Free Running 2: Tips & Tricks

Free Running 2 is the bigger, bolder and better sequel to our incredibly popular Parkour game Free Running. It’s a race across rooftops to get to the finish before the clock runs out – and it soon gets tricky!

We’ve put together some tips to help you keep your cool under pressure. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Look out for Powerups


The green clocks give you a whopping 15 seconds of extra time to complete the course, which can be gold dust when you are only given about 2 minutes on each level. Look out too for red cameras that are launch you into a freestyle flip, which gives you 500 points – and is also really cool!

2. Know the signs


Before each special obstacle, of which there are many, there will be a yellow caution sign that will tell you what’s coming. If you look out for these, you’ll be able to ready yourself to react quickly. For example, some platforms will spontaneously drop, whilst others will continuously be moving toward and away from you.

3. Time that jump


This game is hinged upon your ability to time your jump to perfection. Jump too early or too late and you’ll plunge to your demise! This knocks a crucial 5 seconds from your allocated time, so concentrate and don’t just button-mash!

4. Be patient


Later levels have more complex path choices, but don’t panic! Even though you are against the clock, there is still time to assess the situation and decide where to go, instead of charging ahead without thinking.

5. Beware of explosions


Some of the obstacles will start to vibrate and explode under you feet as you run on them, whereas others will just shake and spark but stay solid until you reach the very end of the path. Not all sparks and explosions are the same, but instead they follow a pattern that you’ll need to find out for yourself!

6. If in doubt, follow the lines


In each level, there will be highlighted paths signalled by the lined paint on the obstacles. These make it very easy to identify a particular path to take. However, these may not be the easiest route, let alone the most rewarding!

7. Smoke signals


The end of the level is always signified by the burning barrel which gives off a huge trail of smoke up into the sky. If you can spot this near the end, you will be able to either try to collect as many points as possible or look for the shortest route possible, depending on your time remaining.

8. Get the high scores and awards


These Free Running 2 tips and tricks should improve your game and let you beat all the levels with high scores. You need 80,000 points for the gold award, so make sure you follow these tips to get maximum points!

Time to get running! Good luck, and don’t forget to share your own tips in the comments!