8 Ball Pool Community Update: #3

Welcome! This is the third edition of your monthly 8 Ball Pool update, and as always we’ve got all the details about what has been added to the game in the last month, as well as insight into what’s coming up in the future.

The Lucky 8 Cue is the rarest in the game!

The Lucky 8 Cue is the rarest in the game!

There’s lots to tell you about this month, so let’s get to it!

Improvements coming to Spin & Win

The much anticipated Spin & Win feature debuted at the start of this month, first on mobile and then on web versions of 8 Ball Pool. In place of the Daily Bonus, you now get one free spin of the wheel every day, with prizes ranging from 1 to 50,000 Pool Coins to an exclusive cue and powerups.

The Spin & Win has thus far been well received and adds a bit of excitement the first time you load up the game every day. There’s room for improvement, though: in order to make sure a larger variety of prizes are given out, we’ll be adding some extra values of Pool Coins to the prize pot, and we’re also working on some new cues which will be exclusive to the Spin & Win.

We’d love to get your feedback on the Spin & Win and how we can improve it further; let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Share your achievements!

Share your achievements!

Server-side fixes

As mentioned last month, putting a stop to exploits which allow players to unfairly advantage themselves has been a huge priority for us recently. We’re very pleased to announce this week a number of changes have been introduced which will go a long way to ensuring honest players are able to enjoy a fair playing environment.

We’ve tightened security of the game both server side and client side; the measures we’ve taken are going to either eliminate current hacks or make them vastly harder to carry out. We’ll be continuing to monitor the situation, and further action will be taken as and when necessary.

Share the Pool love… get Pool Coins!

If you play 8 Ball Pool on Facebook you’ll have noticed you’re offered the opportunity to share your achievements with your friends after reaching certain milestones (such as reaching 50,000 Pool Coins or leveling up), buying something in the Pool Shop or winning something on the Spin & Win.

Share your achievements and your friends can get free Pool Coins!

Share your achievements and your friends can get free Pool Coins!

This feature is a great way for you to share the best 8 Ball Pool game around with your friends, and to add a little extra incentive for them to play, we’re soon going to be offering Pool Coins to the first five of your friends who click on the link and start playing.

You get to impress your friends with your Pool achievements, and they get some free Pool Coins! Everybody wins with this one ๐Ÿ™‚

Also in the works

  • Work is continuing on bringingย tournaments to the mobile version of 8 Ball Pool! We’re close to finishing up development and now need to test everything thoroughly, so look out for an update to the mobile game in around a month.
  • With Facebook Credits being discontinued, we’re going to be replacing the use of both Miniclip Credits and Facebook Credits with a new currency, Pool Cash. You should see the new currency in the near future.
  • A frequent request has been to add “free chat” to Pool. This isn’t currently on the roadmap; it’d be extremely challenging to ensure the game offered a safe playing environment, and we feel we can improve the game better elsewhere. We are exploring other options, however, including adding additional sayings to the current chat. We’ll keep you updated.

That’s it for this month’s update! For up-to-the-minute Pool news, make sure you’re following @8ballpool on Twitterย and like our Facebook page. Thanks for playing ๐Ÿ™‚

133 replies

  1. i like the spin to win. but as of last nite i can’t access the game. it won’t let me skip advertisement. help !!

  2. i have noticed since you have put the slot machine for daily challenge it only pays out small amounts 250 at most

  3. grandbilliards offered a chat and it was abused by many. I would prefer more one liners that are not abusive. I also do not understand much about the spin, power, cues, etc how do you get them?

  4. The daily spin feature is fun but I would remove the extra spin option from what you can win. It is kind of pointless as you just get another spin.

    Also I would consider steps to make it more challenging for advanced players, for example on some tables to could remove the sight lines. A ruler makes it really easy to line up your shots from the sight lines when playing the game.

  5. this is great news glad to hear of the improvments to this game it is addicting but fun and the people that make themselves hard as heck to beat glad to hear this will stop as well and as far as the chat part I agree with having it as long as its not abused which will not happen due to my wife had an issue with another game in which she quit playing people are inconsiderate as hell and deserve better when playing a game thanks 8 ball pool for the updates greatly appreciated,…………………

  6. Better to have option we can see the matches of other player playing the same tournament, option to see the matches of our friends while they are playing….. live chat. etc etc etc..

