8 Ball Pool on iOS & Android updated!

Today we’re very excited to announce the release of a long-awaited update to 8 Ball Pool on iOS and Android, which brings the mobile versions of Pool up to versions 1.1 on iOS and 1.2 on Android. The update is the latest in a series of updates we’ve introduced since the game launched at the end of February.

We’ve got details on what’s in the update, as well as what you can look forward to in the future. Let’s get to it!

Spin & Win


The big new feature you’re going to notice is the introduction of “Spin & Win”, which replaces the Daily Bonus. You’ll get one free spin every day, and as the name suggests, you’re guaranteed to win something. Prizes range from varying amounts of Pool Coins (the highest number you can win is 50,000!) to an exclusive Lucky 8 Cue (which can’t be purchased) to powerups.

Should you wish to, you’re able to purchase extra spins of the Spin & Win wheel as in-app purchases.

Also introducing…

The update also has some other new features and bug fixes. As well as introducing Spin & Win, we’ve also added Twitter integration, so you’ll be able to share your Pool achievements with your followers.

On the bug fixes front, the issue where the cue ball could not be moved before breaking has been fixed (sorry about that!), and we’ve also made some general performance improvements which improve the efficiency with which the game runs on your device.

Tournaments coming next

Behind the scenes we’ve been working away on some improvements to our servers to ensure they’ll be able to handle running more matches, and with that work nearing completion, we can now confirm that the next big update to 8 Ball Pool on mobile is going to introduce tournaments to the game.

We’re still going to need some time to work out the technical side of this, so there’s no ETA yet, but if you like the 8 Ball Pool Facebook page or follow @8ballpool on Twitter we’ll make sure you’re kept up to date.