Sketch Star

Here at Miniclip we are sad to announce that on April 16th 2013, Sketch Star will be closing and will no longer be available to users after this date.

To ensure that you don’t lose any of your work, we recommend that you download your animations as soon as possible from the animation watching page. All you need to do to save it is click on the Download button below the animation! If you have any problems doing this, please let us know by contacting


Sketch Star has been a wonderful part of the Miniclip site for several years now. We have had over 1 million animations published in the past two years; however, it is a huge product that requires a lot of maintenance, constant moderation and lots of care that, unfortunately, we are no longer able to provide.

Despite continued development and innovation the Sketch Star fan base has been decreasing slowly for the last year. It has been a hard decision but it’s time for us to put Sketchy to bed.

We’re very attached to Sketchy and the community that has built around him. However currently there are no plans to bring Sketch Star back in any form. That said, we will be keeping the code in a safe place and, if the right idea or opportunity comes along, then he may be woken up once again.

Miniclip’s focus has always been games – and whilst Sketch Star is a fantastic tool and has been a wonderful experience for us (and hopefully you) – we now want to focus on our core strengths, the things that make us great! We’re really sorry about any disappointment, and hope that you stick around to see our future projects.

We’ve put together this video with some of our favourite Sketch Star animations over the last couple of years. We hope you enjoy:

Update 3/4/13: further to the news above, we would like to announce that on 8th April 2013 Sketch Star creator is going to be removed so that we can process any pending animations. Please ensure that all animations are completed before this date.