Jet Ski Racer: Tips & Tricks

Jet Ski Racer is the fast-paced racing game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. A flooded and abandoned city has become the meeting place for the coolest and fastest of racers Рhigh speeds, dangerous objects and crazy jumps await you! Avoid the obstacles, collect the coins and find the fastest routes to win the race.

To help you finish first (and stay dry), here are some tips and tricks!

1. Get off to a fast start

Get ready

Make sure you’re ready to go from the very start, because the other Jet Ski Racers are fierce competitors! As soon as the game starts, hit the accelerator button right away. This means you won’t lose precious seconds trying to increase your speed!

2. Watch out for mines

Watch out for mines

Mines are explosive obstacles set in the course – touch them, and you blow up! Watch out for yellow warning signs that give you a heads-up that you’re about to enter the danger zone. It’s not just your jet ski that the mines can damage, though – the other racers can also end up flipping out if they come into contact with them! If you’re brave, you can easily pass a few other racers in the mine areas.

3. Use boosts


Look out for green lightning bolts – these are power-ups that will give your jet ski a much-needed boost! They are often hidden, and sometimes close to mines, so be careful – but they can be the difference between a top 3 finish or last place!

4. Cut corners

Cut corners

Collecting coins will score you points, but the fastest route around the track often lies away from them. Cutting corners sharply can often save you a few seconds and allow you to zip past other racers who are taking the long way round!

5. Big air can be a big help

Big Air

As you race around the course, you’ll encounter plenty of ramps that launch your jet ski into the air. These ramps always give your racer a temporary speed boost, and can be used to fly over the heads of your opponents and splash down ahead of them.

6. Keep your eyes open

Watch out

Unlike many racing games, Jet Ski Racer’s courses change while you’re speeding around them! Buildings collapse, ships sink, and containers fall from the sky, changing the route you need to take and occasionally providing another ramp that you can use to get a speed boost. The fastest route from your first lap might be blocked by an obstacle in the second one, so make sure you’re aware of changes happening around you as you race!

7. Get the high scores and awards

High scores

You score points based on your finishing place, your average speed and the coins you collect – so try and balance getting the coins and completing the course in good time! You need 45,000 points for the Gold award – good luck!

Time to start your engines and play Jet Ski Racer! If you’ve got any other tips that you think belong in our guide, post them in the comments below!

Check out our Jet Ski Racer gameplay video!