8 Ball Community Update #7

We've lowered the entry requirements for tournaments and 1 vs 1.

We’ve lowered the entry requirements for tournaments and 1 vs 1.

Welcome to your monthly update from the 8 Ball Pool team! Plenty to tell you about as always, with the release of new versions of 8 Ball for web, Facebook and mobile devices. If you missed the previous blog post, head here to find out about new features like calling pockets on elite tiers, and earning Pool Cash when you level up.

Here’s what we’ve got for you this month.

New entry levels for tournaments and 1 vs 1 play

We’ve made a tweak to the entry requirements for the various tiers in 8 Ball, on both web and mobile. What does this mean for you? Well, you can now enter – and win – higher-stake matches earlier in your Pool career than ever before 🙂 Game on!

Security measures

We’ve also made some big changes to the security of the game, which should go a long way to ensuring a fun and fair playing environment for all players.

Yes, our new security measures are VERY serious.

Yes, our new security measures are VERY serious.

Essential fixes

We’ve made a few essential fixes to bugs that have been reported by users over the last few weeks. If you spot anything else strange happening on the table, feel free to report it to our Customer Support team who are always happy to help.

8 Ball trickshot masterclass

We’ve seen some truly great trickshots on YouTube in the last few weeks. So, we thought we’d put our favourites into one awesome video for you all to enjoy! We’ve got multi-railers, big-spinners, even a four-in-one shot – which one’s your favourite?

If you’ve got a trickshot to show off, email it to social at miniclip dot com – and maybe you’ll be appearing in our next trickshot collection!

E is for Eight Ball Multiplayer Pool.

E is for Eight Ball Multiplayer Pool.

8 Ball on mobile

Elite tiers now have calling pockets on all shots, on mobile and web.

Elite tiers now have calling pockets on all shots, on mobile and web.

You may have seen by now that we released a new version of 8 Ball on iPhone, Android and Kindle last week. If you haven’t updated yet… what are you waiting for? New features include a re-designed shop, nominating all pockets on higher tiers, and some minor bug fixes.

10 billion games played

We’ve just gone past the incredible landmark of 10 billion games played on 8 Ball Pool! That’s 10,000,000,000 games (it looks even more awesome written out like that). Thanks to all our players for helping us past this amazing achievement, and here’s to the next 10 billion games 🙂

8 Ball artwork

It’s been another great month for 8 Ball artwork – we’ve had some crazy creations once again. Incredible amounts of creativity, effort and patience are required to make these – thanks to everyone who sent them in!

Don’t forget, if you’ve got a cool pic yourself, you can send it to us on Facebook or tweet it to us.

Hey, feet off!

Hey, feet off!

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Any questions?

That’s all for this month 8 Ballers – don’t forget that if you’ve got any questions, hit the comments below, or you can check out our Customer Support site.

142 replies

  1. Why can’t there be 500 chip entry for the CALL ALL SHOTS type of game. Playing with “bangers” is aggravating…and the LUCKY shots winners are a killer…

    • i also hate players that just hit the balls hard and hope they go in. they mess up the game plus maybe even win. you can beat a good player but you cant beat a lucky player. i would also like an option of 500 to go for call on black or call all pockets, lucky players will not choose this option as they have no skill.

  2. Why don’t we get the points if we make it to the pool room, but the chosen player doesn’t show up? (When we mandated to wait 30 seconds….)

  3. We want a match system .. a whole match consisting of many racks.. because sometimes we lose without even playing.
    A match of 5 racks or 10 .. Thanks

  4. 1/ how can i practise tricks shots, then post them…..2/ when playing other people i have seen different messages come from them but not in my word box,can we type our own comments during the game


    • I can’t play on my Macbook anymore either. The game needs Flash 11.9 which only works on Mac os x 10.6 minimum, same with Google Chrome. Gutted.

      • Dear Nigel (Macbook owner.)

