8 Ball Pool Community Update #6

__MAzen__ sent us this brilliant image. Top dollar.

__MAzen__ sent us this brilliant image. Top dollar.

Hi and welcome to your monthly update from the 8 Ball Pool team! We’ve got aΒ hugeΒ amount of news for you, plus a ton of player-created 8 Ball artwork that we’ve received this month from the community – check out some of our favourites down the side and in the gallery below.

Let’s get started!

8 Ball Pool – FREE on mobile

You’ve always been able to play 8 Ball for free on Miniclip.com and on Facebook – but we’re very pleased to announce that as of now, you can now download it onto your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, absolutely free! This means that your friends have no excuse not to take up the challenge and give you a game of 8 Ball!

Bigger prizes

Amazing Elf image from hot5treak... scary eyes though!

Amazing Elf image from hot5treak… scary eyes though!

In the next few weeks, we’ll also be increasing the prizes for each Tournament winner on web and Facebook, to bring it into line with the prizes available on mobile.

So you’ll be able to win 1,000 Pool Coins in London, 18,000 in Sydney, and 30,000 in Moscow. The entry fees have been adjusted as a result, but we’re sure you’ll agree that the potential prizes are worth it… if you’re good enough πŸ˜€

Please note that the number of available tournaments will be temporarily reduced to 3 (London, Sydney and Moscow) while we roll out some new security fixes. Soon, the others will be re-opened.

Earn Cash when you level up

That’s right, when the new 8 Ball Pool web update goes out in the next week or two, you’ll start earning Pool Cash every time you level up.

P is for Pool.

P is for Pool.

You get 1 Pool Cash for every level you progress in the game – so good luck out there on the table!

Bear in mind that this feature isn’t out yet – it’ll come with the next update to the game client. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for further announcements of when the update goes out!

Call pocket on all shots in elite matches

We’ve listened to your feedback, and a lot of players have asked for a feature where players have to call pocket on all shots in higher tiers. So, we will be introducing this for elite players in top tier Tournament and 1v1 matches on web and Facebook soon! This will reward the most skilled players, and make you less likely to lose to a hit-and-hope in high-stakes matches πŸ˜‰ It’ll take effect in the Moscow and Las Vegas Tournaments, and Toronto and Jakarta in the 1vs1 matches.

Other news

Kunal908 made this to celebrate us passing 8 million Facebook fans!

Kunal908 made this to celebrate us passing 8 million Facebook fans!

Other things we’ve been working on this month include:

  • New security fixes in the game, which we hope will greatly reduce any exploits and make for an even fairer playing environment for all our players
  • Pool Cash will soon feature on mobile, as well as web
  • Did we mention that 8 Ball Pool on iOS is now free? πŸ˜€

Amazing images from our players

We get a lot of users sending in awesome pics that they’ve made, or even weird situations that they’ve found themselves in while playing 8 Ball Pool! Some of the fan-made pictures are out of this world, and must have taken a lot of time and patience to put together. You’ve probably noticed a few down the side of this post, and here’s a gallery with some of our other favourites from this month – if you’ve got anything you’d like to show us, send it to us as a message on our Facebook page, or tweet it to the official @8ballpool Twitter account!

Can I axe you something?

Can I axe you something?

Maybe your image will be in next month’s update!

If you have an questions, you can either head to our Facebook page, tweet us, or hit the comments below! And, if you have any problems, don’t forget that you can visit our Customer Support site to get help.

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88 replies

  1. Great gr8 gr8………. update and thank you to reward pool cash on level up and for increasing pool coin reward in tournaments.

  2. Bigger prizes and less cheats – sounds good to me! The fairness one is big, especially when your opponent freezes the game on command when it becomes obvious that is the only way they will win. Thanks for the improvements!

  3. finally a decent sounding update. the call pocket on every shot is great but why just on the really high tier tournaments. very few people play those high end tournaments

    • I think fewer people play them because there are far more cheaters and hackers in that level. No-one minds losing 100 credits to a hacker, but 50,000, no thanks. I’d play 250k tournaments all day if I knew they were going to be fair and un-hackable, but about 50% end in ‘sorry you lost connection’ due to a hack.

  4. Making it possible to play and chat with friends on FB would be enough for me. Lately, the game is big disappointment. πŸ™

    • I can understand how chatting would be more appealing & entertaining, but I believe they’ve omitted this for a reason. There are too many cheaters & hackers out there, and it would only instigate accusations, petty bickering, and insults between players.

  5. Stopping the cheating is far more important than calling a pocket every time. I never mind losing to a lucky player, that’s part of all sport, but cheating isn’t (or if it is it is punished). If players have bought credits then it’s actually more serious. It’s theft. Sounds a little extreme and I know it’s virtual, but it’s still theft.

  6. i think it be a good challenge to get rid of the aiming guide for players over a certain skill level games to easy for u good players u know this and pockets should also be tighten up

    • yea. with the aiming line i feel like it makes it too easy. 8 out of 10 games i get into the first person topot a ball ends up getting nearly all their other balls potted one after another before i even get 1 turn in the game.

