8 Ball Pool Community Update: #4

Welcome to the fourth of edition of your monthly 8 Ball Pool updates! As with the previous three updates, we’ve got everything you’re going to need to get up to speed with the latest news and updates from the game.

This month we’ve got a ton of 8 Ball Pool news to tell you about, so we’ll get straight into the update.

Introducing Pool Cash

Earn Pool Cash as you play, or top up in the Shop.

Earn Pool Cash as you play, or top up in the Shop.

As you may know (and we mentioned last month), Facebook is discontinuing its Facebook Credits this September. In anticipation of this we’re shortly going to be removing Facebook Credits from 8 Ball Pool on Facebook. This offers us the opportunity to unify currencies in Pool on different platforms, and in order to achieve this we’re also going to be phasing out Miniclip Credits in 8 Ball Pool on Miniclip.com.

Coinciding with Miniclip and Facebook Credits making their exit, we’re also going to be introducing a new currency: Pool Cash. Pool Cash will be available alongside Pool Coins across all platforms: Miniclip.com, Facebook and Mobile, giving you one “wallet” across all versions of the game.

Pool Cash will be available initially on the web, and we’ll then be bringing it to mobile. We’re going to be giving everyone some Pool Cash to get them started, and in the near future you’ll be able to earn Cash as you level up.

If you’ve got Miniclip Credits you want to convert to Pool Coins, please do so as soon as possible. Once Pool Cash has been introduced, converting Credits to Coins will no longer be available. Some items currently available for purchase with Pool Coins and Credits may in future only be available with Pool Cash.

Unfortunately, you can no longer use Miniclip Credits in the 8 Ball Pool. Miniclip Credits can still be used in some of our games – check out the full list here.

Updates keep on coming to mobile


Tournaments are out now on mobile!

As you’ll have seen if you play 8 Ball Pool on iOS or Android, at the start of the month we (finally) launched tournaments on mobile. Three tiers are currently available: London, Sydney and Moscow, with prizes of 1,000, 18,000 and 30,000 Coins in each tier.

We’re continuing to work on updates for 8 Ball Pool on mobile at a rapid rate, and the next major update to Pool on mobile is going to introduce calling pockets on the 8 Ball in certain tiers, a feature currently only found in the web version of 8 Ball Pool. Look out for this in the next couple of weeks.

After the success of Spin & Win, the next mobile update will be introducing “Scratch & Win”, a scratch-card style minigame, where — as with Spin & Win — you’ll have the chance to win some awesome Coin prizes.

Finally on mobile, 8 Ball Pool is very shortly going to be making its way to Amazon’s Appstore! Kindle Fire owners are going to be able to download Pool onto their tablets when the game hits the Amazon App Store. Follow @8ballpool on Twitter to be the first to find out when the game is available.

Also of note

  • The 8 Ball Pool Facebook page passed the huge milestone of seven million likes! Thank you to everyone who takes part in our community on Facebook 🙂
  • We’re pleased to report the server-side security improvements mentioned in last month’s update are continuing to work effectively. We’re continuing to improve security to combat new exploits.
  • The Pool Twitter community is continuing to grow, with our @8ballpool account passing 10,000 followers recently. Make sure you’re following us for the latest Pool news, updates and awesome content from the Pool community.

That’s all your info for this month. For queries and discussion, head to the comments below — we love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

99 replies

    • It will only be for the 8 ball. All you have to do is click the pocket which you want to pot the 8 ball in. So if you pot it in that pocket you win. If you accidentally pot it in another pocket however, it doesn’t count but I’m not sure what happens.

    • What happens if you miss the pocket you called and pot in another? Lose the game? Reduced prize? If nothing then whats the point?

  1. i have 1500 miniclip credit ,,, after the updates ,, will you change those credit to pool cash ,,, or its must i convert them to pool coins before update ?????

  2. I don’t understand clips and coins and buying cues and power up, etc. Do you have a tutorial? I have $20,000 + but just play & play with no idea what I am doing other than potting balls

  3. can we have a New Zealand cue please.. maybe decorated with the kiwi or Maori designs or black with the fern on it.. will be cool if this could happen 🙂

  4. I am sure that I am not getting my spins everyday on Mini Clip for the pool. Is there anyway you can check?

  5. plzz udate pool so that even in a frndly match we can inrease our rank and introduce pool coins match wid frnds

  6. I want to be able to play on my kindle but I cant seem to get it or its making me go through hoops and even then nothing. It sucks (not the game)

  7. I try and I try to get the game on my kindle but it makes me go through hoops and even then nothing. I just want to play on a bigger scream.

    • It works onn my s4, when i download to it to my lg android android tablet it works until my first update then it boots me from game. UNPLAYABLE!!!!!

