8 Ball Pool Update 2.1.10

Earlier today, 18th March, we released an update to 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip. As well as introducing a new tier and some fixes, we also briefly tested something we’d like your feedback on. More information on that later, though. First off, these are the changes:

Let’s go Cairo!

One of the first things you’ll notice in the update is a new location is now available for both 1-on-1 matches and eight-player-tournaments: Cairo Kasbah.


Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had a lot of requests to introduce a new tier to the game which has a lower entry fee, and the Cairo Kasbah fits this description: with an entry fee of 250 Pool Coins for both 1-on-1 matches and tournaments, the Cairo tier slots in between the Sydney and Moscow locations. As with all other tournaments, if you win the Cairo tournament, you’ll unlock a unique new cue.

“Freeze hack” progress

A number of Pool players have been reporting issues with Pool where, especially in higher-tiered matches, the game “freezes” and their opponent is able to take advantage of this. We’ve been looking into this over the last couple of weeks and today’s update includes a fix for this “freeze hack”.

We’ll be continuing to monitor reports from players of the game freezing, so if you experience this, please let us know in the comments.

Guidelines change: what do you think?

We’re looking at changing the guidelines in 8 Ball Pool in order to add an extra layer of challenge to the game, and we’d like to hear your thoughts on doing this. A small number of players may have seen this change live on 8 Ball Pool earlier today, but currently there are no changes to the guidelines.

We’d like to change the guidelines for two reasons:

  • In order to address another “hack” we’ve seen reports of, where players are able to extend the guidelines permanently.
  • In order to address the problem of a high number of Denials at high-level play.

Changing the guidelines is potentially a huge change to the game so before we send out any changes, we’d like your feedback!

We’ve set up a survey, so tell us what you think here. We’ll take all feedback into account when deciding how to proceed with these changes, if at all. Please note –ย The survey is now closed

Thank you for playing Pool, and make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be kept up-to-date with all the details.

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  1. Firstly, thanks for the update and the solution of freeze hack ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love the new guidelines, as it gives a whole new challenge to the game. I played more carefully with them and generally enjoyed them more. So I’d like the shorter ones
    But as I see, some of lower-ranked players not being able to play properly. I’d suggest that you should put shorter guidelines on locations above sydney or Cairo and keep the long ones in london and sydney. This way both should be pleased. And only the actual good people would be able to play on high-level tourneys.

    • I agree whit Denial
      Some players consider this a hard way to make the game harder..
      The new guideline should be from Tokio-Vegas

    • First off thank you for a great game. Morning, noon or night (or in the middle of the night); I down for it. If 8 Ball Pool were an opiate; you can forget rehab – I’d be gone …

      First rule change s/b if you scratch at any point once you have only the 8 ball to pocket then you lose. This will cut back on the “Hail Mary” shots. Nevermind the fact the shot does not have to be called.

      2. Hacks should experience a greater penality than loss of turn should they blatently use your ball (or the 8 ball) first to make their shot, In addition to loss of turn, how about their ball gets put back on the table or the opponent gets to remove any two balls of his choice from the table. or the opponent gets two free shots? All I am saying is the MiniClip’s stance on hacks seems to be “it’s the nature of the beast” and unless it’s a major infraction it seems the existence of hacks are downplayed. My contention is you should hit them harder where it hurts – in the lose column. They lose the game, they lose their puupose, they lose their existence.

      3. It’s my opinon you have to be careful with rule changes when you are talking about changes being at some levels but not at others. Change perhaps the time between shots for instance at the higher levels. But at the lower levels it’s important players climbing the ladder learn through experience – by the same rules. The way I see it is there are two types of low level players – true rookies – (they need to learn the right way from day one) and veterens who are starting over. You change the rules by making it easier for them and you are putting their opponents a great disservice.

    • Denial-7 should be the Miniclip 8 Ball Pool Player Spokesman!!!! Genius and Logical…..Fair and Balanced….BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!

  2. well i guess im one of the people that was affected by the guideline change because there is barely a trial line. it is very difficult but it should be an option or dont do anything to them. and add chat I dont know why you cant do that it would make this game so much more entertaining.

  3. i think it would be great change, i also think one more thing should be changed in real pool you have to call the 8 ball sloping the 8 ball for a win is cheating

  4. hi! thanks for the solution to freeze hack..as i have undergone this quite a number of times((
    i m at No.144 ,..while playing in jakrta and toronto one on one games i have seen this freeze hack many times..when i finished the game the game freezes before the WINNER SCREEN comes..kindly fix this problem..thnks.

  5. well i didn’t really like the new guidelines because more difficult shots that already had little guidelines had absolutely 0 line.. which made the game incredibly annoying at points. i believe if you want players to continue playing you should keep the current guidelines and try to fix the permanent extension hack in some other way.
    Also. applying an extension to the new guidelines almost did nothing to it. just increased a TINY lil bit which was no help at all.

