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Welcome to the Miniclip Blog! Becoming the best at 8 Ball Pool is not easy and requires time, skill and dedication.

However, you also need to understand how the game works, which is why in this blog post we’re going to show you everything you need to know about Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool.

If you’re ready to start your journey to becoming the best in the game, an 8 Ball Pool VIP, then we can get started. Let’s go!

Playing matches and entering tournaments

To get started on your Pool career, you need to start playing Pool! There are two different types of game you can play: 1-on-1 matches, where you can play against another player, and tournaments, where you play in a knockout competition against 7 other players.

To play a 1-on-1 match, you just need to click the “Play” button. This takes you to a screen where you can choose which of the eight venues you want to play in. You’ll find you need to unlock some of the locations and you’ll need Pool Coins to enter, but we’ll explain those in more detail later.

Moscow is one of the locations you can play 1-on-1 matches and tournaments.

Moscow is one of the locations you can play 1-on-1 matches and tournaments.

If you’re after more of a challenge than a 1-on-1 match, then you can enter a tournament. From the main screen, click on the “Tournaments” button. Here you’ll see the same locations, but you’ll be playing against more players.

As with the 1-on-1 matches, you’ll need to unlock the different locations and you’ll need Pool Coins to enter, but we’ll explain Pool Coins and levels shortly.

Pool Coins & Pool Cash

As we’ve mentioned, 8 Ball Pool has its own currency, Pool Coins & Pool Cash. You’ll need Pool Coins to enter 1-on-1 matches and tournaments, and you can also use them to purchase new cues and tables for your game from the Pool Shop. Some items are only available for Pool Cash, which you can earn either by purchasing or by levelling up in the game.

You can earn Pool Coins in a variety of ways:

  • 30 minute timer: you can earn 25 free Pool Coins every 30 minutes  by just clicking the button on the main screen. There’s no limit to how many times you can claim these coins.
  • Winning 1-on-1 matches and tournaments. The highest ranked tournament, Moscow Winter Club, has a prize pot of 30,000 Pool Coins! Play higher level 1-on-1 matches and tournaments for the chance to win bigger prize pots. Winning tournaments also awards you a bonus cue.
  • Purchasing Pool Coins: to get more Pool Coins, purchase them from the Pool Shop. You can also trade in your Pool Cash for Pool Coins. Important note: you cannot exchange Cash for Coins.

The table below shows you how many Pool Coins are needed to enter each 1-on-1 match and tournament, at each location, as well as how many Pool Coins you can win.

Location Entry Fee (Pool Coins) Prize (Pool Coins)
1-on-1 matches
London: 1-on-1 25 50
Sydney: 1-on-1 100 200
Moscow: 1-on-1 500 1,000
Tokyo: 1-on-1 2,500 5,000
Las Vegas: 1-on-1 10,000 20,000
Jakarta: 1-on-1 50,000 100,000
Toronto: 1-on-1 100,000 200,000
Cairo: 1-on-1 250,000 500,000
Dubai: 1-on-1 500,000 1,000,000
 London: tournament 200 1,000
 Sydney: tournament 3,000 18,000
 Moscow: tournament 5,000 30,000
 Tokyo: tournament 10,000 60,000

Experience points, levels and ranks

In 8 Ball Pool we use three ways to rank players: experience points, levels and ranks. Here’s some detail on how those are calculated:

    1. Experience points (XP): you earn XP for every match you play both 1-on-1 and in Tournaments. You earn XP whether you win or lose, but winning earns you more XP than losing. You also earn more XP for winning a high-ranking tournament than a low-ranking one.
    2. Level: your level is determined by the number of XP you have and is the number shown in the star in the top left of the screen. Levels go from 1 to 150, with 150 being the highest possible.
    3. Rank: your level determines your rank; you’ll need the following levels to achieve the following ranks:
Rank Level Required
Trainee 1 – 2
Beginner 3 – 5
Student 6 – 9
Amateur 10 – 14
Skilled 15 – 20
Semi-Pro 21 – 27
Professional 28 – 35
Virtuoso 36 – 44
Expert 45 – 54
Veteran 55 – 65
Master 66 – 77
GrandMaster 78 – 90
VIP 91 – 100
Play to find out 🙂 100+
View your stats by clicking on your profile image.

View your stats by clicking on your profile image.

