8 Ball Pool Community Challenge: #1

We love seeing the things 8 Ball Pool players create when playing, whether it’s an awesome trickshot or artwork created with Pool balls, and we love sharing those creations on the 8 Ball Pool Facebook page!

A creation Pool player Ana recently sent us!

A creation Pool player Ina recently sent us!

We’ve had some awesome stuff sent to us recently, and we share as much as we can, but we want to open up the process and give everyone the opportunity to create something worthy of being shared with the 5+ million fans of the 8 Ball Pool Facebook page!

What you need to do

We want you to play with a friend by either using the “Play Friends” mode on Miniclip.com or “Challenge Friends” on Facebook, and then work together to arrange the balls so that they create a figure-of-eight.

Once you’ve created your figure-of-eight, take a screenshot and send it to us using the form below! We’ll then take the best four creations and ask 8 Ball Pool fans to vote for which one they think is the best. The creators of the winning image will both receive 100,000 Pool Coins and a real life Pool cue each.

The shortlist of the four best creations will be judged on difficulty of set up, artistic flair and overall merit.


  • All images must be created by playing against a friend using the “Play Friends”/”Challenge Friends” modes, not in for-Coins 1-on-1 or tournament play.
  • The use of “alt” accounts is permitted, but this may negatively affect “difficulty of set up”, and only one prize will be awarded should an image created by one person win.
  • Creations may not be manipulated or edited.
  • The decision of the Miniclip Team is final.

Send us your entries!

Submit your screenshots using this form! You’ve got until 23rd April to send us entries, so be quick! Please also note the rules above; all entries and entrants must adhere to the rules. The content is now over – congratulations to the winners

Reminder: your entries must be creating a figure of eight with the Pool balls!

Good luck! Keep an eye on the 8 Ball Pool Facebook page to see if you make it onto the shortlist 🙂