Miniclip Roundup #1

On The Run: The Getaway was one of our favourite games of the month.

On The Run: The Getaway was one of our favourite games of the month.

Hi and welcome to the first Miniclip Roundup! In these blog posts, we’ll bring you a look at our hottest games this month, plus news, videos, cool stuff that you’ve made, plus what’s been going on in the Miniclip offices. It’s your chance to get a look inside the inner workings of Miniclip, and also ask us anything that’s on your mind – get involved in the Comments section below!

Let’s start with some of our favourite games of this month.

Games Roundup

We were super-excited to release the next game in the On The Run series, with The Getaway hitting the road. It’s all about using your speed, driving skill and special weapons to keep the evil Corporation off your back long enough to reach the end of the level. It’s fast and furious – but not Fast & Furious, that’s something else… although The Getaway probably has more explosions. Check it out – there’s helicopters and gunmen in vans and everything.

Atten-shun! Assault Course 2 launched this month.

Atten-shun! Assault Course 2 launched this month.

Our other big hit this month was Assault Course 2which, although a lot less physically-demanding than running an actual assault course, may still strain your fingers a little as you run, jump, crawl, dangle and shimmy your way through seven levels of obstacles. Stay out of the mud, look out for detonators to clear your way of barriers, and beat the clock to that flagpole finish. GO!

We have also spent a lot of time dungeon-raiding in Barons Gate, firing arrows at skeletons and big bosses in our quest for yet more loot. The shoot-and-loot core of this game reminded us a lot of Borderlands – it’s pretty addictive!

We’ve also been playing Once Upon A Life, a game with a story very different from anything else out there – you play old man Harry, out to track down his lost memories by solving a series of platform puzzles. Harry also has jet-powered walking sticks that enable him to fly. Yes. Once Upon A Life also features the most polite shark we’ve ever encountered in a video game…

After something a bit more explosive?

The very polite shark in Once Upon A Life.

The very polite shark in Once Upon A Life.

Look no further than River Assault, our new blaster where you deal massive amounts of damage to enemy forces from your gunboat. Or have some retro-shooting fun with Mutant Alien Assault, where survival is the name of the game (not to mention a screen-shaking hyperjump at the end of every stage).

Words not enough to convince you of the awesomeness of all these games? Then check out these screenshots instead! Or…

…Ooooh, videos

Loads of new videos have hit our YouTube channel this month. Our most-watched clip is our wonderful 8 Ball Pool tips and tricks guide, followed by our gameplay video for River Assault, and this superb clip of one of our top games of 2013, Free Running 2. We really think that one has a good chance of being named Miniclip’s Game of the Year, which is another thing that may be coming your way very very soon…

To get the maximum awesomeness out of your internet, we suggest subscribing to our YouTube channel. Or, you could just sit staring at your browser until we upload the next video. It’s your choice.

The Miniclip Charity Cake Bake

The Miniclip Charity Cake Bake

In the office

In between listening to Rebecca Black, Will Smith, and the Ukrainian version of Kiss FM (number of Ukrainian speakers in the Miniclip UK offices: zero), September also saw a cake bake-off to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust charity. Many cakes were baked, judged and scoffed, from spongecakes to Black Forest gateau, and £151.19 was raised.

In case you haven’t realised, we like cake. We recently had a controversial suggestion by one of our staff to move Cake Friday to Wednesday but that was quickly shot down amid cries of “heresy!”, “burn him!”, and “this is Spartaaaa!”.

I am Ironman

Miniclip recently started sponsoring Swiss triathlete Raphael Vorpe, who was competing in the 2013 Ironman World Championships in Hawaii on October 12.

Triathlete Raphael Vorpe and the Miniclip Team

Triathlete Raphael Vorpe and the Miniclip Team

For anyone who doesn’t know, the Ironman triathlons are about the craziest, most intense endurance race ever dreamed up humankind: 140.6 miles of swimming, cycling and running (I’m tired just thinking about it). Raphael finished in the highly impressive time of 9 hours 22 minutes, placing him 168th out of 2,134 athletes! Huge congratulations to him, and to all who entered. On a side note, his time meant that he beat celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay by about 4 hours. Just putting that out there.

Around the blog

This month, we sat down to talk game development with Slime Lab creator Gionathan Pesaresi, and his influences and inspirations (Pokémon Red and Blue is quite high on his list). Oh, and if you’re an 8 Baller – and let’s face it, who isn’t – then you should definitely check out the latest Community Update blog post which has everything you need to know about what we’re working on for the next update.

The spooky Zombie Big Trouble is one of our new games for Halloween.

The spooky Zombie Big Trouble is one of our new games for Halloween.

Come and work with us!

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What’s Next?

October means only one thing for gaming… Halloween! We’ve got a ton of spooky games coming up in the next few weeks. Some are scarier than others, but we’re sure you’ll love zombie go-karting all the same. Keep an eye on, or you can give us a like on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss out.

We’re already starting work on the next monthly Miniclip update, in which we hope to feature some of our favourite fan-made videos, pictures, Facebook comments and tweets of the month. If you’ve got something cool that you think everyone should see, send it to us! And if you’ve got any questions, hit the comments section below.

See you next month!