You can view all your Pool stats: your XP, level and rank, as well as some other statistics about your playing, including the number of games you’ve played and won by clicking on your profile image in the top left corner if you’re on one of the menu screens.

If you’re in a game, you can click on either your or your opponent’s profile images to bring up your or their stats whilst playing to find out about your opponent!

Spin & Win

Each day you play 8 Ball Pool, you’ll be awarded with one free spin on the “Spin & Win”. Spin & Win is a minigame which offers players the chance to win up to 50,000 Pool Coins and an exclusive cue.

Get lucky in the Spin & Win!

Get lucky in the Spin & Win!

The Spin & Win will load automatically when you first play Pool each day, and can also be accessed from Pool’s main menu.

There’s a percentage chance of winning each prize, and the high-value items have lower chances of being won than the low-value items. Tens of thousands of the top prizes are given out daily, so you just need to get lucky!

A free spin is awarded every day, and extra spins can be purchased from the Pool Shop.

Scratch & Win

Scratch & Win is a scratch card mini-game. Scratch off squares on the card and match three squares to win Pool Coins!

There’s a maximum prize of 250,000 Pool Coins. Like Spin & Win, there is a percentage chance of each prize, with the highest prizes being the rarest.

The new Scratch & Win mini-game

The new Scratch & Win mini-game

Scratchers can be won in the Spin & Win game or purchased in the app.

Using the Pool Shop

As you work your way through the levels in 8 Ball Pool and earn Pool Coins from playing 1-on-1 matches and tournaments, you might want to customise your game by purchasing new cues and tables.

You can do this by entering the Pool Shop, which is accessible from the main menu.

In the Pool Shop we’ve got over 100 cues available for you to purchase and use, with new ones added frequently. These range from the simple Classic Cue to the extravagant Millionaire Cue.

Chat in 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip

Purchasing a new cue gives you access to a new phrase!

Purchasing and using a new cue in a game not only gives you a visual edge over your opponent, but also gives you access to an extra unique phrase to use in the in-game chat! Just click on the “…” speech bubble icon on your profile picture whilst playing to drop-down the list of phrases you can use to communicate with your opponent.

As well as new cues in the Pool Shop, you can also purchase designs for your table, with frames, cloths and patterns available.

Challenging your friends

Playing Pool on a real-life table is a social experience, and it’s the same social experience playing Pool on Miniclip.

If you’re playing on, you can click the “Play Friends” button to search for players who are online using their usernames, and then challenge them to a game.

Challenge any of your Facebook friends with one click!

Challenge any of your Facebook friends with one click!

If you’re playing Pool on Facebook, you can challenge your Facebook friends using the buttons along the bottom of the main menu. The game will automatically find all your friends who play Pool on Facebook, and to challenge any of them, just scroll along until you find them and click “Challenge”.

If you want to play with any friends on Facebook who don’t play Pool already, just click “Add” and you can search through all your friends and challenge them to a game.

Go mobile!

8 Ball Pool is available on iOS and Android, allowing players to take 8 Ball Pool on the move! And best of all, it’s completely free on all platforms.

The mobile version — available from both the iOS App Store and the Android Google Play Store — links seamlessly with the web version of Pool.

Take 8 Ball Pool with you wherever you go!

Take 8 Ball Pool with you wherever you go!

This means you can connect with the same account you use on either or Facebook and once you’re logged in you’ll have all of the Pool Coins you’ve earned and all of the cues you’ve purchased instantly available.

You can download 8 Ball Pool on mobile by going to on your iOS or Android device, or by using the links below:

Download 8 Ball Pool from the App Store | Download 8 Ball Pool on Google Play

Take on the world

That’s all you need to know about 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip. Make sure you like the 8 Ball Pool Facebook Page so that you’re kept up-to-date with news and updates to Pool. You can also follow Miniclip on our social networks.

All that’s left to do now is play the game on or Facebook. Good luck!


142 replies

  1. I have multiple cue sticks and was wondering is there any tips that I could use to change sticks while playing a game.

    • I’m afraid you can’t change cues whilst playing a game, but you can change them between games!