  7. Love the upgrades so far. I would also love to see an option for full screen, as it would make it easier for us older folks to see it

  8. Why has the table size gotten smaller on regular computer screens since the Mobile add on? This makes no sense to me.

  9. 1. no free chat – that would be annoying and a looot of people would abuse it. instead, put some new phrases like: “no problem”, “nooo”, “don’t steel my balls, douchebag” or some softer version of that… etc.
    2. please, please, please, let me use my table for tournaments. red one in tokyo tournament is just awful. moscow’s too. i believe, until recently, i had the option to use my own tables but it’s gone… /:
    3. spin is great idea, thank you for that but like someone said, extra spin is pointless. and it seems to me that i only get 100 and 250. i can almost predict which one is going to be next. i’m sure you can tweak this so we could get more random stuff.
    4. can i get my money back when your server kicks me for no reason between matches?

    thanks and keep up with the improvements!

  10. My son introduced me to 8 Ball Mini pool.. I love the game and have accumalted many coins, and he has not.. I want him to play more. How can I share some of my points to his account ? When I play against him in challenges it can not be done because there are coins to be won or lost… Thank You

  11. i want bigger tournaments like 32 player o even 64 (registration for tournament would be alowed for 10 minutes or 5 minutes for players to register) It would be cool if you alow some tournaments just on weekends, also make ranking table for players to know how they are doing

  12. I think that players should be able to create their own chat bubbles that can be used along with the existing set of chat bubbles. Give the player, say 3 extra that can be customized. Make it so that every chat bubble created must be approved by miniclip.com and/or content filtering software. Make it so the game must access servers located in the miniclip.com domain in order to approve a chat bubble. Encrypt each bubble to ensure the approved bubbles can’t be changed after approved.
    Sounds like a lot but if ensuring a clean and friendly chat environment is paramount, I think this is the best way.

  13. Thank you so much for addressing the problem with exploits in the game. Nothing worse than to lose to someone that has no skill & needs to use a cheat.

    Someone had a good idea of removing the aiming guidelines. Like the called shot feature that was added recently to the 250 coin & higher tournament tables. These tables could also have no aiming guidelines. I really like playing the single player version on expert mode (no aiming guidelines) as it’s far more challenging.

  14. how about eliminating the time limit when aiming for shots. so long as the persons mouse is in motion shows they haven’t abandoned the game.

  15. i try my level best to get as many pool coins as possible but the machine allots the prize 250 at most only… let me tell you one i thing i am a good player but sometimes i play bad and loose all of my coins ….. for which i just wait for 24 hours just to try my luck on machine but it fails me there…. i hope you understand and help not just me your all 8 ball pool supporters.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. how do u play against a friend u request on facebook? We click play against friends when we do it only gives a invite and nothing happens. I just want to play with friends and cant.

    • I’ve run into that same problem. Have a friend who requested to play a game with me and when I click on it, nothing happens. I’ve also noticed I don’t have a “Play With Friends” option on my main screen for 8 ball pool. Why is that?

  17. How about the 8ball on the break as a win? I live in PA and always use that rule. Also 3 consecutive misses giving the opponent ball in hand to win a match would be a great option. If not for the amateur then for the advanced player. You could even request that option of play before the game starts. Finally, if you could request a player by username would be a great addition. There are many times I play someone who I wish I can play again. Other than that the game is truly awesome. I play every day.

  18. Everything is cool in spin & win but before few days I got another spin for each spin I used and when I closed the spin and win and then closed the tab and when I came later I havent any spins left (after several spins won and used the one should left that I won at the and) I’m not sad about that one spin left, I was bored for pulling the spin and winning a new spin all the time so if it is a bug please look at it, It’s a big annoying. And please make more multiplayer games that I don’t need to re sign up

  19. Make it so that where you strategically leave the ball on the cushion or near another ball results in limited area to add spin to the cueball!

