Miniclip Christmas Games & Awards

UPDATE – 13th December

We’ve decided to re-open all the awards for one weekend, starting on Saturday 14th December and ending on Sunday 15th. This is your chance to go back and get any of the awards you might have missed – good luck! They should be re-opened at the same time as the 14th award goes live.

The holiday season is here, and we’ve got a load of festive awards for you to earn! There are 24 brand-new exclusive awards to win in our Fun Factory hub from a selection of our very best games. However! These awards are time-limited, with a new one unlocking each day.

Want to make sure you don’t miss out? We’ve put together this blog post to explain how it all works.

Think of these holiday awards as an advent calendar of games. There are 24 to collect, with each award available for one day only. When the next one opens, the previous day’s award will be locked out! The first award will be available from Sunday 1st Decemberalthough you can check out some of our holiday games to get you in the festive spirit!

Oh okay, since we’re feeling generous, we’ll leave the first 3 unlocked for a little bit longer to get you started 😉

One other thing: just like an advent calendar, you won’t know what the next game will be until you visit the site on that day. Enjoy the surprise!

Each new award will be unlocked at 08:30 GMT every day.

But hey, if you miss out on one of the daily awards, don’t worry – there’s still plenty to play for. On December 25th, you’ll get a Super Award based on how many of the daily awards you’ve managed to earn. If you’ve got at least 6 of the 24 awards, then the bronze Super Award is yours. Earn 12 out of 24 awards and a shiny silver Super Award is waiting for you. However, get all 24 out of 24 and the super-exclusive gold award will be added to your stash!

Sound good? We can’t wait to get started, we’re as excited as a kid at Christm… oh, right!

Got any questions? Ask below and our team of elves will help you out.

Happy Holidays!

The Miniclip Team

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    • i am a girl and i don’t even know where to put the ball in soccer stars.and in ice temple we need two player but i was alone .

      • Hi Prishnee, in Crystal Temple you control Watergirl with the WASD keys, and Fireboy with the arrow keys. It’s a single-player game, you just have to move both characters to complete the level 🙂 TIP: You don’t need to move them both at the same time, we find it’s easier to move one character into position (eg, onto a button to hold open a door) and then move the other one. Good luck with the award!

    • “On December 25th, you’ll get a Super Award based on how many of the daily awards you’ve managed to earn. If you’ve got at least 6 of the 24 awards, then the bronze Super Award is yours. Earn 12 out of 24 awards and a shiny silver Super Award is waiting for you. However, get all 24 out of 24 and the super-exclusive gold award will be added to your stash!”

  1. Please make an option to get an award after it has vanished. There was an orcan Xavier (very strong wind) going through whole country and some of the cities of Poland had no internet yesterday so I miss number 6. This way I won’t get the gold award. I know you can do something about it – one day is too short period of time considering that some people are going to their families for this special time of year.

    • I suppose they already did it 2 days ago because the missed awards say “Come back on December 25th” so big hugs for them 🙂 I only hope they’ll bring back the colored records which showed how well you’ve done comparing to other players and not only scores as we have it now. Merry Christmas to the miniclip stuff! 🙂

  2. What’s up with the 15th Award? Why isn’t available yet? I go to the game and the icon for the Fun Factory isn’t there to get it =/

  3. Hi I could not get some of the daily awards, when I try clicking on them it shows wait till December 25th… I had a doubt…. will all the awards be unlocked on 25th exclusively for one day?????

  4. All my games of miniclip are not loading for me. they are being loaded till 12% and then it stops loading. Due to this, i was not able to win 16th, 17th and 18th advent awards. What should I do? Why these games are not loading? But the ones which need Unity web player are getting loaded properly.

  5. Hi i`m from holland And i Wonder why are there no dutch flags or dutch items like in 8 pool ???

    AnyWays every 1 happy x-mas days And have a happy peace good 2014

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