  7. would also like to see practise mode for facebook users and on mini clip website.. also like to now how players can take shots when clock as run down not everyone can do this but seen some do it how is it done its cheating isnt it?/

  8. Great update! Still waiting for clearer distinctions between solid and striped balls… they’re so tiny it’s hard to find all of your balls on the table at a glance sometimes, and when you’re being timed, it’s an issue…

  9. thankxxxx 8 baal pool for uploading my both pics thankxxxxxxxx frst is Just a cog in the machine.2nd is Can I axe you something? thankxxx love u .. :* πŸ™‚

  10. Very Good Steps At last .. Now hackers will be kicked out….Thanks for Giving cash On level up,But please open chat between players..Or add some more words to chat.Like Last game or welcome etc….Nice update by the way.

  11. where is the practice mode inside the web game? as far as i can tell you can only play that outside? (logged out)

    in order to keep people playing the game you should not force them to play outside and only log in to collect the 30 min coins or day points. (don’t you think?)

    people that do not have enough coins to cant play the call pocket?
    why not make that available for everyone ? (including in a practice mode?)

    p.s. i still believe the rating system / rank system was better the way it use to be and not a matter of how often you play but how well.

  12. Luck is just a part of the game. Think of escaping from a snooker, or playing a difficult double. You play it with a lot of power; not because you’re playing a hit and hope or because you dont know what other shot to play, but because you’re looking to CONTROL the element of fortune, and make it work for you. Luck is part of the game, and is naturally safeguarded against by the levels system. You wouldn’t expect somebody who plays constant “hit and hope” shots to win many matches, or to accumulate many coins, so they will be playing in the lower tiers. If you get a guy in the higher levels who is hitting it hard, chances are they are not just “hitting and hoping”. The rules worked how they were, and how they have been for many years – you are trying to fix what isn’t broken.

  13. The rule where you have to call a pocket on ALL shots is a turn-off, in my opinion. The prizes are great, but I think this rule should be removed. Also, why has there never been a foul for potting your opponent’s ball?

  14. The new updates are great, but I have a few concerns:
    1. 200 coins to play London is fine, but then the next available tourney is Sydney for 3000. I feel that’s quit a big disparity between the 2 lowest tourneys.
    2. As in the above mentioned situation, I’ve noticed that there are approx. 3000-5000 players playing in London and only 400-500 playing in Sydney since the new updates. Also I have noticed that in London there are now many more higher ranked players and less lower ranked players, this may be a discouraging factor for lower players to try tournaments.
    This may be due to the cost between London/Sydney…not every player wants to spend or can afford 3000 coins per play. I feel it would be more appropriate for Sydney to cost 400-500 coins per tourney.
    3. With the new increased cost, shouldn’t players receive more than 25 coins every 30 minutes?
    4. I love playing 8 ball pool on miniclip, hopefully I’m not the only player with these concerns and they will get noticed and given some consideration…See ya on the table!
    Later, darksidemike.

  15. thanks for the ten thousand and up games. I can’t remember the last time I banked that much. So I must be content with all the side ways breakers lucky shots and masters and up to take my little coins. Any one who breaks from the side in order to pot as many balls as possible don’t enjoy the strategy of the game and would laughed out of a real billiard parlor if not thrown out.

    • Isn’t that the strategy of the break?…To pot as many balls as possible, especially the 8 ball…Because in “real” pool you would be awarded an automatic win for potting the 8 ball on the break.

    • In bar room pool you might get the win. But not a professional game, 8 ball would be spotted. It takes more skill to make more pots hitting from the lead ball. Sounds you have had little experience and I mean 30 – 50 years on a regulation table. Enter a real tournament at a *Billiard Parlor* and try your break. If you could sink all balls in a single shot and enjoy it, you would love tic tac toe.

    • Thanks for the sarcasm, and yes I do have prior tournament experience at a “Billiard Parlor” (Oh but not as much as you, your holiness), but I must agree that you are correct in your response to regulation tournament play. Also all the slop shots, cheats, etc. would also not be tolerated…But by this being virtual pool, where enough factors are stacked against the player (mouse control, line of sight, increasing ticking timer, etc.), I feel a sideways break is a minor complaint at best.
      PS: You can go first. Which do you choose, X’s or O’s?…lol.

      • I agree… mouse control and line of sight, and I have never played at a live real pool tournament where the timer was as fast as this games timer. I do understand a timer, It is a good thing for a lot of reasons, but it should be a realistic timer. Ever watched a professional pool tourney where the player had to walk around the table and make a shot in the time limit here on this game. I like the game, played on my phone first, now on PC. Differences are too get use too. As far as the eight ball on the break… In real pool it would depend on house rules. Official rules states it’s a win. I have been places where it is and where it isn’t.

  16. what I can’t stand is the clock. I don’t mind my shots being timed but it’s way too short of a time for a shot especially after calling the pocket, and setting up the shot with the touchiness of the mouse. And forget it if you want to choose a power. TIME’S UP SO SORRY πŸ™

    • I agree.