      Edit – apologies, as others have pointed out (thank you!), you can in fact change your cue during a game; just click on the shop icon in the bottom left whilst you’re playing and change your cue as normal. You can only do this whilst your opponent is playing 🙂

      • Hey Matt, it sounds like you’re playing from your Miniclip account – your account name is fixed and your picture can’t be changed from your yo-me, I’m afraid! The players with pictures as their profiles are playing from Facebook, so if you really want to change your nickname and profile pic, you could always sign in with Facebook, although that’s going to reset your stats.

    • The game doesn’t have a way of expanding, but you might wish to lower your screen’s resolution, which would effectively make the game larger.

  2. just saying, in the seventh pic {profile viewing} his total earning is 1350 coins and he currently has 13225. I know he is a dev, but this might really confuse first time players!

    • You’re quite right; someone who is only level seven like me(!) is unlikely to have earned that many Coins by playing 1-on-1 matches or tournaments, but the option to purchase Pool Coins is available to everyone 🙂

  3. What good are Miniclip credits now? Only for Power ups? That’s very unfair. There should be an option to exchange the miniclip credits for 8 ball chips!

    • The Las Vegas tournament is open to all players; you just need to be level 19 to unlock it for 1-on-1 play and level 22 to unlock tournaments.

  4. just started playing pool but dont know how to move the ball when its in your hand. little help anyone?

    • Hi, you may have ticked the box “Notify me of follow-up comments via email.” and this sends you any further comments via email. If you want to stop receiving emails, then please unsubscribe using the links in the email.

  5. my gf is asking for some gold coins! hehe is there any way i could pass them ..:>?>> help plss.. thanks

    • After you click on “play” for 1-on-1 matches or “tournaments” for tournaments in the main menu, you can use the left and right buttons to select the different locations.

    • Apologies for the delay getting back to you, Mark. Pool Coins were added so that it’s possible to add in tournaments and 1-on-1 matches where you can win Coins, something we’d been asked to add frequently. It just adds an extra competitive edge to the game 🙂

    • The latest update did include levels and ranks above 100 which we hadn’t originally mentioned in the post. I’ve now updated the post to confirm levels go up to 150, not 100.

      I can also confirm Superstar is the rank above VIP and that there are also further ranks, which no-one has achieved yet 🙂

    • You can purchase cues and tables in the Pool shop, using either Miniclip Credits or Pool Coins — just see the section “Using the Pool Shop” above 🙂

  6. i played sydney tournament & moscow tournament and i won sydney cup an moscow cup but i didn’t get the sydney rumor and moscow story ?

    • Please see the section in the post above, “Pool Coins” for details how to get Coins; you can either earn Coins by playing or purchase them from the Pool Shop.

  7. Why would I consider purchasing coins when the bonus coin feature obviously does not work as it should? I am fearful that any purchased coins would just follow the ‘phantom’ bonus coins into cyber oblivion. That you have have left my four previous comments unanswered and even unseen only goes to further my wariness about actually purchasing pool coins.

    • Apologies for the delay replying to your previous comments; comments need to be manually approved which creates a slight lag between comments being posted and comments showing up.

      We are aware some players are experiencing problems when with the Daily Bonus and 30 minute timer and are working to fix this as soon as possible. However, I can assure you purchasing Coins is independent of this system and you shouldn’t experience any troubles using it. If you have any further queries, please contact our support team at

  8. Based upon Miniclip’s comments about the changes and the experience points, I posted the following on Google+, and now here:

    It is my opinion that the tourneys should be re-evaluated for consistency and fairness. Currently, any level can enter any tournament (I am a level 32 and have had to face several level 65 and above players in the London tournament), which gives them the higher levels, an unfair advantage over others, for leveling purposes. A recommendation:

    Trainee 1 – 2
    Beginner 3 – 5
    Student 6 – 9
    Amateur 10 – 14
    Skilled 15 – 20
    Semi-Pro 21 – 27
    Professional 28 – 35
    Virtuoso 36 – 44
    Expert 45 – 54
    Veteran 55 – 65
    Master 66 – 77
    Grand Master 78 – 90
    VIP 91 – 100

    London: tournament For levels 1- 35
    Sydney: tournament For levels 36-50
    Moscow: tournament For levels 51-70
    Tokyo: tournament For levels 71-90
    Las Vegas: tournament For levels 91+

    As novices, those below levels 36-50 should not have to compete in a tournament against those who are levels 30 or more above them This is how the real world works, and being forced to do so is dissuades novices from wanting to enter, or even play.