  20. 1) I would like to see you extend the rules feature please. The games are too boring with one set of rules, and I’m sick of players who basically do a break off on each shot and get fluky pots. Call pocket on each shot, and call position on each shot would be nice additions for those that actually win using strategy and not “hit and hope for the best”. You could turn off the time limit in the options as well. I hate the “no balls hit the rail” rule when you make a perfectly good snooker too. Have a “no Guidelines” mode lol. Anyone who canplay consitently well without the help of those guidelines is the best player lol. Basically give us an option to toggle on/off what rules we want to play with…not everyone likes the same rules just saying we need some variety.

    2) A versus feature to choose who you match up against would be nice too. Vs 1-10, vs 10-20, vs 20-30 (etc), vs anyone. Its no fun every time you play the london pub, or marina bar tourneys (lowest two), and see level 60s+.

    3) A chat feature would be nice. I think this is possible to do and make safe btw. it would be far better than a bunch of words which at the moment don’t convey every thing you feel. By the way at the moment there is a bug on certain laptops (crap ones like mine) if you try to chat with your friends the game screen goes mental and cant handle it. Please fix this if you can

    4) Include a feature to watch other peoples matches in the tournament if you won and are waiting around. with the ability to use the messages (or chat function if you make one)

    5) Record/Rank…make this more detailed please. Balls potted in nominated pocket. Balls landed in nominated position. Shot pot/miss ratio. Average clear up time. Average ball pot streak. Number of times losing finalist in a competition. etc etc get creative on this one lol

    6) Sound effects and music. Needs more sound effects on certain actions, and music would be a nice addition (ability to be toggled on/off of course)

    7) Make a snooker version of your game!

  21. 8) Ability to send your friends pool gifts please. Like coins, spins, cues. ON that note give us 5 daily spins when we log in please. The daily spin feature is cool and youre right it adds a bit of fun and excitement to each time you play but 1 spin seriously? I agree that the extra spin is kinda pointless too as someone pointed out

    9) Bring back the practice mode please for when you burn your coins but wanna carry on playing. Not everyone burns real money on IAPs

  22. hi miniclip sorry for bothering you but do you know the date for the mobile update for the tournaments?



  23. updated tournament (coming soon until when?)
    nice idea above of user neil mccluskey.
    spin and win more percentage de earnings upper.
    I’m tired of winning 1 power or 100~500coins every day
    getting a chance to run only once per day -‘- increase to two would be cool

  24. hi there i need some help regarding 8 ball pool by miniclip
    i play the game on my laptop and was having 240000 coins
    but there were some issues with my laptop and i have to install new windows on my laptop
    but after reinstalling the windows, i am unable to play the game as there are no pool coins left, the coins balance is 0, but the game is showing my rank, total earnings, time played etc fine. anyone tells me how can i get my coins back
    any help will be appreciated

    • Malik, Below the screen click ” Help” you will to promted to ask your question.. You will recieve an e-mail hopefully with the answer to your question…Good Luck.

  25. i sometimes want to play just for 100 pool coins, but as more wins i have,and as more pool coins i have, you pressure me to play for higher amounts..and i need to click a lot of times to get to the 100 screen, can your system be smarter and after one time or two show me in default the screen i mostly play so i won’t need to click many times to access each game?

    • Iโ€™m also looking for this solution, couldnโ€™t find anywhere!! ๐Ÿ™ There should be a default game-prize setting.

      I usually play 8-ball pool 20K-coins games the most, and have to click 5/6 times after each and every game/match to start another, and if its thousands of matches, how awfully painfully counter-productive this thing can getโ€ฆ. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

      Although this 8-ball most likely is the best one available among the others on internetโ€ฆtill nowโ€ฆ I wish they improve these things.

