis and we also include Skype so that we can actually cheer each others shots, makes for a good session. yorkie29

  9. It would be really nice if the avatars of players will appear lower than the table and not on top of it. It would also be nice to know how close you are to become a Pool God when u’re a king.

  10. I completely understand that you guys are concerned about people insulting each other if you were to put in an interface for chatting. My suggestion is that you should make it optional whether or not you can receive comments during the game. This would make it so that if someone starts being rude you can simply “turn off chat” or something to that manner while still in gameplay, so that you no longer receive comments. It would also be intelligent to include a little pop up bubble to the opposite player telling them that their opponent is no longer receiving comments any of their comments. I play this game exclusively on facebook as do plenty of other people i know, and the more social any game is the more likely people are to play it. Period.

    Until then I think a lot of people would appreciate having a cue option that allowed you to say the word “sorry” or something to that effect. Thank you for your time.

  11. i just wanna say it looks pretty awesome but the problem is i was on rank master on old pool now when i came back i am on rank 17 idk why but can u check ty

  12. hi im up to master and i was just wondering how do u get to do the tutorial. do i have to keep going to a certain level or what do i have to do? thx.

  13. I have played 7560 games with a a win percentage of 62.1 percent.
    I have also won 670 tournaments out of 2529. I am only classed as a master, when I see people who have a lot less win percentage say 40 percent and haven’t won as many tournaments and games and they are grandmasters ! The rankings don’t make sense.

  14. Ive downloaded 8 ball pool on sgn 10.1 (love it btw). Id like to know why the tournament feature isn’t accessible. Just says coming soon. I’m level 23

  15. Does anyone know why I wouldn’t be able to find my friends on the iPhone version? I’m putting in their correct username but it says that no one is on with that name. Even though I know he is because he is sitting next to me on his iPhone on the game.

  16. How do I change my nationality?I am playing using my facebook profile.my nationality shows I’m American,and I am not American.pls help

    • If you have already purchased pool cues , then all you have to do is go to the “Pool Shop” on the main screen. Search from page to page until you see pool cues that say “Use” & then click on them. It will change from “Use” to “Using”. But , you have to buy pool cues first. If you have purchased pool cues already , that is where you go to look for them , select them & to change pool cues & use them. Go to the bottom of the main menu screen of 8-Ball Pool Multi-Player page that says way at the bottom “Pool Shop” & go in there & click on “Cues” button. Whatever it was that you recently or already purchased should be in there awaiting for you to select & use. I hope this helps.

  17. please there must be a leader board so that we come know ranking of other players and ours and there must be a option to challange players

  18. Does the app have the tournament feature? Since I downloaded it 2 months ago it has always said “coming soon”. I alsodontlike that we have to wait when our opponent is “making their selection” because why should we wait for THEM? I feel like they do that on purpose, especially when we’re about to shoot for the 8. It’s not fair…

  19. i have been playing 8ball for a while now, everything has been fine. until the other day when i logged in and some how my game name had changed . im not likeing this. does anyone know how i can change it back . ive asked support team and have not got any info yet.

  20. I do not get double coins when win 1 vs 1. Why is that?
    The chat should be removed.
    When playing friends, put option for gaining coins. The amount let be decided by the players.

  21. hey i got a question. what if i have a purple table. and my opponent has a green. when they play me would the see my purple table or their green table?

    • Hello : ” I have personally experienced & asked about this already I & can tell you first hand knowledge that asked my opponent & close best friend of almost 20 years now over the phone during a phone to phone phone call what pool table he sees during a live game play. He says at the time we are both playing against one another that he sees his own pool table , frame felt & everything. Not mine.
      Apparently , if you are playing against friends & they are on your Friends List & you play against them & only them , then you see your own pool individual pool tables. There is obviously no way how I can ask someone I am playing against during game play what pool table they see , mine or theirs , but I am guessing if you are challenging a random stranger & they are playing against you through an invite , they can see your pool table & you both are using your pool table since you initiated the invite to play against them. I have also seen that when someone plays against me & challenges me , I don’t see my pool table being played on. I see theirs. That is how I know that this question of yours is true in reverse.
      But , like I said , I asked a friend of mine that was & is on my Friends List of pool players what pool table he sees when he is in the middle of playing against me & he said that he only sees his own pool table style color & everything , not mine. It may be different when you are playing against random strangers with that slot machine type of random choosing feature that miniclip.com chooses the players for you to play against. Where you spin randomly to play against someone that the miniclip.com system randomly chooses for you to play against. If we didn’t see other people’s individual pool tables , then there wouldn’t be a comment box for all of us to use & select from that says “Nice Table.” I am sure that comment is a dead giveaway telling us that during random stranger against stranger opponent game play , that we see each other’s pool tables individually. I see your pool table style & everything personalized about it & you will see mine just the same. I hope this helps.”