    Keep it real!

    • Glenard, I’m level 81, and after a bad run on Las Vegas tornies, ive found myself skint again. If I were to be banned from lower tornies there would be no way of building my money back up again. secondly I have found the levels at around Sidney Challenging with level 30- 40 playersplaying at a good level with better stats than many ranked above them.

    • Because you have a certain number of experience points doesnt mean you are good or bad, Ive beat plenty of grandmasters and got beaten by people with very low ranks so those rules SHOULD NOT apply to tournaments. Tournaments in most sports in USA put the lowest ranked against the highest ranked in the first round. I.E.: #1 vs #8, #2 vs. #7, #3 vs. #6…so on

    • I completely agree with this format Glenard. The previous version was matching your opponent closer to your Level. I’m a Senior Citizen on a lower income and can’t afford to buy coins.

  9. Experience Points to be earned~
    Play Against Friends:-
    No experience points added
    Practice Mode:- MOST EASY ★
    1 vs 1:-
    Loss: + 2 XP/WIN Win: + 10 XP/WIN
    Loss: + 3 XP /WIN Win: + 12 XP/WIN Total= 36 XP
    Downtown London Pub:- MOST EASY ★
    1 vs 1:-
    Loss: + 20 XP/WIN Win: + 100 XP/WIN
    Loss: + 25 XP/WIN Win + 120 XP/WIN Total= 360 XP
    Sydney Marina Bar:- MOST EASY ★
    1 vs 1:-
    Loss: + 52 XP/WIN Win: + 260 XP/WIN
    Tournament :-
    Loss: + 65 XP/WIN Win + 312 XP/WIN Total= 936 XP
    Moscow Winter Club:- MOST EASY ★
    1 vs 1:-
    Loss: + 106 XP/WIN Win: + 530 XP/WIN
    Loss: + 133 XP/WIN Win + 636 XP/WIN Total= 1908 XP
    Tokyo Warrior Hall:- MEDIUM ★
    1 vs 1:-
    Loss: + 260 XP/WIN Win: + 1,300 XP/WIN
    Loss: + 325 XP/WIN Win + 1,560 XP/WIN Total= 4680 XP
    Las Vegas Full House:- MOST HARD ★
    1 vs 1:-
    Loss: + 520 XP/WIN Win: + 2600 XP/WIN
    Loss: + 650 XP/WIN Win + 3120 XP/WIN Total= 9360 XP
    Ranks, Levels and Experience Points:-
    When registered you recieve 250 Pool Coins, 5 Extended Guidelines and
    The ranks are listed below, together with their levels, the experience points needed to reach the next level and some bonusses.
    5 Increased Spin
    1-> 2:- 25 XP 100 Points
    2-> 3:- 127 XP 100 Points
    3 -> 4: 231 XP 150 Points and Sydney tournament unlocked
    4 -> 5: 472 XP 150 Points
    5 -> 6: 720 XP 150 Points
    6 -> 7: 976 XP 150 Points
    7 -> 8: 1,239 XP 250 Points Points and Moscow tournament unlocked
    8 -> 9: 1,772 XP 250 Points
    9 -> 10: 2,322 XP 250 Points
    10 -> 11: 2,887 XP 250 Points
    11 -> 12: 3,470 XP 250 Points
    12 -> 13: 4,070 XP 500 Points
    13 -> 14: 5,362 XP 500 Points 5 Increased Powers
    14 -> 15: 6,693 XP 500 Points
    15 -> 16: 8,064 XP 1,000 Points and Tokyo tournament unlocked
    16 -> 17: 9,476 XP 1,000 Points
    17 -> 18: 10,930 XP ??? Points [Not Verified]
    ————————————————————– (from here the XP formula holds)
    18 -> 19: 12,428 XP ??? and Las Vegas 1 vs 1 unlocked
    19 -> 20: 12,757 XP ??? Points [Not Verified]
    20 -> 21: 13,096 XP ??? Points [Not Verified]
    21 -> 22: 13,443 XP ??? Points [Not Verified] And Las Vegas Tournament Unlocked
    22 -> 23: 13,799 XP ???
    23 -> 24: 14,164 XP ???
    24 -> 25: 14,540 XP ???
    25 -> 26: 14,925 XP ???
    26 -> 27: 15,321 XP ???
    27 -> 28: 15,727 XP ???
    28 -> 29: 16,143 From here on out I think you recieve 5,000 PC every time you level up (could be sooner, please verify)
    29 -> 30: 16,571 XP 5,000 Points
    30 -> 31: 17,010 XP 5,000 Points
    31 -> 32: 17,461 XP 5,000 Points
    32 -> 33: 17,924 XP 5,000 Points
    33 -> 34: 18,399 XP 5,000 Points
    34 -> 35: 18,886 XP 5,000 Points
    35 -> 36: 19,387 XP 5,000 Points
    36 -> 37: 19,901 XP 5,000 Points
    37 -> 38: 20,428 XP 5,000 Points