        Am NOt a Mac expert, but I do have an old PPC Mac. There’s a doohickey out there called ClickToFlash which lets me play it fine on my PPC. Might work on your Mac, but can’t promice, it’s free so worth a try,no?

        Yours respectfully


  6. great job miniclip. I madeonly

    Great job miniclip.
    I hoped games having to call pockets could be optional for all players, not just to those with most coins. You can beat anything but luck.

  7. Thanks for some of the fixes, but today a new thing is happening. Sometimes it’s not adding to my total coins the pool coins I’ve won in both tourneys and 1 vs 1 matches!…But it is surely deducting the coins if I lose!…(awards the coins, but doesn’t add to total coins on hand)…What’s up with that? All the effort for no reward…that sucks!
    What about the increasing ticking timer that a lot of players have an issue with (shorter time to aim, select power up, and shoot with each additional ball you sink) that was mentioned multiple times in the last update blog?…Please allow the same amount of time on each shot.

  8. Add the bangers along with side ways breakers I will refuse to play (again) after you lose. Also I will no longer play the big buck games. Seriously, why always the elite players. One day but not today. Timer seems fair, so far. Thanks.

    • WILL NOT play a BANGER twice! anyone can win with luck. I do however enjoy when they sink the 8 ball…He He as they say….

  9. The tables with garish designs are a bit of a disadvantage for those not used to playing on them. One plain design would make it a level playing field for both players, surely?

  10. Is it wrong or bad manors to use the other person ball to sink one of your own, when it is the only shot. If you don’t shot they get the open cue anyway……

  11. Think about this. A person can play for years and not win a game. Yet since reward points are earned for a loss the highest rank still could be obtained. Who you play and win, difficulty in pots made, and how many awards won should be considered. Also the entry fee for total amount of player dose not add up to prize winnings. Anyone else to comment?

  12. the faster you shoot starting the game the faster the clock will run. take your time with each shot, and the clock will run slower, but it seems the clock does run faster toward the end of the game. also, how come you only get one cash dollar each time you level up, do you know how many games you have to play to level up???? and only 1 measly cash dollar??

    • Hi Bob, our servers are running fine – you may need to update your Flash player since the last update of the game, you now need Flash 11.5 to play. If you’re still having problems, please feel free to contact our Support team for further assistance: http://mcgam.es/support-

  13. Some people don’t seem to understand that some of us don’t and won’t use Google. Thats us out in the cold. Forcing us to use Google. Well it aint forcing me. I beleive in choice. The way it is is bigger corporations less choice.

    • I’m with you. On my comp. I run Mozilla Firefox and Startpage search engine. Most secure web searching. They will have Startmail running soon for secure email.

  14. If I owned the timer I’d buy it for what it is worth and sell it for what miniclip thinks it is worth. I’d be rich, rich, rich.

  15. Ben M..why only reply to some comments? How about why does my cue lock up at times…on my last 8 ball shot???? Can aim, but not shot….

  16. Thanks to the timer to cheat me out of 500 coins. I will never play over a 25 coin game until it is fixed. Also will not buy any pool money to be lost that way. I can play 25 coin games forever and still gain all awards except the big tourneys, so what.

      • Why? In what world of pool do you get less time as you sink balls? Why would somebody pay to play when they can lose due to not being able to set up a shot?

    • Ben M, That is exactly what many players (including myself) have been complaining about for several updates. Why not just allow the same amount of time for each shot? By the time you have sunk several balls, you can hardly aim, choose a power-up or cue ball spin direction without the time running out! I understand making the game move along, strategy, or degree of difficulty, but this really does hamper effective play due to having to rush your shots. It’s almost not worth running the table especially if your last few shots are difficult to make without taking a little time to aim correctly or be precise and set the cue ball up for your next shot. Miniclip seems to take into consideration most complaints, but why not the time issue?…Especially since many players have voiced their concern with this. I feel this is one area that would really benefit the game and enhance the players satisfaction level with the game. Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway?

