Bow Master Japan: Tips & Tricks

Bow Master Japan, the latest in the highly popular Bow Master series, takes you to Japan, on the eve of the country’s Great War. This adds a newfound sense of urgency to the game; you’ll need to hone your kyudo archery skills before they’re needed in battle.

Bow Master is tough, so to help you out we’ve put together some tips and tricks. Let’s get going!

1. Take aim… shoot!


You’ll score highest by hitting the red centers of the targets, so always try and hit the middle. You’ll also gain either a 500, 200 or  100 point Fast Shot bonus if you shoot quick (depending how quick you are), so take aim and shoot right away!

2. Keep your cool


Each level needs to be completed before the timer runs out, so make sure you work out your shots so that you don’t run out of time. If you get down to the last fifteen seconds, a “Hurry Up!!” message will show.

Don’t let this put you off; keep your cool and make those last seconds count so that you complete the round.

3. Red dots unlock


Can’t see where you need to shoot next? Look out for the small red dots. Hit them, and an event will be triggered which will give you access to the rest of the targets in the level.

4. Shoot for the sky… with care


Take particular care when shooting at floating targets which are some distance away. Watch the flight of the target and track its movements, and shoot when you’re confident you’re going to hit. You may need to aim higher to compensate for the pull of gravity.

5. Hit the fan


In some levels you’ll need to shoot a red target which will then open up a second fanned target. You need to be very quick when shooting the second target as it closes almost immediately, so be quick!

6. Watch the target


The moving targets can be especially difficult to hit if you’re not careful. The trick to hitting these is to watch for patterns in the targets’ movements and only shoot when you’re sure you’re going to hit. It’s better to take extra time and care hitting with one shot than losing the round after missing five.

7. Watch out for obstacles


And finally… even if you’re watching the movement of the target, your shot could be scuppered by an obstacle sticking itself in the way. Make sure  you’re looking out for anything that could get in the way of your shot!

High scores; get awards


Now that you know all of the tricks you’re going to need to beat all the levels in Bow Master Japan, get playing and see if you can get all three of the game’s awards! You’ll need over 110,000 points to earn the gold award, so make sure you hit the centers of those targets! If you’re in need of further help, check out this video.


Good luck, and share any tips you know with us in the comments 🙂