    38 -> 39: 20,969 XP 5,000 Points
    39 -> 40: 21,525 XP 5,000 Points
    40 -> 41: 22,095 XP 5,000 Points
    41 -> 42: 22,681 XP 5,000 Points
    42 -> 43: 23,282 XP 5,000 Points
    43 -> 44: 23,899 XP 5,000 Points
    45 -> 46: 25,182 XP 5,000 Points
    46 -> 47: 25,850 XP 5,000 Points
    47 -> 48: 26,535 XP 5,000 Points
    48 -> 49: 27,238 XP 5,000 Points
    49 -> 50: 27,960 XP 5,000 Points
    50 -> 51: 28,701 XP 5,000 Points
    51 -> 52: 29,461 XP 5,000 Points
    52 -> 53: 30,242 XP 5,000 Points
    53 -> 54: 31,043 XP 5,000 Points
    54 -> 55: 31,866 XP 5,000 Points
    55 -> 56: 32,710 XP 5,000 Points
    56 -> 57: 33,577 XP 5,000 Points
    57 -> 58: 34,467 XP 5,000 Points
    58 -> 59: 35,380 XP 5,000 Points
    59 -> 60: 36,318 XP 5,000 Points
    60 -> 61: 37,280 XP (still to be verified!) 5,000 Points
    61 -> 62: 38,268 XP 5,000 Points
    62 -> 63: 39,282 XP (still to be verified!) 5,000 Points
    63 -> 64: 40,323 XP (still to be verified!) 5,000 Points
    64 -> 65: 41,392 XP (still to be verified!) 5,000 Points
    65 -> 66: 42,489 XP 5,000 PC
    66 -> 67: 43,615 XP 5,000 Points
    67 -> 68: 44,771 XP 5,000 Points
    68 -> 69: 45,957 XP 5,000 Points
    69 -> 70: 47,175 XP 5,000 Points
    70 -> 71: 48,425 XP 5,000 Points
    71 -> 72: 49,708 XP 5,000 Points
    72 -> 73: 51,026 XP 5,000 Points
    73 -> 74: 52,378 XP 5,000 Points
    74 -> 75: 53,766 XP 5,000 Points
    75 -> 76: 55,191 XP 5,000 Points
    76 -> 77: 56,653 XP 5,000 Points
    77 -> 78: 58,155 XP 5,000 Points
    Grand Master:-
    78 -> 79: 59,696 XP 5,000 Points
    79 -> 80: 61,278 XP 5,000 Points
    80 -> 81: 62,901 XP 5,000 Points
    81 -> 82: 64,568 XP 5,000 Points
    82 -> 83: 66,279 XP 5,000 Points / 5 Extended Guidelines
    83 -> 84: 68,036 XP 5,000 Points
    84 -> 85: 69,839 XP 5,000 Points
    85 -> 86: 71,689 XP 5,000 Points
    86 -> 87: 73,589 XP 5,000 Points
    87 -> 88: 75,539 XP 5,000 Points
    88 -> 89: 77,541 XP 5,000 Points
    89 -> 90: 79,596 XP 5,000 Points
    90 -> 91: 81,705 XP 5,000 Points
    91 -> 92: 83,870 XP 5,000 Points
    92 -> 93: 86,093 XP 5,000 Points
    93 -> 94: 88,375 XP 5,000 Points
    94 -> 95: 90,716 XP 5,000 Points
    95 -> 96: 93,120 XP 5,000 Points
    96 -> 97: 95,588 XP 5,000 Points
    97 -> 98: 98,121 XP 5,000 Points
    98 -> 99: 100,721 XP 5,000 Points
    99 -> 100: 103,390 XP (formula -1) 5,000 Points
    100 -> 101: 106130 XP 5,000 Points
    101 -> 102: 108943 XP 5,000 Points
    102 -> 103: 111830 XP 5,000 Points
    103 -> 104: 114793 XP (still to be verified!) 5,000 Points
    104 -> 105: 117835 XP 5,000 Points
    105 -> 106: 120,958 XP 5,000 Points
    106 -> 107: 124,163 XP 5,000 Points
    107 -> 108: 127,454 XP 5,000 Points
    108 -> 109: 130,831 XP 5,000 Points
    109 -> 110: 134,298 XP 5,000 Points
    110 -> 111: 137,857 XP (still to be verified!) 5,000 Points
    111 -> 112: 141,510 XP 5,000 Points
    112 -> 113: 145,260 XP 5,000 Points
    113 -> 114: 149,110 XP (still to be verified!) 5,000 Points
    114 -> 115: 153,061 XP (still to be verified!) 5,000 Points
    115 -> 116: 157,117 XP (still to be verified!) 5,000 Points
    116 -> 117: 161,281 XP (still to be verified!) 5,000 Points
    117 -> 118: 165,555 XP (still to be verified!) 5,000 Points
    118 -> 119: 169,942 XP (still to be verified!) 5,000 Points
    119 -> 120: 174,446 XP (still to be verified!) 5,000 Points
    [SECRET]* ???
    120 -> 121: 179,068 XP (still to be verified!) 5,000 Points etc…
    my friends worked out the xp needed per level and xp earned per game or tournament and the coins you get per level up if you think this is too much you can delete it (no worries) i didn’t create this chart and many thanks to my friends in facebook who created this chat !