      Well that’s my 2 cents worth, thanks for for tolerating my rant…but that’s my story and I’m sticking with it!

  17. 1. still losing connection, played with a friend in another town, turkey day, on hard wire. we both lost connection together.
    2. after breaking there is a glitch where it looks like it is ready to run the table, but as I go to shoot; the balls move about an inch, inch and half.
    3. I’ve shot balls perfectly in a pocket, a very close shot, after I make it, the ball bounces out, after hitting it like I’m putting (golf).

    And a little advice for those who are complaining about the shot clock, you want to play faster, go play their QuickFire, that’ll help you with time.

  18. I just ran the table on VIP Zamya, I bet I won’t get a trophy for beating someone 3 tiers higher. Come on mini clip. Cough up for a change.

  19. Some of these very dark tables are a joke.
    We don’t all have perfect vision.
    The lighting on these tables would be deemed faulty inadequet and probably illegal in competition.
    The game would be conceeded to the away team.

  20. I really like the eight ball game. However I think it must be to much for mini clip to provide the service that we deserve. Now that I vested real money into the game, it is disappearing. The new low point is strangely losing connection while using paid for spins. I hope this is a mere over site and will be corrected. If not there is something very wrong here. I want to be a loyal follower yet I am not stupid.

  21. When I hit good luck … well played … you’re good etc … does it translate into the other players language at their end?

  22. My friend n I are playing 8 ball pool. But I can’t seem to find him by ID, neither can he find me. I’m playing using the iPad n he is using desktop.

  23. dear sir each time i go to play miniclippool im asked to give my credit card details why is this, is anything to do with maybe another company, i always thought that it was and is free to play miniclippool.

  24. There is a serious glitch that has been mentioned before that needs fixing. It’s the balls inadvertently rearranging themselves! Sometimes this happens after the initial break, or at times it happens after a few shots have been made. Most of the time the balls move their position slightly, but on occasion they completely get rearranged.
    Lately this seems to be happening more than it was before. Can someone please look into this and hopefully fix this glitch in the game?

    • 4 months later, so I am sure there has been at least one game update since this was posted. it is still happening. I play a perfect snooker on a guy 70 points higher and I have a chance to win….then, the cue ball magically appears for a straight in shot for this guy and I’m out 10000 coins.

      Hope this gets fixed soon. I have noticed it more and more often…mostly on breaks but it definitely happens in the middle of a match as well.

  25. Any chance of answer?
    When I hit good luck … you’re good …. good game … does it translate into the other guys language at his end?

  26. Please give us equal time per shot. By the time you get to the 8 you hurry, won’t use English or choose an option in fear of running out of time. Many time results in an unnecessary scratch or missing the pot on the 8. This is a table game, not the 50 yard dash.

    • Hope your not really expecting a change or a response…Many of us have voiced our concerns in regards to the ridiculous time issue…Only to fall upon deaf ears. Why they won’t take this into consideration is beyond me…????? It is the most commented on/complained about thing on this blog on every update…yet nothing is done to satisfy the desires of the players…?????


    • Hi there – you can no longer change your cue during a game. Between games, you can head to the Shop and pick the cue you want to use.

  28. Players that have a ranking of 50 or less should not be allowed in tournament modes. It’s so frustrating playing players for high stakes who just purposely and randomly just shoot at balls on the table. I have lost thousands in chips because I have just quit on these “bangers” Cannot mini-clip come up with a novice and amateur only tourney based on experience?

    • No one begins at 50 or better. We have to work at it. Will be a 50 soon, never a banger. Don’t group everyone together. I have been beaten by a 1 fairly and have beaten and lost to grand master bangers..

  29. Can Mini Clip please add the sayings TOO SLOW or HURRY UP Some players are far too slow; and need reminding; or can you just get rid of the “sayings/comments. Nothing worse than playing someone who just keeps hitting comment after comment with more interest than playing the game.

