8 Ball Pool Community Update: #5

The new Insane frame and pattern, with Elven Blue cloth.

The new Insane frame and pattern, with Elven Blue cloth.

Welcome to your fifth 8 Ball Pool Community Update! We’re here to bring you all the latest news from the game.

As usual, there’s lots to tell you about this month – here we go!

New tables and cues

We’ve just released some brand new tables and cues for you to customize your game even further! Check out the Elven and Insane frames, cloths and patterns in the Pool Shop, and take a good look at the brand new Amber and Silver cues! We’re looking forward to seeing some of these shiny new items in action 🙂

We’ve also been listening to your feedback and cue suggestions – and we have a few more cues coming to the Shop very very soon…

Big discounts in the Pool Shop

The Digitized cue is one of many that are now much cheaper!

The Digitized cue is one of 18 cues that are now much cheaper!

To mark the release of Pool Cash, we’ve made some big discounts on many items in the Pool Shop. A whopping eighteen cues are now cheaper than they were, with our current faves, the Camouflage and Digitized cues, getting a 70% discount! The Royal Blue, Test Tube, Blue Hope and Pharaoh cues are also around half-price. It’s the perfect time to upgrade your 8 Ball gear!

Talking of Pool Cash…

As you will have seen, the new currency – Pool Cash – is now live on the web. We’ve started everyone off with 5 Pool Cash, and you’ll soon have the opportunity to earn more Cash when you level up in the game. Look out for more news on that feature in the next Community Update!

For more information on Pool Cash, check out last month’s update.

Mobile news

Enjoying Tournaments on mobile, in the sunshine.

Enjoying Tournaments on mobile, in the sunshine.

Following the success of tournaments on mobile, we’ve got another mobile update coming out in the next few weeks. Features will include calling pockets, the new mini-game Scratch & Win, and a few minor fixes to improve the game.

Other news

  • We’ve streamlined 8 Ball’s loading process – your game should now load even faster than before 🙂
  • More security improvements have been implemented into the game, and we’re continuing to work on combating new exploits

Cool stuff from the 8 Ball Pool Community

Players have been sending us all sorts of cool and funny images on our 8 Ball Pool Facebook page and on Twitter – here’s a few of our favourites from this month, including an awesome Indirect Clearance video from RON-O-SULLIVAN!

Got something to share? Message us the link on Facebook, or tweet us and YOUR pic could appear on next month’s Community Update!

That’s all for this month – if you’ve got anything to ask or discuss, hit the Comments below – we’d love to hear your feedback.

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  1. hey i want to upload some of my pool screen shots n achievements . like others and i dont know how. can anyone tell me how to??

  2. I’m waiting for a ‘Come on India’ cue..
    please make an arrangement to sell our existing cue which will help us to buy new cues…
    Thanks in advance…:)

  3. Vary sad update Ben they did not stop the disconnect hack or the aim hack. Please when you get a second check the “update” thread over at the temporary miniclip Forums.
    It would be a shame MC is trying to get people to buy pool cash (with real money) & loose it to all the game exploits.

  4. when your on a tournament it would be good iff you could watch other people playing there game while you wait for it to finish

  5. I do request the admin to include a QUE for India too… I feel bad when people from other countries could comment like ” Come on …..” but being Indian I cant comment any such thing. Please consider as you have many Indian players too.. !!

  6. i would like it if we could speak to people not just say little comments like: “good luck” or “well played” and im not indian but i do think it unfair that there is no indian cue and i still haven’t won my lucky cue or the award which i did win but didn’t recieve

  7. hello there, i have galaxy s4 , when i go to miniclip and open it with google play it says not available in your country , i cant download it to my mobile ,please help me ?

  8. I’m playing on a Mac. How can I play on someone else’s table other than my own. It would be nice to play on other tables. Also, how can i get more comments to say in a game?Thanks.

  9. Hello, I was wondering how do I turn my pool coins into pool cash? There are several items I would like to get. I spent 99.99 and bought 250,000 pool coins the last time you ran the 1/2 price special. I was allowed to purchase a table and cloth and a couple of cues. When I went back to purchase more on my next visit; the system reverted back to money only. I would not have purchased so many had I known their only purpose was to be used to enter into games and tournments. I thought I could use them on anything? After all I did pay for them. (I’m not good enough to win that many hehe). Please advise. Rick Andresen Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2013 13:05:13 +0000 To: rjandresen@live.com

  10. New around here.
    How does someone get a personal pool table for practicing trick shots on?
    I mean can ya pay for one “where” or is a certain tournament, skill level, needed for one?