  10. I always see people asking to be “Challenged ” in the 8Ball Pool Chat. How do we do that ? I only see where we can add friends or go to their Player Page to Challenge them @ other games like “Quick Fire 8 or 9 Ball .

  11. Hello,

    Today in last 24 hours i have some issues. My username Miniclip is “INDIANEXPERT” and i have some issues with 8 ball pool game. While playing i lost some games and my pool points ended to 3. I think pool points 3 is odd number which i dont think exist. am not sure. plz clarify on that.

    Next every 30 minutes when i claim 25 pool points they are NOT adding to 3 points every time after 30min even when i claim those 25 points.

    Please do corrections so that every 30min online i can add 25 points and Next i cannot see adding 250 BONUS points

    So i want answers for my 3 qs

    1. What is this 3 pool points. Do they exist like that?
    2. I cannot see adding 25 points after every 30min even though when i claiming them. I can visualize they are adding but not showing in pool points. why?
    3. I cannot see 250 bonus points since more than 24 hours time

    Thanks and help me asap

    • Hi,

      I’m very sorry about the problems you’ve been having playing Pool! I’ve passed your feedback onto the developers who are taking a look at the problems. Just one question – since you left this comment, have these problems corrected themselves, or are the problems persisting?

      Many thanks.

    • i have had these problems also…I can see the add 25 coins but sometimes it doesnt add to my total. Other troubles i am having are that i lose connection many times when i am knocking in the eight ball and no other times, I have lost over 100,000 pool coins in this way. It only happens when i am winning the game. I have also beaten grandmaster and people three levels above me but it does not show on my accomplishments…How can i fix this?? i have asked this question before and still dont see it addressed here?!?!? 🙂 Thanks for this game. It is very addictive 😛

    • If you’re in a situation where the cue ball can be moved, just hover over the ball, click on it and drag it to where you’d like it to be 🙂

  12. hi all . i have a problem. i can’t recharge with credits from 2 days ago. i click on th e buttom get 25 credits free, but no work, and the bonus from login for today daesn’t exist. what can i do ? 🙁

  13. I am repeatedly losing the connection with the game and losing pool coins. I have access to VERY good and fast internet connection. I asked for help in support, they said it has been solved; and just now I lose 500 points! Do something! Please!

    • Sorry about those issues! We’ve introduced some backend changes designed to prevent this from happening in future, so you should find the game more stable from now on 🙂

    • As of yesterday, you’re now able to do this! Visit the Pool Shop and go to the Coins section, and you’ll be able to transfer Credits to Coins 🙂

  14. hi, how does the ball spin, i mean people aim at something and the direction of the cue ball moves after hitting at the aimed ball..even though im master in rankings, im unable 2 do it..please guide me through..thank u in advance..

