Best Games of 2013

It’s awards season – the perfect time to take a look at our top Miniclip games of 2013. It’s been an awesome year, with some games pushing the boundaries of browser-based gaming, plenty of gameplay innovations, and above all tons of fun!

Free Running 2

Free Running 2

Let’s begin with one of our biggest hits of the year, Free Running 2. Released in July, this sequel thrilled with its gravity-defying stunts, leaps, and jumps – all taking place high above the city streets below. Millions of you played Free Running 2 this year, making it one of our most popular titles of 2013. Get ready for a snowy Christmas update too, coming soon!

Robot Rage

Robot Rage

Robot Rage launched on Miniclip this year with the sound of metal on metal in its explosive PvP action. Upgrade your robot with new weapons and powers, and send them into battle in one of our deadly arenas. Fights go on until one bot has been reduced to scrap!

Motocross Nitro

Motocross Nitro

Motocross Nitro is our number 1 racer of 2013, with its combination of high speeds, dangerous stunts and occasional wipeouts adding tons of replayability. It’s also one of the best-looking titles on Miniclip, with a huge range of tracks. Our personal favourite is the Arena on freestyle mode: tailor-made for some big air. Look out for some awesome new features coming to Motocross this Christmas: new tracks, leaderboards, and awards are on the way.

Bow Master Japan

Bow Master Japan

Now here’s a game that really hits the spot: grab your arrows and get ready to aim and fire in Bow Master Japan. Moving targets, stunning environments, quick reflexes and replayability are the secrets behind this game’s huge popularity: it’s been one of our most-played games ever since its release.

Commando Rush

Commando Rush

Commando Rush features more action than a Hollywood blockbuster, and enough explosions to leave Michael Bay gibbering with excitement. It’s got a selection of mini missions from the Commando universe, awesome unlockable weapons, tons of awards and some great environments. Time to start the battle!

On The Run: The Getaway

On The Run The Getaway

The latest and greatest in the On The Run series, The Getaway has you making your escape from an evil corporation intent on smashing your car into pieces. With explosive power-ups, spectacular crashes, and even a surprise helicopter attack, The Getaway is a high-speed thrill ride.

Slime Lab 2

Slime Lab

The sequel to the enormously-popular Slime Lab was one of our favourite games of the year. A physics platform-puzzler with a suitably squishy character, guiding Slime through the various dangers and obstacles of the Lab was a huge hit. Slime Lab 2 is packed with secret paths, tricky puzzles, and, of course, a big blob of goo.

Rail Rush

Rail Rush

Rail Rush is an exhilarating adrenaline-fuelled adventure, and has been a big favourite all year round on Miniclip as well as on iPhone, Android and Windows Phones. With tons of characters, four worlds to explore – including the new Horror Land – it’s all about collecting gold nuggets and dodging obstacles in a bid to get just that little bit further than last time.

8 Ball Multiplayer Pool

8 Ball Pool

Of course, no list of our top 10 games would be complete without 8 Ball Pool, a game that has grown at incredible speed this year. Available on mobile as well as Miniclip and Facebook, we recently went past the amazing landmark of 10 billion gameplays. Customise your table, play with your nation’s cue, and win tournaments on your way to becoming the ultimate 8 Ball legend.

Fireboy & Watergirl: Crystal Temple

Fireboy and Watergirl

The latest installment in the super-popular Fireboy and Watergirl series, Crystal Temple launched in October. It’s a puzzle game that will leave your brain and fingers in a twist, as you control Fireboy with one hand and Watergirl with the other, and guide them through increasingly tricky levels. Any player who gets the gold award in Crystal Temple definitely deserves it.

What’s your favourite Miniclip game?

Did your favourite make the list? What’s your game of the year? You can tell us in the Comments below, on our Facebook page, or tweet us. Or, you could just go to and start playing to decide for yourself! Thanks for helping us to make 2013 such a great year, and stay tuned for news of some of our awesome titles coming in 2014!

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  1. Hello, Me and my wife have been playing Rail Rush for last few months and have collected around a million nuggets, with half a million still not spent. Is there a way to share the stats of the game with the rest of the players to find out who has the ultimate highest score. If we happen to be the winners, is there a way for Miniclip to reward us?

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