8 Ball Pool Community Update: #4

Welcome to the fourth of edition of your monthly 8 Ball Pool updates! As with the previous three updates, we’ve got everything you’re going to need to get up to speed with the latest news and updates from the game.

This month we’ve got a ton of 8 Ball Pool news to tell you about, so we’ll get straight into the update.

Introducing Pool Cash

Earn Pool Cash as you play, or top up in the Shop.

Earn Pool Cash as you play, or top up in the Shop.

As you may know (and we mentioned last month), Facebook is discontinuing its Facebook Credits this September. In anticipation of this we’re shortly going to be removing Facebook Credits from 8 Ball Pool on Facebook. This offers us the opportunity to unify currencies in Pool on different platforms, and in order to achieve this we’re also going to be phasing out Miniclip Credits in 8 Ball Pool on Miniclip.com.

Coinciding with Miniclip and Facebook Credits making their exit, we’re also going to be introducing a new currency: Pool Cash. Pool Cash will be available alongside Pool Coins across all platforms: Miniclip.com, Facebook and Mobile, giving you one “wallet” across all versions of the game.

Pool Cash will be available initially on the web, and we’ll then be bringing it to mobile. We’re going to be giving everyone some Pool Cash to get them started, and in the near future you’ll be able to earn Cash as you level up.

If you’ve got Miniclip Credits you want to convert to Pool Coins, please do so as soon as possible. Once Pool Cash has been introduced, converting Credits to Coins will no longer be available. Some items currently available for purchase with Pool Coins and Credits may in future only be available with Pool Cash.

Unfortunately, you can no longer use Miniclip Credits in the 8 Ball Pool. Miniclip Credits can still be used in some of our games – check out the full list here.

Updates keep on coming to mobile


Tournaments are out now on mobile!

As you’ll have seen if you play 8 Ball Pool on iOS or Android, at the start of the month we (finally) launched tournaments on mobile. Three tiers are currently available: London, Sydney and Moscow, with prizes of 1,000, 18,000 and 30,000 Coins in each tier.

We’re continuing to work on updates for 8 Ball Pool on mobile at a rapid rate, and the next major update to Pool on mobile is going to introduce calling pockets on the 8 Ball in certain tiers, a feature currently only found in the web version of 8 Ball Pool. Look out for this in the next couple of weeks.

After the success of Spin & Win, the next mobile update will be introducing “Scratch & Win”, a scratch-card style minigame, where — as with Spin & Win — you’ll have the chance to win some awesome Coin prizes.

Finally on mobile, 8 Ball Pool is very shortly going to be making its way to Amazon’s Appstore! Kindle Fire owners are going to be able to download Pool onto their tablets when the game hits the Amazon App Store. Follow @8ballpool on Twitter to be the first to find out when the game is available.

Also of note

  • The 8 Ball Pool Facebook page passed the huge milestone of seven million likes! Thank you to everyone who takes part in our community on Facebook 🙂
  • We’re pleased to report the server-side security improvements mentioned in last month’s update are continuing to work effectively. We’re continuing to improve security to combat new exploits.
  • The Pool Twitter community is continuing to grow, with our @8ballpool account passing 10,000 followers recently. Make sure you’re following us for the latest Pool news, updates and awesome content from the Pool community.

That’s all your info for this month. For queries and discussion, head to the comments below — we love to hear your thoughts and feedback.