Movember: How We Did

At the start of last month I posted about how Miniclip was supporting Movember, a charity initiative aimed at raising awareness about men’s health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer.

The concept is simple: to take part, you start of clean shaven at the start of November, and as the month goes on, you grow, trim and care for your mo. At the end of the month you’re left with a beautiful moustache and plenty of sponsorship monies for a good cause.

So how did we get on? Check out these pics from our moventure.

Some of the Miniclippers who took part in the moventure.

Some of the Miniclippers who took part in the moventure.

The Miniclippers in the UK who took part.

The Miniclippers in the UK who took part (note “Little Rob” holding Big Rob’s head, second from left!).
The Miniclip-Movember guys in Portugal!

The Miniclip-Movember guys in Portugal!

The Miniclippers in the Swiss office went the extra mile this year and recreated some classic board games… Movember style. Check out their snaps:


Enjoying a game of “Movemball”!


Will it balance? Yes it will!


This game has a real twist to it…


Moustache and batteries not included.

In order to reward our mo-growers we held competitions within the London office to decide a number of moustache-related categories:

  • Best Kept – who’s taken the most care in looking after their tash?
  • Best Endeavour  (formerly Biggest Fail) — someone who tried, but didn’t quite get there compared to others.
  • Best Overall – simple, really. Who has the best all round tash?
  • A “special” prize in the category of Most Ridiculous.

After a very tense vote last Friday, we managed to find some winners. These are the prize winning moustaches!

The best mos in London!

The best mos in London!

Once again Movember has been a big success for all at Miniclip; we’ve had some fun and raised over £800 for a great cause. We’ll look forward to doing it again next year!

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