8 Ball Pool Community Update: #3

Welcome! This is the third edition of your monthly 8 Ball Pool update, and as always we’ve got all the details about what has been added to the game in the last month, as well as insight into what’s coming up in the future.

The Lucky 8 Cue is the rarest in the game!

The Lucky 8 Cue is the rarest in the game!

There’s lots to tell you about this month, so let’s get to it!

Improvements coming to Spin & Win

The much anticipated Spin & Win feature debuted at the start of this month, first on mobile and then on web versions of 8 Ball Pool. In place of the Daily Bonus, you now get one free spin of the wheel every day, with prizes ranging from 1 to 50,000 Pool Coins to an exclusive cue and powerups.

The Spin & Win has thus far been well received and adds a bit of excitement the first time you load up the game every day. There’s room for improvement, though: in order to make sure a larger variety of prizes are given out, we’ll be adding some extra values of Pool Coins to the prize pot, and we’re also working on some new cues which will be exclusive to the Spin & Win.

We’d love to get your feedback on the Spin & Win and how we can improve it further; let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Share your achievements!

Share your achievements!

Server-side fixes

As mentioned last month, putting a stop to exploits which allow players to unfairly advantage themselves has been a huge priority for us recently. We’re very pleased to announce this week a number of changes have been introduced which will go a long way to ensuring honest players are able to enjoy a fair playing environment.

We’ve tightened security of the game both server side and client side; the measures we’ve taken are going to either eliminate current hacks or make them vastly harder to carry out. We’ll be continuing to monitor the situation, and further action will be taken as and when necessary.

Share the Pool love… get Pool Coins!

If you play 8 Ball Pool on Facebook you’ll have noticed you’re offered the opportunity to share your achievements with your friends after reaching certain milestones (such as reaching 50,000 Pool Coins or leveling up), buying something in the Pool Shop or winning something on the Spin & Win.

Share your achievements and your friends can get free Pool Coins!

Share your achievements and your friends can get free Pool Coins!

This feature is a great way for you to share the best 8 Ball Pool game around with your friends, and to add a little extra incentive for them to play, we’re soon going to be offering Pool Coins to the first five of your friends who click on the link and start playing.

You get to impress your friends with your Pool achievements, and they get some free Pool Coins! Everybody wins with this one 🙂

Also in the works

  • Work is continuing on bringing tournaments to the mobile version of 8 Ball Pool! We’re close to finishing up development and now need to test everything thoroughly, so look out for an update to the mobile game in around a month.
  • With Facebook Credits being discontinued, we’re going to be replacing the use of both Miniclip Credits and Facebook Credits with a new currency, Pool Cash. You should see the new currency in the near future.
  • A frequent request has been to add “free chat” to Pool. This isn’t currently on the roadmap; it’d be extremely challenging to ensure the game offered a safe playing environment, and we feel we can improve the game better elsewhere. We are exploring other options, however, including adding additional sayings to the current chat. We’ll keep you updated.

That’s it for this month’s update! For up-to-the-minute Pool news, make sure you’re following @8ballpool on Twitter and like our Facebook page. Thanks for playing 🙂