  26. why cant I see my friends so I can invite them to a challenge, how can this be fixed or what can i do to be able to see them. I love this game, my all time favorite but have many friends whom i love to play with but havent been able to do the inviting for over a week now

  27. I LOVE this game – check out how many times Ive played it haha – and IMHO the BEST new option would be to be able to SPECTATE current games. Without a doubt 90% of the code is already there and if you feel the need to monetarise it – I get that – you could charge some coins per game spectated. I bet you a million coins I’m not the first person to suggest that ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Since Saturday I haven’t been able to play, it loads up then after 37 seconds it disconnects and then reconnects. Also it will not update my stats, coins, games played etc, it just shows “updating” then again disconnect and reconnects. It was working fine even after the latest update until Saturday when an hour after playing I wanted to play again but it wouldn’t work. I am using galaxy note 2, 4.1.1. As I said I don’t understand why one minute it’s om and then it’s not!, I have also uninstalled and reinstalled and also tried to log in on another phone but still not working, any ideas? It must be a fault their end

  29. I can’t change my cue In game while playing.
    I use to change it before. I know it is your update but try to fix your problem soon please ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. It should be known if there is a free shot, after a weak shot of the opponent , before calling a pocket and not after!

  31. I would like to see a small numerical power scale appear when drawing the cue back. I.e from 0% to 100% power depending on distance moved back. It’d improve accuracy.

  32. Often when in a game it simpy says my time ran out when it’s nowhere near close to run out and the other player wins regardless of the number of balls remaining.

    • I hate it in a tournament when it says time has run out and time is nowhere near running out and you automatically lose the game. This is an awful bug in the program and it ruins tournament play and it really ticks me off. Please fix this and respond to this question. It’s been posed before. Otherwise mini Pool is a fantastic game and I spend entirely too much time playing it.

  33. hi..i have recently changed my profile picture on facebook..but in 8 ball pool my latest pictire is not visible while playing it even when logged in through facebook..help..please..my friends are able to see my picture however i see old picture for me as well as my friend..

  34. Hello, if you can help me.. I am trying 2 days to play with a friend at MiniClip ”8 ball pool multilayer” but we can’t found each other because it always says ”No players are online with that name try again”

  35. Is there a way to donate/offer chips to fellow players when their status says “I need more coins”, just like donating chips in poker? That feature would be great. Also if you could add a private chat option between the two players just like how yahoo pool games had, it would be fantastic.Finally, how do I add a pic to my profile? Overall, I am very impressed with this game and I totally appreciate your work.

  36. it has been weeks now since i linked my facebook account into this game but until now my picture still does not appear on my account. i deleted the application and re installed it a lot of times already. i logged in and out my account for a thousand times already but i still have that question marked picture on my account. what do i do??????????????????????

  37. I’ve been playing as a guest and want to create a miniclip I’d but it always says unable to create account. I’d like to keep my collected coins and % wins. Thanks

  38. i want tp put my picture again on 8 baal but there is no option like avatar so sad pls help me up and put back my picture tell me how to do it

  39. sometimes after a game, and I’d have already used my daily spin, but still get another daily spin. Yesterday I got 3(including the initial one) spin and win. How is that ?

  40. Just today, the Slot Machine started when I pulled the handle, but the dial for prizes didn’t move. Only the Lights were flashing, & No prize was awarded, so I lost my free spin!!! Oh well, must be a glitch…

  41. I usually don’t give feedback on things unless asked, but I must on this game. I play this game on my tablet and galaxy s4 and I must say it’s been one of the most enjoyable game to pass time with; however it needs some updates. I love the free spin feature… But for me it’s broke. When it comes up it say next spin 0h 0m 0s and even as it says free spin I am asked to purchase spins when I try to spin the wheel. Also I believe the game is a little too easy.. And I think some of the rules are a bit off from official pool Guidelines.. I would like to see the game more real feeling. Like if you make a ball on break you have that set, choice is yours if one of each set made. If you accidentally scratch on break and say potted 3 stripes in and your opponent decides to steal your stripes! It’s a bit unfair.. But as far as a review goes the plus side is that it’s hands down the best pool game I’ve ever played. Warning if you play it too long, you may never want to stop lol. I’ll give it 4 star out of 5 because it isn’t perfect. A suggestion is to remove guidelines say after level 50, because by then you shouldn’t need them and an option just to turn them off would be nice too for extra challenge. I hope to see improvements soon, thanks Devs for a great game and keep up the good work!

  42. the daily spin is a joke….i have never won over 750…in fact the other day it landed on 50,000 and low and behold the game started reconnecting….I usually hit for 75 or 300 is the most common

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