On The Run: The Getaway – Tips & Tricks

Your Vegas contact has been busted and the Corporation are waiting for you. Rev your engine and make your escape in On The Run: The Getaway!

The Corporation are a tough enemy – they’ve got fast cars, machine guns – even an attack helicopter! But if you can keep your wits about you, and use these tips and tricks, you’ll be sure to outrun them and get the high scores.

Start your engines and let’s hit the streets!

1. Use your special weapon carefully

Special weapon

Your special weapon unleashes a devastating plasma blast that wipes out all nearby cars, in front or behind! However, its range is quite limited, so make sure that the Corporation goons are close to your vehicle before hitting X. And remember, the special weapon doesn’t work on helicopters!

2. Fight back

Fight back

Even if you’re waiting for your special weapon to charge, that shouldn’t stop you from fighting back against enemy vehicles. Don’t get bullied by the muscle cars – swing away to give you a bit of space, then ram into theirs sides. Time it right and you can send them into the path of oncoming traffic… BOOM!

3. Drive on the left

Drive on the left

This is a risky manoeuvre, but a useful one – if you’re getting bashed by Corporation cars, move over onto the left side of the road and hope that they’ll run straight into a car that’s coming the other way.

4. TNT can clear your way

TNT can clear your way

Each level has a couple of explosive TNT power-ups – look out for these as you’re on the run. Hit one, and it will trigger an environmental trap to destroy the enemy cars.

5. Keep your eyes on the sky

Eyes on the sky

As if the Corporation’s cars weren’t tough enough, later levels see them bring out the big guns. The really big guns. Keep your eyes on the sky, because attack helicopters will swoop in on certain levels and drop bombs in your path. Look out for the flashing red markers up ahead – they show where the bombs are likely to land.

6. Use brake to get round your enemies

Use brake

The Corporation will try and box you in and crush your car against the side of the road. There are times when you simply can’t out-run them – they’re too fast – so you need to use another trick instead. If the enemy is trying this move, just hit brake to slow down, then nip round the other side of them and accelerate away.

7. Top speed makes it harder to steer

Top speed

You’re making a getaway, we know, so the urge is to go as fast as you possibly can. But this can actually make it harder for you: top speed means you have less control over your car, particularly around corners. So, ease off the gas a little and you’ll find it easier to dodge other cars.

You now know everything you need to get away from the Corporation. Keep these top tips in mind when you’re making your escape in On The Run: The Getaway!