      The mouse is so touchy. And it would be extremely easy to fix. They just need to assign a button on the keyboard that you could press that would drastically reduce the resolution of the movements. Or a large cue ball could come up that you look at while aligning your shots thus allowing a drastically greater control over fine movements.

      Then add to that the timer ticking faster and faster. In real pool you don’t have less time to align your shot with each ball you sink. They could at least give you the same amount of time for each shot.

      I realize they want to add difficulty level, but they could do that by taking the training wheel guidelines off, and just let people use their eye to align shots just like in real pool. Real pool does not provide the player with guidelines to line up their shot.

    • I agree, what good is it to buy power ups only to be penalized by the clock. I’ve found 3 second timing not using a power up. The powers that be promised a more even playing field. What’s up with that?

    • I agree too. The more consecutive balls you pot, the less time you get for each additional shot…Hurry up, times running…No time left to aim…Just shoot, hurry!
      What’s up with that? Please allow the same amount of time for each shot!

    • Hey nice demand man i plans to buy a windows phone and thinks that 8 ball pool should be available for that also.

  17. calling the pocket is great but the writing of so and so must name a pocket is annoying.
    sometimes your trying to line up the shot but cant coz the writing is covering the line of sight.
    oh and ive been on the black a few times and i click pocket and it didnt take it i click and click in the end it times out and i lost the game(s).

    • I agree, The print is covering the entire table. It’s hard to call the next pocket when you can’t see the balls! Need to have a smaller message, similar to the one when you scratch, lose a turn, etc.

  18. Thanks miniclip for the improvements and bonuses. A word of caution. Watch how you play. I accidently chose 3000 coin tourney after I finally built up 3200, and promptly lost. (my bad) Watch out guys I’m out to get it back.

  19. can you update this : in 8 ball pool : when you level up you get some cues and tabels and then better and better and better and when you are a superstar you get a secret that is…
    diamond cue and greatest table

  20. Hi.

    This is really excellent pool game, but should be called “trying to battle extremely fine resolution of the mouse while a timer is ticking faster and faster”

    Sorry, not trying to be douche but that title conveys my prominent experience I feel while playing this game.

    The game really is excellent in all respects except for the degree that trying to control the mouse factors in to pool physics.

    Is there any way you can assign a button on the keyboard to bring up a large cue ball graphic simultaneously to the existing graphics? Or a large circle, or something that would allow the user a vastly greater degree of control over the fine movements of the mouse, so that it would be swift, easy, and accurate when trying to align your shot?

    The only other thing I can think of is an option to take the guidelines off, and have both players play by aligning a line across the cue ball, but without directional guidelines to make it more like real pool.

    Top notch game if controlling the alignment was easier.

  21. As i said early its an gr8 update but i am not satisfied with the following:
    1.Giving only one pool cash on level up is annoying,i mean players work hard to level up and get only 1 pool cash,this destroys the hard work,so you should give at least 5 pool cash on level up.
    2.Please make an update in which a player playing from mobile can easily connect through a player playing from desktop without any interruptions in play.
    3.And please take back the cairo kasbah 1vs1 matches because i think it is the affordable tournament in which there is no heavy loss of pool coins on losing a game.
    So,that’s it from me now i hope you should hear my demands and make a greater 8 ball experience.

  22. Hey there, the updates are great, but despite your effort some people still are able to cheat against me in Las Vegas. It’s like before – I keep losing connection to the game when the opponent aims an empty pocket. Keep trying and good luck. Love the game!!!

  23. ok darksidemike , here is my white flag. Lets enjoy the game. I still don’t like that break and won’ use it out of respect for the game. God Bless

  24. Why aren’t the wins & losses in friendly games games counted into stats anymore?? Just balls potted are adding up…. which makes stats totally irrelevant now…

  25. I haven’t forgot. I’m still compiling a list of (hackers) when game is froze on shots etc. If miniclip is fixing a virtual problem okay. If hackers are still involved they will be exposed.

  26. first of all, please repair all the isssues. Still cant log in to game through facebook and your miniclip page. Quality is going down.

  27. i went to play miniclip pool it said i cant i have to buy 25 or 50 P to start the game and it ask for your credit card details, i thought the game was FREE, if ts FREE why do you want our credit card details? it just doest make

  28. This is best pool game, but need some update for more fun
    *Add chat option during the game,
    *while disconnect the game should be carry on still the player join back within 1 minute, not suppose to lose by disconnecting
    *create room so we can find player to play
    pl update the same….


  30. Cheaters proved that they are skillfully weaklings…

    Why don’t play fair and square…
    This game is not for cheaters and mad programmers! This game is for the players who truly appreciate the beauty of this game…

  31. Peeps, great game very addicted to it πŸ™‚ Though After getting up to 700,000 points when I log in now using Facebook login I get a message saying 8 Ball pool is experiencing issues login in.

    Any help appreciated with this. I have also tried deleting and redownloading/installing the game but no luck ;(

  32. I’m wondering if anyone else notices how jumpy the mouse aiming is. I never quite can get the shot lined up just right, and minute movement is next to impossible. I try to move one increment and it moves two instead. Very frustrating.

    Is there a way to fix that?


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