Miniclip Hackathon

Nine teams in a free for all battle to build absolutely anything. No limits. Two days to build a game, develop a tool or get creative with anything in the office.

Last week the Miniclip Mobile team in Portugal hosted their first hackathon, with the task of building a game, developing a tool or working on any creative idea they wanted. There were no limits, besides from the two-day timeframe.

“A hackathon is an event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development collaborate intensively on software projects.”

Split into nine teams, each group could power-up itself with Programmers, Artists and Game Developers to ensure it was suitably equipped for the creative and development challenge it was tackling.

We’re reliably informed a request for cheerleaders to provide moral support was politely declined.

The teams had been throwing around ideas since the hackathon was announced, ~three weeks before the event took place, and ideas were finalised before the first day of hacking began.

With no obligation to stick to their original ideas, some teams kept to their gameplan, whilst others pivoted mid-way through. One team even worked on two games and finished them both! That’s all the more impressive when you find out they only had two team members.

“AWESOME!! Two exhausting days of intensive prototyping, in the end we learnt a lot, different technologies were explored which opened some interesting options for future projects.”

The hackathon resulted in some really exciting ideas, tools and games being created, with games ranging from classic Tag to “Mexican Wrestling Match”. Everyone tried doing something new, worked with programs and software they weren’t familiar with and had a whole bunch of fun in the process.

Over the coming weeks, Miniclip will be looking into all the ideas and games which were created and some of them may even end up on an App Store near you in the future.

“By organising the hackathon, we wanted to give our employees a chance to choose what they want to work on, from learning new technologies to trying out innovative game ideas.

It was great to see everyone using their creativity to the max while learning new things and having tons of fun. It is amazing to see what was accomplished in only two days!”