8 Ball Pool voted Miniclip’s Best Game of 2013

There’s been some fantastic games on Miniclip this year, but we wanted to know… what was your favourite? What game would win our People’s Choice award?

So, we picked our top 10 games of 2013, made an awesome video, and then threw the vote open to our Facebook fans to decide which game was our number 1 for this year. From there, we whittled it down to a Final Five, and then, in a last vote, our winner was crowned. Congratulations to 8 Ball Pool, picked as Miniclip’s Game of the Year by you, the fans!

8 Ball just passed a pretty awesome milestone.

8 Ball just passed a pretty awesome milestone.

8 Ball has proved to be not only the most popular game on Miniclip this year, but also one of the most popular on all of Facebook, as well as on iPhone and Android phones. A few days ago, we went past the incredible landmark of ten billion games played. That’s a lot of wins, a lot of incredible shots, a ton of “sorry gotta run”s, and plenty of “hehe”s!

We’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to all our 8 Ball players! For every game, every pot, every trickshot, every cool bit of 8 Ball artwork that you’ve spent time making – it’s been an incredible year.  We’ve seen trickshot videos that have blown our minds with their creativity: we’ve already published one sweet collection and have another on the way. Keep emailing them in to us using the address social at miniclip.com and you could be starring in a future video too.

To commemorate the fact that you picked 8 Ball as your favourite, you’ll now see this cool People’s Choice badge next to the game page 😀

Thanks to all our players for making 2013 such a special year! Look out for even more great games coming to Miniclip in 2014… oh, and in the rest of 2013, of course! There’s still time left for us to release some more fun stuff for you to play. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our Facebook page, Twitter feed, or our YouTube channel for the very latest Miniclip news.

8 Ball is your winner of the People's Choice award for 2013!

8 Ball is your winner of the People’s Choice award for 2013!

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  1. no more good games on miniclip before was better with rhino rush first one, Dino quake what happens to these games they should have made more versions with better awards

  2. Very nice game and easy to play, although a chat device would be nice especially to people that want to say different things to there opponents, as  time permits.

    • Hi Tej, it’s not a player award, it’s just a badge that will appear on the game page to tell the world that you all voted 8 Ball as our best game 🙂

  3. not good a long time ago it was very good now its beting and erning things but two years ago was very very good now i play once a month atleas i like club penguin but its not eny more good for miniclip i wolde like to give thise game to my litll brother so as the ather games i play but i dont know how it will be in 5 yers !!?plz think what i say all kids (boys,girls) that play in miniclip thaks for riding hoo did read !!!

  4. 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip is the best pool which I’ve ever played.

    I don’t want to be impolite but I think that you could also add here e.g. 15 Ball Pool and Snooker Game (maybe because I’m a big fan of these both games). And all matches in tournaments could be longer (e.g. best of 3-5 frames). It’s only my opinion, I still think that Miniclip 8 Ball Pool (Multiplayer and Quick Fire Pool) is the best biliard game on the world 😉

  5. Best Miniclip game in the world I love it very very much. lol. it is a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good game.

  6. […] With awards’ season upon us, we ran a vote on our Facebook page to see which of our games would be picked as the best of 2013. We were delighted to announce that the winner, after some intense rounds of voting, was… drum roll… 8 Ball Pool! It’s been a great year for 8 Ball – which recently went past the incredible landmark of 10 billion matches played – and you can read more about some of the reasons behind its win right here. […]

  7. yeah!..success!..i love miniclip games!..it have fulfilled my heart desire!…now i don’t even have to search any website..miniclip have all that games i like..♥♥♥

  8. its an alright game… apart from the tournaments… i am only level 8 and I am good but when ever I play tournaments I always lose to a level 20+.. only level 10 and under should be able to play the first tournament…

  9. Well, I think miniclips reach with good comments, even I do like to leave a good comment. but, I have lot of complains to talk about miniclip and those are 1.The reason – Can’t play tournament TOKYO WARRIOR which we could play before 2. Number of cues that which we was buying for pool coins now we have to pay. 3.We cannot watch previous comments on suggestion box 4. Before this get worse fix these please then I’ll about good about this site & games.

  10. The world best games
    8 Ball Pool
    Soccer Stars
    Berry Rush Only
    And I request to miniclip
    Make Battle Multiplayer Game

  11. I recently was charged 54 USD for a heap that I did not authorize and I’m still waiting to be credit back on itunes but its ike im being ignored I submitted a form, and I only have 300 000 not 1.3 but i dot usually by in that amount, i just tried to re submit a form and it wouldn’t clear through with all the bills and info needed to get a refund but it seems im being ignored ? Pls Advise

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