  6. No i disagree with the changes in guide lines. As with present guide lines one has to have good skills. I have played more than 2500 games. Still anticipation is required o few shots. Played 2 games on temporarily changed guide lines, it felt as though we r being denied to play the game. The other bug i have always reported is, when ever we play, a network problem is encountered, which is ofcourse not from user’s end, & the same affects my hard earned coins. If i m playin a 2500 coin priced game i loose 1000 coins, without even completing the game, because of a bug. Also there has to be a systematic approach to decide on who’s going to break the first shot. The game certainly can’t decide. Out of 10 games i get only 1 shot. That too i m playing on level 22, & i m up against stalwarts of 50+. So i feel being treated unfairly. If there are hacking problems which is quite understandable on online gaming, then why should others suffer to avoid hacking engineered by few users.

  7. keep displaying top 3 winners in a week .
    top 3 who potted more balls.
    top 3 whose winning avg is higher….etc
    it creates a competition

  8. I saw this change of the guidelines today – it was more of a fade-away look (which was pretty cool), but much, much harder to make the shots. Nevertheless, great update and can’t wait for any future updates!

  9. Hi There, Good thing you guys do something about the freeze hack. I understood this is only voor the PC version. I play on both. PC aswell on my mobile device (android). I hope there will be a an update for andoid soon too. Only tonight I lost more than 2600 coins just by connection problems on my mobile device and my wifi connection here is excelent.

  10. Good thing “Cairo Kasbah” well done. I agree on Denial-7 about the longer and shorter guidelines.
    I was wondering same as Angelo Musto if there will be an update for the android version. Cairo Kasbah should be availible there too and also the Tournament is still NOT open.

  11. the new cairo kasbah is wonderful and please dont change the guidlines because this change is not good for our game

  12. Hi Alex Bro . can you told me how i can up my ranks is it possible up ranks with out playing game ?
    and i saw some players just won 8500 coins and his rank is Master can explain !
    some players have buy your top gear expensive cue how . he did’nt earned alots of coins up of 1000000 coin he just earned 10000 ? Thank You

    • I agree with this, because I’ve seen too.
      there are players who only have a few coinsย  but the ranking is a Veteran.??
      and he finished Top Gear awards??

  13. miniclip is superb in games but may I request to add this in symbian os for nokia. Mobile are not included in your list why? Android phones and Iphones are only available in your games can u pls include symbian. i much appreciated if you include symbian to operate miniclips games. thanks and more power…

  14. you should allow people to chat with who they are playing, cause the comments are boring!! a million times saying the same thing bites the big one.

  15. Hi..
    I will STRONGLYYYYY…… OPPOSE the decision of changing guidelines….. I played few games with the Fainted guideline and it was so annoying to play the game that i left it……..I am at level 51 and and know a little bit about playing but even Grand Masters were playing with Frustration…..
    I appreciate the decision of reverting and take feedback from players…….
    Plz donot change the guidelines as it will take away all the charm of the Game…….

  16. You should share tables every player who reached for example 15 or 25 level because people like playing with their friends on some good table. Do not cange anything else…Thanks!

  17. I think removing guide lines its a mistake for miniclip beacause it will turn this game to difficult, with less users. I see the ranks by % of wins, I have 64,8% with 600 tournaments and my rank is Master…its a pleasure to take ‘Vips’ to the last row ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. I experienced the freeze hack too, twice yesterday. I also felt strongly that the tournament was not judged fairly as I lost 3 times eventhough I played well and responded using the provided templates. Please look into how the wins are awarded and explain to the loser step-by-step how the decision was reached.

  19. Lower skilled players don’t like the guidelines but I agree with most that the upper level games should have them and be a little more challanging.

  20. i would like to see the ratings change a little, a player should not be a master or even an expert if the player dose not maintain a win percentage of at least 60 percent. thanks for listening…

  21. I will be more addicted to this game if we can challenge all online players because lot of players want to prove that he is the best.and make a list of standings everyday and post it on your wall and under its name is the person that we defeat.

    • How about a location/tournement in which anything goes?. You bet what you want and the computer matches you with a similar or clse as possible bet. Hey it could be coins, but it could be I’ll play ya for that cue.haha

  22. I am level 50 and have won the Cairo Kasbah trophy and won a few Cairo Kasbah poolroom games – but I have not won the Cairo Pals or The Cairo Yarn trophies. How can I win them?

  23. I’d rather like to see a new tier for 5000 entry fee. (:
    Also, currently higher leveled players aren’t getting 2 cairos awards for unlocking 1vs1 and tournament.

  24. please make a snooker game based on the same template as “8 ball pool”.it will be a great success, i believe.

  25. Not sure the update to resolve the freeze has worked. I have had a few games, especially at Las Vegas level where the game has frozen and Ive ended up losing. I have currently lost approx 100k by other exploiting this. As has been mentioned earlier, I think the guidelines should be in direct reflection of rank. IE reducing the length of guidelines as your ranking increases. this would enable player to improve and make games between vastly different ranks fairer.

  26. I played a friend yesterday and he had heaps of comments like “Sweet” ‘Nice break” “Watch me” etc. Where did he get them? I want them too!