  30. When I type in a persons name that I want to add as a friend, I search their name, and it gives a list of people with same name but I can’t find my friend, the list ends and my friends pic isn’t there plz help

  31. Why can’y I see my pool table desgin??? When I’m waiting for my opponent I can see my purchased table design, but when I start playing it fades away nad I see the simple table with no cloth colours or frames… what’ the problem?

      • Can this be changed? It’s very annoying that someone on a mobile phone/tablet cannot play someone on a desktop PC/laptop. Cheers.

  32. Could you please consider adding a couple of chats ” Good to see you again” “That was tough” ” Ejoyed playing you”

  33. Can you tell me what order the rankings go in please!
    Semi pro … pro etc.
    Also … the other day I played a guy who had a thousand games under his belt … he was 51% yet he was a master!
    How does that work?
    At that stage I was a 70% er but was never a master.
    I see a lot of these.

  34. Having a problem with the money as well sitting with 2 147 000 000 won all in game and money is still the same ?????

  35. My friend uses miniclip on a computer and I am on the app on my I pad and for some reson I can’t find him through Facebook or unique I’d. Please help me

  36. I cant find some of my friends on the ipad app, i even invited them but they dont show up in the challange list! Please resolve my issue

  37. I just want to know 1 thing and that is how to find a person from 8 ball pool on facebook. I have been playing with someone for a long time and want to talk but………. there is limitation in the game and i tried to find the person on fb but failed ..!!! Please help
    Desperate Person!

  38. Is it possible to play between comp and phone.. because meamd friend is not able to play between comp and phone right now

  39. It feels to me that your new High Coin Game ,has the look of people using computers to gain large amounts of coins.i can’t believe they are buying them.Just explaine if you can how so many people have so many , and how can I do the same.

  40. I have a couple of questions.

    First, my win streak had never updated. It’s still at 0 and I know Ive won more than 5 games in s row.

    Second, If I’m using my Google account to pay online on my mobile device. Is there a way to change my avatar or have my avatar show as the picture that is associated with my Google account?

    Also, is there a way to transfer my stats over to a MC account if i make one?


  41. Am I playing against a person or a computer? I just played a game and watched my opponent miss an easy shot on the black. I lined up my shot and then got the connection is slow message. When the connection resumed, my opponent had a stripe on the table. How had I watched them take a shot on the black? I have lost faith in this game.

  42. I have won 3-4 games and expected to get 1000 coins for each game but the computer locks up and I am charged 500 coins for the game but I do not receive my winnings. What is going on here.

  43. Hi, i need help with Miniclip profile picture. My first log in was with G+ account on android and i did not have picture. I read later that is normal. After that i read that i need to log in with Facebook account and it is only way to have picture on Miniclip account. I unlinked G+ account and Log In with Facebook, but i did not get picture on profile. I tried to change Facebook permisions, all is alowed, but i still do not have picture. I tried several times to unlink and log in agagin with FB but without success with picture.
    How i can get my FB picture on Miniclip account after all trying? Please help!

  44. why do i get a connection problem most of the time while i was about to pot the last 2 ball in 1m match…it is really upsetting.. i cud hardly get a change to win 1m match, can anybody help?

  45. you guys are doing a great job with this game but i have a small request make it where we can type what we want to the people where playing with like ifi wanna ask them how is there day going i cant because i cant type these things and do it for pc and android i hope to see these changes soon other then that the games is a big hit but i kno im not the only person that will think talkin threw text is a good thing for the game my personal opinion i hate how we got options on what we say to people i met some one on the game and we cant talk but i can tell we are trying to communicate with one another but we cant thats the only problem i got so please apply this feature to the game on both pc and android thanks and keep it up

  46. I have loaded the windows 10 update and can no longer log-in to 8 ball through fb, it times out and returns the miniclip fail to log-in message. Any help/ideas? would be much appreciated, Ian.

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