  11. This game will never make up for sketch star, it just teaches children about gamblng and winning and money and thats NOT important so i dont like this game, goodbye.

  12. since update i can’t see any profile pictures or put put it in…. also my facebook profile picture is not working !!! why?

  13. Please make it available to chat an make your own comments rather then the preset ones. That way it will ,make the game much more interesting. If you just bar it for bad language and don’t allow it with a bit of programming then the children will also be protected and be much more fun for everyone. Will love to hear that this update is incorporated. Thank you

  14. Hey!! Put scratch and win in free spin or like free spin can we get scratch and win every day pleasse respond to peoples comments

  15. miniclip banded some players what should they do to take or miniclip give them a chance to open their game n they come back to their and how any idea

  16. u said that when we level up we earn pool cash but we do not and ive got all my power ups and still havnt got the award. And im happy to say for those indian players ou there u wont have to wait very long cuz miniclip are gonna soon release the inidan cue i know this cuz i checked on facebook and they said 😀

  17. OMG HELP HELP Miniclip games have taken me 28 thousand coins go to a tournament and kick me and beat my opponent says to me you lost. so I played tournaments and constantly have written 29.019 as I had when I left the game because it is not working and went next day to see what I’ve got only 900 coins seek help from Miniclip that we pay 28 thousand coins: ((((since this impossible.

  18. I would like to see what I call the “cheat” to be allowed only to players at level 10 or below. I am at level 23 and play with opponents as high as 50-100 and most of the time they will manipulate the cue ball, sometimes on the last shot to win. I believe in skill and strategy to win.I believe the cue should only be moved on the break, or after your opponent scratches, and then only to spot the cue behind the white line opposite end off rack.I think it would improve the game a lot. James

  19. Does 2nd place in a tournament no longer get any coins? also after purchasing a new cue I do not get the personal saying that is supposed be associated with it. Or is that just on the miniclip website?

  20. I want to say that the android version of game and the PC version are not getting the same as I earned 25 money in PC version then I open it in the android version and I didn’t have the 25coins please fix it and same the PC and android version.Fix it!!!!!

  21. Please please whoever is concern, Its a humble request to make a Bangladeshi Cue…It will be highly appreciated…!

    Please again all the Bangladeshi players will be proud when they will play with Bangladeshi Cue. Honestly i am saying my rank is #119. I have purchased all the Cues and won all the tournaments. But still i feel so down when i see other country’s player play the game with there own country’s Cue.

    Please do something for us( All Bangladeshi players)

  22. When are these “cheaters” going to get blocked? In the last 24hrs I have lost 1.3m to them. I have sent over 30 emails to support with screenshots of proof with no reply! There should be somewhere we can name & shame these idiots! It is not hard to block them. If I send a message saying they are playing “right now” surely Miniclip can locate them, watch them cheat & block them! Really is getting silly now!

  23. u should be able to buy custom table where u can buy a table with tighter pockets games far to easy and get rid of the aiming guide ,all play a tourney where u dont use aiming guide

  24. WHY have the mid value games been removed? Completely ruins it. New choice: Play and win a pitance or loose thousands on one game. Rubbish!

    • I have notice that when you are winnig a game, certain players can tamper the timer and expire your time before it expire. And make you loose the game.
      I consider they are cheating.

  25. How about a philippine cue? That would be great! And, please i hope the developers can expand the gameplay further.. like a ranking system, a special weekly tournament / or holiday tournament, and a clan system where people can join clans/groups and can go join group tournaments. What do u all think?

  26. The cueball speed is manipulated by computer, admit it. Sometimes it’ll roll JUST far enough, then again it’ll stop rolling just in time to leave no way to make or kick at a ball. A bit weird to me. But I’m still proly ur best player in this game anyway.

  27. How can i find an apponent by facebook or miniclip id and chat with him..
    Away from ur application


  28. How do I find speed pool for 25 coins I played it for the first time yesterday and I don’t know where I went to play it

  29. my account has been blocked for 7 days because of inappropiate facebook image i want to know that after 7 days my coin will be saved? please answer me immediately

  30. Hello there..plz can anyone tell me i want to create a miniclip account from guest which iam unable do. it says “account invalid to update” i will get 5 pool cash out of it so i buy a nice premium cue..plz fix this..waiting for a response.

  31. When i tried to purchase pool coins or anything from my Visa debit card .. The Error is come. ( Invalid Debit/credit card number)
    Can anyone Help about?

  32. Miniclip, i wonder if you can put the new tables purchase thing on mobile so i can play with my new table on mobile. thanks

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