Rounders in the Park

Last week, Shoreditch Park played host to an incredible blend of skill, strength and style as the finely-tuned athletes of Miniclip UK turned out for a game of rounders!

Under the steely-grey skies of a typical British summer, we played out an epic battle between bat and ball in front of a huge crowd of fans. Well, a moderate-sized crowd. Okay, a man walking his dog. The dog was huge, anyway.

After dividing into four teams, all players displayed a brilliant lack of understanding for the basic rules of rounders – what is a no-ball? Are you allowed to wrestle runners to the floor? Is it okay if someone hides the ball in their bag? And most importantly… how do you score, exactly? We also demonstrated mixed ability in throwing, catching and hitting.

Some were admittedly better than others. A one-handed catch in the deep was given a standing ovation, particularly as the catcher was listening to his iPod and not really paying attention at the time. Various big hits resulted in some shameless showboating as the batter ran, danced and occasionally moonwalked around the bases as the fielders tried to recover the ball from a dog that clearly wanted to join the game.

The standard noticeably improved after my team had been somewhat humiliated in the first game (the pressure got to us), before we merged sides to have a giant game between two teams.

Despite some slightly dubious time-keeping, things were getting tense as Team A posted a huge score of 25. When it came to Team B’s turn to bat, they seemed to be chasing down their target with ease before Team A’s agile fielders, displaying cat-like reactions, were able to get back in the game. Then, with time running out, the last batter reached home base to score a run which meant that the final score was…

Team A: 25
Team B: 25

Everybody’s a winner! Well played, Miniclip UK!