  27. In my opinion (if there’s anyone out there reading this ) the guideline mechanics are wrong but understandable. The games guideline is based on how straight/wide your shot is and thats it, but anyone who plays pool for real understands that its better to be closer to the object ball, as a long pot is much harder in general that a much shorter pot. And also its usually good to leave an angle on the pot as its easier to position the shot to the next ball to be pockted, therefore the game should be more about positional play rather than playing tip-tap from one side of the table to another.
    So what im trying to say is that the closer you are to the ball to be pockted the longer the guideline should be. For example you could have 9 levels of guidelines, one for each foot of the table, if the maximum shot is approximately 9ft (from one corner to another).
    In terms of angles, just because you have a slight angle you shouldn’t be punished, but if you have a shot which you have to cut back and have to use lots of cue power then you should be punished, in the same way as I worked out the guidelines in long shots, should be done on agled shots.
    If the maximum angled shot you can play is 100degrees (im just guessing at this) then you could have a certain length of guideline for every 25degrees of angle of difficulty.
    Hope that made sense. also I would the cues in the pool shop assorted by price and also stating how long the guidelines are for that particular cue and others features.
    There are a few other changes/alterations I would like to make. For example a one-on-one or tournament where youy play the best of 3 or 5 frames. in one frame anyone can win… which can be annoying.

  28. I have played the Cairo game and enjoyed it because it was different but when that “hand” came out to move the cue ball in a tournament, I got annoyed! Some people would say that it is only a game but I don’t look at it like that. I look at it as a “stratagey game” that involves trying to get myself up to another level and against a worthy opponent. There ARE some out there who really are but there is only a small minority of them and it is a shame. Playing one on one, fair enough to bring out the hand but in a tournament it should not be a part of it but an honest attempt which makes playing against worthy opponents exceptional especially with the energy, enthusiasm, motivation to strive and better yourself which also leads to the loss of that game an experience and a half that makes you determine to come back for more!! Anyway, that is my only comment so thank you for letting me express myself.

    • The “hand” is used to show your opponent has “ball in hand” due to you fouling. It is part of the game.

  29. I’ve been playing 8 ball for a number of months now on both my mobile and desk top. I was wondering why when you beat a Grandmaster, you do not get the achievements award. I currently have beaten seven Grandmasters on both systems and neither show the award a being won.

  30. i have noticed lately that newcomers seem to pull off impossible pots, the last game i played, the cue ball after hitting off 2 balls screwed back off a third ball and into the pocket, which lost me a final. please explain the physics of this shot!!!! I play real pool in my local all my life and this is just impossible, get it right please!!!!!!!

    • Recently have had opponents to make all 7 striped balls on break then end up with straight shot on 8 ball. How is this possable? Especially when player has less than to games played and ranked 12 or higher. Beek like cheating .

  31. Playing on Android, annoyed when the game randomly chooses the wrong table. I hit Las Vegas, where I play most of my games, and on the point of selecting an opponent the game will sometimes change to Jakarta or even Toronto at the last moment. This has cost me thousands!

  32. moscow black ball flashing is you have to press it too many times before it actually works and game freezes and doesnt position the aim accurately enough before time runs out. needs fixing.

  33. Latest update to this game has cost me 3 high stake games where I lost almost 15, 000 coins. There is an issue with the screen fliping when I’m trying to line up my shot. Also if that isn’t annoying enough then my cue freezes and gives ball in hand to my opponent. Which results in my losing the game. If this is corrected soon I will delete this game as it has gone from being the best virtual pool game experience to the worst.

  34. Lost roughly 100k during one match in Tokyo, along with a bunch of “powers” some of these which I have purchased with my own money… I absolutely love this game but I’m also aware of the fact that there are hackers out there… if you can do something to rectify the situation it would be greatly appreciated… although I have not and will not make any negative comments, I hope you can fix my issue because I work hard to get my money up to where was and it was just taken away from me in an instant…

  35. My cue pole freezes up and the bar, on me when playing, so I will loose my shot.
    Also how do players get such high amount of coin, like in the millions
    Getting very frustrated, used to win a lot and now hardly ever don’t know why

  36. Here 8 Ball Pool is not working on Nokia XL. We have installed all new and previous ve versions of this game but no any can run on this device. So its my humble request to you plz fix this problem… thanks…

  37. Any idea why cannot i challenge anyone in sydney?? Cannot find sydney in my game using samsung galaxy note 2.

  38. During the game my cue freezes until my time is up then the game continues two or three turns and dose it again

    • I share your pain bill. Certainly miniclip dose not cause this, however when this and lost connections, (etc) happen players should not be charged with a loss.

    • The games freezes every game I play. I lose my shot because of time issue.

      Can time machine not be made to recognize that you are frozen out, and stop also?

  39. First off I lose connection which is bull I have fiber optic connection the support does not respond I lost 15 games in a row. Which is impossible they need too fix it stop the Game when u freeze or have a accept or decline when u get a player

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