Gravity Guy 2: Gravitech Bureau of Badly Kept Secrets


In a world where the laws of gravity were broken, one brave guy was held captive for defying gravity’s rules. Held on a space ship, his DNA was collected and he was cloned as part of an evil plan to organize dangerous races across his once-free world. He was cloned so the race could always be restarted.

The following is a selection of diary entries recovered from one of the Guys.

Dear diary...

Dear diary…

Year 2314, April 23rd, 11:59am – Lunch Break

The other scientists have left already. I don’t blame them. Today we had a bit of a… problem.

One of the test subjects went on a crazed rant. “You are the real subjects!”, he shouted.

He then turned his pants into a hat and passed out.

Even though the rest of the team didn’t think much of it, I felt uneasy.

Somehow I feel like we shouldn’t all look the same.


Don’t over-rate cleanliness.

Year 2314, April 29th, 10:12pm – Brushing My Teeth

There I was, in the bathroom, wearing my Standard Issued Pyjamas, brushing my Standard Issued Teeth with my Standard Issued Toothbrush, when it hit me…

None of them were mine! They all belonged to the Guy next door. I wouldn’t even have noticed if it wasn’t for the weird flavour in my mouth.

This is all getting too suspicious for my taste!



Year 2314, May 2nd, 8:30am – Wake Up Call

This morning I got a call from the cafeteria Girl. She was a bit edgy and sounded awfully nervous. I told her to cut back on the coffee, it’s clearly doing her no good!

She kept mentioning how special I was. How I was nothing like the other Guys. How I smiled.

Then… she paused, and said:

“There’s no time to explain! I’ve sent you a cake with something inside. Use it!”

She hung up.

How am I supposed to use cake?



Year 2314, May 8nd, 14:31pm – Turn Of Events

I had never seen such a delicious looking cake in my life! Now that I think of it, I didn’t even know what cake looked like…

Can you imagine my surprise when, while devouring that godly cake, I bite down on a Gravity Switch and my whole room gets turned upside down? It’s not fun when you have an indoor bathroom!

I really do not understand the gravity of this situation. However, I will try to make a run for it!

P.S.: Thank you for all the cake.


Gravity Guy 2 is out now on Windows Phone, Android, and also available on iOS.