Wartune: Free “Newcomer Pack” Codes

One of the top games on Miniclip recently has been, Wartune, a super-awesome turn-based strategy MMO which featuring epic boss battles, a huge skill customisation system and daily events and rewards. Sounds good, huh?

To get you started with Wartune, we’ve got a bunch of free codes for the Newcomer Pack to give away!

The Newcomer Pack includes a bunch of awesome stuff:

  • Moderate HP Pack x1: Provides 100,000 HP when used
  • Bullhorn (Small) x3 Level 2 : allows you to send messages in world chat
  • Luck Stone x4 : this item improves your chance to enchant an item
  • Skeleton Key x1: Used to open Mystery Boxes
  • Manaso Band x2 : gear item
  • Mithril Necklace x1: gear item

We want to give you a free code, so to get yours, just send Miniclip a message on Facebook which says “I WANT ONE!” and we’ll message you back with a code! Only one code can be used per account, and the giveaway expires 10/4/13 (10th April 2013), so get messaging Miniclip! Please note the Wartune codes offer has now expired.

How to redeem your code

Once you’ve got your code for the Wartune Newcomer Pack, you just need to redeem the code in-game.

You’ll need to finish the tutorial before you can redeem the code, so after that, just click “Event Prizes” in the top right, enter in your code and then click “Exchange”.

Your code will then get mailed to you.

And then, all you need to do is enjoy your awesome new Wartune gear! Have fun playing 🙂