  15. sorry my language, I use google translate …..:D
    On the PC I can not open the pool shop, always loading. as well as play again with the enemy, even though I have enough coins but still not able to play again. please help .. thank you

  16. Since now you can convert miniclip credits to pool coins, will it be possible to do vise versa? or perhaps now everything on 8ball pool will be affordable for pool coins?

  17. love the new changes, i just have 2 issues… after a “scratch” (when you pot the white ball), u should HAVE to shoot from BEHIND the white break line, like in “real pool”. it would make the game more competitive, its TOO easy as is.. also, my timer is not consistant, some shots i only get about 7-8 seconds.. (and i dont mean on the black).. thx for listening 🙂

  18. Alex, the 25 coin problem still exists in fact many {many starters} gamers have left the game cause they don’t get the 250 bonus neither the 25 coins per 30 min , so they don’t get the coins to play daily and eventually they leave…….

    • We are still aware of this issue and whilst fewer players will be experiencing this bug, we’re very sorry about the players who still do! The developers let me know this morning they think they’ve identified what may have been causing the problem and they’re working on a fix for it.

  19. dear sir plz plz help me my id is farooq1111 and i want to reset it with 0 points and level 1
    regards waiting

  20. hey Alex i searched all of the comments of all of the cues and i havent found : “i need more coins” comment if this comment comes when the opponent doesnt have enough coins it didnt happened to me

    • Thanks for searching before asking 🙂 “In need more coins” shows up when you or your opponent don’t have enough Pool Coins to play again; it shows up automatically and isn’t available to say manually.

    • You’ll need Miniclip Credits to purchase some items in the Pool Shop, such as Powers. However, you can use Pool Coins to purchase quite a few of the cues and tables, too 🙂

  21. I am repeatedly losing the connection with the game and losing pool coins. I have access to VERY good and fast internet connection I lose more the 5000 points or credits for this problem. please help me.

  22. When i finished playing a pool game somebody said ” I need more coins ” and that is not on the list of things to chat. How can they say that ? Is there like another chat mode?

    • This message shows up if you or your opponent need more Pool Coins to carry on playing; it shows automatically and isn’t available in the chat 🙂

  23. What ’bout credits?
    Can we never buy the new cues,e.g pantinum viper,czar,potter,jester and majestic?
    miniclip should make a converter of 8 ball bricks into miniclip credits.

    • If you play in higher stakes 1-on-1 matches and tournaments, you’ll get more XP than if you just play Practice or low-ranked tournaments. Your stats will tell you how close you are to the next level!

  24. Are there any plans to(or are there already?) any other pool games by Miniclip, or, if not by Miniclip, maybe a site that you can recommend, that has as close to your graphics and Miniclip’s user-friendliness?

  25. I think the game is great and I’m truly hooked already. Just as an idea how about some leader boards for the pool that would be an awesome addition? You know the sort of thing – Most coins earned, most balls potted and so on… it would nice to have some additional targets for all to aim for as for me personally I have already got all the best kit the game has to offer and 45/52 trophies so far but these will be completed soon enough. With some leader boards you’ll always have somebody you can chase unless of course ultimately you are the “best in the world”

  26. I wish to take this time to say I don’t believe I have found a game more addictive an fun to play than 8 ball pool, 1on1 or in tournaments.Thank you all very much for this game.

  27. even though I’ve been playing this game for a while now I never can figure out how to Pick the cue ball up and move it to a different spot on the table after an opponent has scratched and it says you have ball in hand? Can someone tell me how that works?

  28. hello any body kno how to earn credits or pool coinns plz iam in deep trouble so plz help me plz say me if any body knows

  29. Kudos on making a very good game !!!

    A suggestion regarding the player stats popup – would it be possible to make the bottom right hand side [Latest Achievements] section editable to pick and choose the awards to be displayed here? Guessing most players would want to flaunt their various Tournament Trophies here 🙂

  30. how about old players, that , like me, can’t get the awards from unlocking 1v1 or tournaments because they are already unlocked?

  31. I cant challenge my friends. It says that is loading friends list but after 10 seconds nothing happens and the loading disapears.

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