8 Ball Pool Community Update #6

__MAzen__ sent us this brilliant image. Top dollar.

__MAzen__ sent us this brilliant image. Top dollar.

Hi and welcome to your monthly update from the 8 Ball Pool team! We’ve got a huge amount of news for you, plus a ton of player-created 8 Ball artwork that we’ve received this month from the community – check out some of our favourites down the side and in the gallery below.

Let’s get started!

8 Ball Pool – FREE on mobile

You’ve always been able to play 8 Ball for free on Miniclip.com and on Facebook – but we’re very pleased to announce that as of now, you can now download it onto your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, absolutely free! This means that your friends have no excuse not to take up the challenge and give you a game of 8 Ball!

Bigger prizes

Amazing Elf image from hot5treak... scary eyes though!

Amazing Elf image from hot5treak… scary eyes though!

In the next few weeks, we’ll also be increasing the prizes for each Tournament winner on web and Facebook, to bring it into line with the prizes available on mobile.

So you’ll be able to win 1,000 Pool Coins in London, 18,000 in Sydney, and 30,000 in Moscow. The entry fees have been adjusted as a result, but we’re sure you’ll agree that the potential prizes are worth it… if you’re good enough 😀

Please note that the number of available tournaments will be temporarily reduced to 3 (London, Sydney and Moscow) while we roll out some new security fixes. Soon, the others will be re-opened.

Earn Cash when you level up

That’s right, when the new 8 Ball Pool web update goes out in the next week or two, you’ll start earning Pool Cash every time you level up.

P is for Pool.

P is for Pool.

You get 1 Pool Cash for every level you progress in the game – so good luck out there on the table!

Bear in mind that this feature isn’t out yet – it’ll come with the next update to the game client. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for further announcements of when the update goes out!

Call pocket on all shots in elite matches

We’ve listened to your feedback, and a lot of players have asked for a feature where players have to call pocket on all shots in higher tiers. So, we will be introducing this for elite players in top tier Tournament and 1v1 matches on web and Facebook soon! This will reward the most skilled players, and make you less likely to lose to a hit-and-hope in high-stakes matches 😉 It’ll take effect in the Moscow and Las Vegas Tournaments, and Toronto and Jakarta in the 1vs1 matches.

Other news

Kunal908 made this to celebrate us passing 8 million Facebook fans!

Kunal908 made this to celebrate us passing 8 million Facebook fans!

Other things we’ve been working on this month include:

  • New security fixes in the game, which we hope will greatly reduce any exploits and make for an even fairer playing environment for all our players
  • Pool Cash will soon feature on mobile, as well as web
  • Did we mention that 8 Ball Pool on iOS is now free? 😀

Amazing images from our players

We get a lot of users sending in awesome pics that they’ve made, or even weird situations that they’ve found themselves in while playing 8 Ball Pool! Some of the fan-made pictures are out of this world, and must have taken a lot of time and patience to put together. You’ve probably noticed a few down the side of this post, and here’s a gallery with some of our other favourites from this month – if you’ve got anything you’d like to show us, send it to us as a message on our Facebook page, or tweet it to the official @8ballpool Twitter account!

Can I axe you something?

Can I axe you something?

Maybe your image will be in next month’s update!

If you have an questions, you can either head to our Facebook page, tweet us, or hit the comments below! And, if you have any problems, don’t forget that you can visit our Customer Support site to get help.

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