Trick or Treat Games

Halloween is the perfect time for ghost stories, horror movies, and creepy games – and at Miniclip, we’ve got plenty for you to get your fangs into. In fact, we love Halloween so much that we’ve created a special set of awards for you to win, with our top 10 Trick or Treat games! If you can crack all 10 achievements, a very shiny Trick or Treat Super Award will be yours…

So turn off the lights, settle in, and get ready to play… if you dare.

1. Zombotron 2: Time Machine

Zombotron 2

Award Score: 250,000 points

Why you should play it: Your time machine has crash-landed on a zombie-infested planet and it’s up to you to repair it and get out of there, blasting your way through the undead horde. Doctor Who never had it this tough. You also get to drive a massive, zombie-crushing truck at one point. Squish!

Scariest Part: Battling through unexpected enemy ambushes – they zombies are smarter than your average brain-eaters.

2. After Sunset

After Sunset

Award Score: 55,000 points

Why you should play it: The sun has gone down and there’s wave after wave of enemies to fight off. You start out armed with little more than a meat cleaver and a moustache as you try to stop panicking humans from becoming part of the undead.

Scariest Part: With more enemies showing up every second, and other humans running around yelling for help, it’s easy to lose your cool. Keep calm!

3. Zombie Karts

Zombie Karts

Award Score: 40,000 points

Why you should play it: Customise your zombie karter and hurl skulls at each other while dodging tentacles, ghosts and bats in one of the most fast and frantic racers we’ve played this year. Complete challenges in the game to unlock more outfits for your racer!

Scariest Part: Zombie Karts is more silly than scary. But we’re not going to lie: the thought of losing a massive lead because somebody zapped us with their Special Attack sends shivers down our spine.

4. Zombie Breakout

Zombie Breakout

Award Score: 10,000 points

Why you should play it: It turns out that hazardous chemicals + corpse = zombie apocalypse. Those silly science people! When will they learn. Anyway, there’s a whole lot of undead that need putting back in the ground, and your character, Bruce, needs your help in taking care of them.

Scariest Part: The super-powered zombies are no joke. Run away!

5. Zombie Defense Agency

Zombie Defense Agency

Award Score: 100,000 points

Why you should play it: This is tower defence with a spooky twist. Upgrade your turrets and try and stop the horde from stumbling to their target.

Scariest Part: When you realise that you’ve put your most-powerful turret in a bad position and the zombies just keep on comin’. Panic!

6. Candy Magic

Candy Magic

Award Score: 20,000 points

Why you should play it: This is a retro-style, side-scrolling shooter which requires quick reflexes. There’s a whole host of Halloween ghouls and goblins coming at you – plug them full of your magical attacks and then grab the candy they drop for maximum points.

Scariest Part: The snake-haired Medusa boss at the end of level 3 is not only creepy, but real tough too. Especially when she brings out her serpentine henchmen to lay down even more attacks on your poor witch. Why’d it have to be snakes…

7. Los Zombies

Los Zombies

Award Score: 40,000 points

Why you should play it: You have a great big machete with which to fend off some of the most difficult undead beasts we’ve ever encountered. Oh, and you can upgrade to a minigun as well, but where’s the fun in that.

Scariest part: Not spotting the explosive zombie until it’s too late…

8. Bounzy 2

Bounzy 2

Award Score: 17,500 points

Why you should play it: Bounzy 2 has a strong element of strategy: you need to make maximum use of your environment to take out the enemy. This involves deflecting bullets off surfaces on their way to the zombies, guiding homing missiles past obstacles, and even kick-starting a car into driving over a couple of undead foes.

Scariest Part: Bounzy 2 shouldn’t give you the creeps, as your character is always in a safe position on each level. But we can guarantee that you’ll definitely feel the pressure when you’re down to your last bullet on a particularly tough level.

9. Rail Rush Worlds

Horror Land

Award Score: 2,000 points

Why you should play it: One of our most popular games has had a Halloween update! Ghosts, bats and tons of other creepy obstacles will try to knock Jack O’Lantern out of his cart. You need to duck and dodge your way to the 2,000m mark – good luck!

Scariest Part: Rail Rush gets very quick, very quickly. Sweaty palms will not make it easier for you – deep breaths!

10. Zombie Breach

Zombie Breach

Award Score: 35,000 points

Why you should play it: Taking on a zombie with your bare hands – now that’s the mark of a real action hero. That’s what you’ll need to do in Zombie Breach. Oh, and if they get too close, you can always rely on a bit of back-up in the form of a devastating cannon fire from your reinforcements. Or your trusty knapsack, which can deliver a mean combo.

Scariest Part: As the zombies get faster and more frequent, it’s easy to get overwhelmed out there.

Ready for the challenge?

Think you’ve got the skill, the reflexes, and – more importantly – the bravery to take on these 10 award games? Head over to the Trick or Treat hub on Miniclip and give them a go now!