    • People manipulate the system that way. I don’t know how they do it , but it’s intentional. They can even make it to where it doesn’t even show the country they are in.

  22. my fb friends dont load , can u tell me the soultion , i try again and again , i remove app soo many times but same ,

  23. I hate that “Total Time” feature on the far right hand top corner of the screen. The pie looking box. It’s almost like people are watching monitoring how much or how little we play in total time. It’s a game of pool , not speed dating for God’s Sake’s. Seems like a damn stopwatch being used. I hate it. Put down the stopwatch & stop “Total Timing” us. Thanks.

  24. Looks like this is from 2012 , so I know for sure probably nobody is going to come here to read or respond. I guess I wasted my time “commenting” here.

  25. Nevermind. I see some 2013 commentators here. I guess they are being answered maybe. Cancel my last written transmission comment.

    • It’s is because of overcrowding & there are a lot of people online on this website & sometimes it means that you are waiting in line to get on that website once someone or a lot of people log out. It is due to overcrowding on the website. That is why.

  26. The ranking system is a joke. I see amateurs that have a less than 50% win rate, classed as ‘Grand Maste’r! Sorry, but since when does a ‘Grand Master’ lose more than he/she wins??? I’ve won 76.5 of over 25000 games, have over 40% win rate in tournaments, and I’m only ranked as ‘King’! I’m easily the best player on the game! Sure, I’ve seen one or two players with a slightly higher win percentage, but that’s only because they protect their stats by playing in the beginner’s tournaments. Come on, Miniclip, doe the right thing – create a new level of superiority, just for me!

  27. When playing, it says I’m from USA however I’m from GB, how can I change it to display the Union Flag?
    I play by logging in to Facebook, which has me down as being from the U.K.

  28. I won a tournament and I was excited to try out the new cue but I can’t seem to equip it?
    I went into the pool shop but it’s not there does anybody know where to find it ?

  29. Hi,

    I saved up 10 miniclip dollars by leveling up and i bought 5 spins and i had 2 more spins saved, so 7 in total, te first spin was ok, the second gave me an error and then i lost de rest of the spins and the money to, and two more times i got an error on a spin(i had only one) and of course the spins didn’t count and i couldn’t spin again.

  30. Hi I want to know that buying expensive cue make any difference in game play or is it just for visuals purpose. Thank

  31. Hi. I just bought a new cue for 13000 coins. The coins are gone but the cue has just disappeared and it seems like I’ve never even bought it when I access the shop! Any ideas why that happened and how I could get it back?

  32. Hi there miniclip/8ball team 😉 I want to ask you, is it possible to add possibility to decrease quality? I believe that not only me have a old laptop or computer, so it terribly lag. Its really hard to play….

  33. My son and I created Id to play 8 ball pool against each other but when we enter the correct ID it says no players with that ID??? We would like to play each other in our iPhones.

  34. Please can you put my profile picture on 8 ball pool rather than just my ? & ive clicked on great Britain that’s we’re I’m from & I’m down as USA please can 8 ball pool change them ? Thanks for your help & time .

  35. In fact I was not aware about the Rank of “Virtuoso”. Thanks for the update that I knew now that I am above Professional. But I regret to say that for quite long time I am holding this rank & there is no change in my Rank even after winning many tournaments & Games.and reaching a level of 44. I found even people having level of 39 is called as Expert & Veteran.

  36. I am a pretty good player of 8 ball pool but my girlfriend also plays the game through my facebook account and she is no good so my win percentage is down to 46%, I have banned her from my account so now I want to start over. How do I do this?

  37. It’s good to have the name of country along with the flag as not many people in this world are jeopardy champions!;-))
    I hope some will read this and fix it .

  38. How do I get my Mini clip avatar to be the picture I want. When I first set up my profile I didn’t do it with Facebook. I’m hearing that it has to be through Facebook to use a personal photo but I don’t want to lose my progress by reinstalling. Any suggestions?

  39. I also have a pool account with google ,if I log in my other account,which at the moment is under”guest”,with Facebook will this affect my other account?

  40. Y do you play people who have a way higher ranking that’s not fair people practically live on here and alot of people don’t stand a chance we should play same ranks!!! Change this plez it would b alot better…and your winnings you don’t even win the amount you play 4 example you play 4 $200 but really u only win 100 that’s just wrong come on guys wake up

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