The Best Adventure Games

Finding the best adventure games isn’t easy as there are so many awesome games for you to choose from!

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the best free online adventure games! You can play all of these for free online at

You'll need to master the magical spells in Spellstorm!

You’ll need to master the magical spells in Spellstorm!


Spellstorm is a magical quest adventure! You’ll need to use all of the powerful spells to defeat the enemies who stand in the way of completing the quest if you’re going to succeed.

Tasked by your masters to defeat the evil chaos reaper, in Spellstorm you stand before his dark fortress in this battle between good and evil!

Spellstorm also has four Miniclip Awards which you can unlock by completing some additional challenges in the game 🙂

You’ll need to jump to survive in Minecart Madness!

You’ll need to jump to survive in Minecart Madness!

Minecart Madness

Minecart Madness is an adventure game like no other! Head down the mines to see what really happens deep underground…

An “endless runner”, Minecart Madness is all about surviving as long as possible by jumping onto the platforms, over the huge gas and around the loops at ever-increasing speeds.

You’ll need to make sure you’re ready to jump, because that’s what you need to do to survive in this crazy cart runner!

Craft the best weaponry in Jacksmith!

Craft the best weaponry in Jacksmith!


Jacksmith is a unique adventure: you get to man the forge and craft out the best weapons for the local warriors to take to battle!

Design and craft swords, bows, shields and other weaponry by hand in the blacksmith shop and then travel the land to seek the help of the local warrior clans.

Whilst the warriors fight, you’ll need to collect ores and parts so you can make even better weapons, as well as helping out with your trusty cannon. Keep going towards the land of the evil wizard Dudley!

Make sure you don't hit the end of the line in Rail Rush!

Make sure you don’t hit the end of the line in Rail Rush!

Rail Rush

With over 10 million downloads on Android and iOS, you don’t need us to tell you Rail Rush is an awesome game!

In this free web version of the international mobile hit, you’ll travel into the depths of the mines in your cart. Collect as many gold nuggets as you can whilst avoiding the barriers and broken rail tracks which will lead you to an unfortunate fate.

You’ll need to be fast if you’re going to survive in this thrilling rail adventure, available on web, iOS and Android!

Fight the dragon in Dragon Castle!

Fight the dragon in Dragon Castle!

Dragon Castle

You’ll need to enter the Dragon Castle and rescue your friend from the evil dragon if you’re going to survive in this challenging adventuring platform puzzle game!

If you’re after an adventure game that requires you to think your way through each level, you should definitely try out Dragon Castle, which also includes six Miniclip awards you can unlock throughout the game.

Like all our top adventure games, Dragon Castle is free on

What’s your poison?

Those five adventure games are the best we could find and are guaranteed to keep you playing and coming back for hours and hours! Let us know which one’s your favourite in the comments below 🙂

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