8 Ball Multiplayer Pool: Maintenance Challenge

We know you love your Pool, so whilst 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer is offline for maintenance, we’ve got a challenge for you!

Our game 9 Ball Quick Fire Pool is still online, where you pot as many balls as possible before the timer runs out. It’s similar to 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool, but here you’re playing against the clock for a high score, rather than other players.

As an incentive to compete in this challenge, we’ll be giving three players a free 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool cue of their choice. Here’s how it works:

  • Play 9 Ball Quick Fire Pool and try and get the highest score you can.
  • At the end of your game, take a screenshot of the score you’ve got, like the one below.
  • Upload the screenshot of your score using an image uploader such as Imgur.
  • Leave a comment on this post with a link to your screenshot and your player name.
Take a screenshot like this one!

Take a screenshot like this one!

You’ve got until 12 noon GMT to enter, after that we’ll find the three highest scores and give them a free 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool cue of their choice.

Please make sure you follow the instructions carefully, if you don’t enter properly, we won’t be able to include your entry. We will be checking for cheating, so don’t even attempt it!

Update 1, 11:12 GMT: Thank you to everyone who’s entered so far! If you’ve not submitted a score yet, you’ve still got just under 50 minutes to get your scores in!

If you’ve already submitted a score and think you can do better, then we’re not putting a limit on the number of entries you can have, so enter again!

Update 2, 12:00 GMT: Entries are closed! Thank you for your entries 😀 We’re going to verify the winning entries are honest and then we’ll announce the winners here!

Update 3: 12.25 GMT: We have three winners! We weren’t able to verify everyone’s score, so congratulations to the three highest scorers we were able to confirm: Calimba, drini555 and Vuurtoren! We’ll be in touch via the email address you left your comment with with details how to claim your prize. If you didn’t win, keep practicing 😉

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    • Don’t worry, we’ll be checking any potential winners’ claims against details from our databases and disqualifying anyone who’s been cheating!

  1. http://imgur.com/wUVgv played normally I got 58,000 however I scored a much higher one but for some reason the screen shot didn’t take! I hope the winners are chosen by random and not the highest because to be honest the game is rig. I scored a higher game over 100,000 but its because I only kept getting the one ball next to the nine ball and pocketing it which is not fun (easy 2k on every ball) but played normal my honest score was around 67,000 but didn’t screen shot it… however here is one with just knocking in the nine balls (playing lame) http://imgur.com/3y1Rd

    please just pick winners at random and not highest… =)

    • Hi,

      As we said in the post, we’ll be taking the three highest scores, verifying they are valid (which is why we need usernames) and then awarding those players with the cue. The game isn’t “rigged” or making sure you don’t win; it’s exactly the same game for everybody, which is the best way we can ensure the competition is fair 🙂

      • Your Right Alex!
        I know my score isn’t high but hopefully I can win
        58,000 Username Rock-Steady

  2. Am I still in time? I sure hope so.
    This is a slight improvement of my personal best,
    and I think it is currently the third score.
    I would sure like to choose a brand new cue! My old one was getting rusty 😉

    My player name: Player_X

    My score : 166,600

    My screenshot: http://i45.tinypic.com/2412h5c.png

    (extra: the trick to score high is to pot as much 9 ball as you can!)

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