  8. It would be nice to have best out of 3 in the finals of a tournament. Also the tournament should have higher seeded players playing lowest seeded.

  9. Have a look at taking screenshots on a Galaxy S3, seems to cause a freeze which also makes it look like thre freeze bug

  10. When are you guys going to unlock the Toronto Tournament?

    And please don’t add a free chat during game as a lot of players are requesting! I wanna play pool, not chat! They can go somewhere else if they wanna chat!

    • It needs to be open chat so you can communicate to the other person….you can’t even tell them you can’t play because you’re in a totally different time zone and have to work, etc…. It would be nice to. Be able to freely communicate….

  11. Hi all,
    I can login in on PC with my mini clip account but cannot on my android phone. I have always played on phone but all of a sudden it let’s me login but keeps disconnecting every 30 seconds or so. I have accumulated rank 95, 89m coins, over 4300 games etc but now can’t play on phone, it was even ok after latest update but then it just stopped, any ideas please, reinstalling does nothing, many thanks

  12. I know it’s not ok to ask but at least can you tell me if we can expect 8ball pool for Windows Phone 8 in near future?

  13. I keep e-mailing support but no response. I keep questioning how my ranking isn’t the same as others who have won fewer games and have a lower win percentage. I have played someone 50 ranks higher than me who won 4k less games and played approximately same number of games give or take a hundred.

  14. Hello, is there a timer once you are on ball 8, i played two opponent and without making any mistake or network connection i lost the game after some failed attempts to pot the ball.

  15. I play 8 ball pool on the google nexus 4. It used to run perfectly smooth, but since I upgraded from android 4.2 to 4.3, there is a noticeable lag and stutter to the game. The balls don’t move as smoothly as they used to. Any idea why this is?

  16. Just in case the original gets deleted I’ll censor this one

    So I’ve been saving up tokens for the Royal Blue Patter for my table cloth and finally got to $75000 but now I can only buy it with Miniclip Cash? What the heck?

  17. This should be like this: Playing 8 ball pool multiplayer on miniclip betting real money, that would be great because this type of game is much more interesting than other billiards betting games like 8 ball pool n stuff, miniclip should invest on this, only for 18+ of course, it would generate lot’s of money for them! Who’s with me?

  18. can we earn real money playing 8 ball pool??? i mean i spend atleast 5-6 hrs daily playing this game. so can we earn real money???

  19. Why when i win tournements I see the pool coins get awarded to me on one screen but when i click on my profile picture the money i just won isn’t there,this is very frustrating can anyone answer this please????

  20. I’m having this same problem, only it’s in regular play also… I can’t get anyone to answer me on it either.. so I’m going to see if I either get an answer, or it’s fixed today… and if “no” on both counts, I’m done with it.

    • I was attempting to put this under”brian”‘s comment. I win, no money… I “get 25 coins” they don’t show. A simple “our stuff is screwed up, we’re working on it” and I would be happy. Instead, nothing.

  21. why is when i press the play button on 8 ball multi pool player im asked to buy 10 for £1.49 to 1k for £49.49 and if i refuse to pay i cant play 6/10/2013 there are 6 squares and when i close the payment window i get play button i press the play button and it takes me back to buy to play windows i thought the games was free to play?

  22. I would like to suggest to introduce a way to exchange coins with cash. Suppose I have 1000000 coins and 5 cash, I won’t be able to buy something for 15 cash. I’ll need to wait for a long time to get cash. You sell coins for cash, why don’t you do the opposite as well?

  23. How come I never get asked to play but always have to ask others to play and they always have the break ball to start. how does that work!??? What am I missing here? I play on my iPad and iPhone.

  24. I haven’t been able to connect for nearly 24 hrs. I’ve been playing every day practically glitch free till this point. My kindle is connected as i’m able to go to Netflix, Internet etc…..whats going on.

  25. I didn’t see the messages about losing my miniclip credits after the change over and now the miniclip cash or whatever it is… I can’t convert it. That’s pretty disappointing. It’s like the game is trying to take credits that I played all that time for. Thanks.

  26. Why am i stuck at level 94 ? green bar all the way and i should have been level 95 by now..WTF? Ive won plenty of games..

  27. :why is it every time i am gonna get 10000 on spin and win i always get low
    :why has every thing changed
    :how do you get so much paper money in 8 ball pool

    please helppppppp

  28. Hi was wondering why are things so high price the chats are high the pool cash it’s so many people paying your going to make money anyway lower prices would make a lot of people happy help up cuz we def helping u.

    • Well this isn’t. Really a reply but I just wanted to tell u this. I played the Sydney game and I only had around 33, 000 coins I lost and ended up with just 12, 000 and I’m not lying its not fair now I hate this game I thought it was, good. I’m definitely deleting it if I don’t get the money back. ???

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