8 Ball Community Update, December 2013

What a year it’s been in 8 Ball Pool! We’ve seen new features, amazing trickshots, cool Pool art, and over ten billion games played of classic 8 Ball action. So, here we are, at the end of 2013. We’re already looking forward to plenty of exciting stuff in 2014, but here’s everything you need to know about 8 Ball Pool as we enter the holiday period!

Last week, we released an update for 8 Ball on web and Facebook, and we’ll have a new version on mobile devices in the next couple of weeks. What’s new in these updates? Read on!

Play Facebook Friends in 8 Ball

We’ve fixed a bug that was preventing some users from being able to challenge their Facebook friends to a game of Pool. You may now see the game asking you to confirm access to your Facebook Chat contacts: you’ll need to confirm this in order to challenge friends. Most of you will have done this when you installed the app, in which case you’ll already be able to play your Facebook friends!

New Christmas Cue

The new Christmas Cue is available for a short time only!

The new Christmas Cue is available for a short time only!

There’s only one way to play 8 Ball this festive season and it’s with the brand new Xmas cue. You may already have noticed the cue in the Pool Shop on web and Facebook – it’ll be added to mobile very soon too. Shot of the season!

Double-value Coin Packs

Look out for a special offer coming soon to 8 Ball over the Christmas period – double-value top-ups on selected Coin Packs in the Pool Shop! The offer will run from the 23rd to the 26th of December – keep an eye on our Facebook page or the @8ballpool Twitter feed for the latest info!

Trickshots Masterclass – Part 2

Epic trickshot inbound.

Epic trickshot inbound.

We’ve just published our second collection of your amazing trickshots! We had an absolute ton of entries emailed in, so we’re already working on a super-size edition of shots for Part 3. Again, we’re just amazed by the incredible creativity and skill shown by some of our players. Some of these shots we had to watch again and again to try and work out how they’d been potted. Thanks so much to everyone who has sent one in so far. Remember, if you’ve got a trickshot for us, email social at miniclip dot com.

In the meantime, sit back, relax, and enjoy these awesome shots!

Localized versions coming to mobile

8 Ball on mobile is being localized into multiple languages.

8 Ball on mobile is being localized into multiple languages.

We know that 8 Ball is played by gamers all around the world, so we’re taking steps to ensure that the game is even more fun for everyone. The next update to 8 Ball on mobile devices will include localized language versions of the game in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. We’re working on bringing out some other language editions soon too!

“No guideline” mode in elite mobile tiers

We’re also introducing a new feature in the top tier of 1v1 and Tournaments on mobile: a “no guideline” mode. It’s the ultimate test of skill; we’ve seen quite a few players request a gamemode like this so we hope you’ll enjoy it. If you’d rather play with guidelines, there are plenty of other tiers to choose 🙂

What next?

Well, that just about wraps it up for 2013… but what have we got coming in 2014? Well, there’s a ton of top-secret stuff that we’ll share with you in these updates when we have a little more detail. In the meantime, why not tell us what you’d like to see in 8 Ball next year?

That’s all from us, so all that’s left to do is wish all our players a happy holidays and a very happy New Year, and all the best for 2014.

Thanks for playing!

The 8 Ball Pool Team


46 replies

  1. open all the tournaments… 😉
    You can even try adding some comments… and yeah that changing cue , cloth and table in game ; bring it back.. 🙂

  2. I was hoping that you would finally allow the same amount of time for each shot. In the “Whats Next?” section you’ve stated “Why not not tell us what you’d like to see in 8 ball next year?”…Well, we have been telling you for several updates…Allow the same time for each shot!

  3. If you are seriously asking what the players want, listen to the players!
    Open the Jakarta, Los Vegas, and Tokyo tournaments, add open chat (At least when challenging / playing friends), and give us equal time for each shot (at least in lower tiers)
    Players like me have been asking for all of these things for quite some time now, so please at least consider them! 🙂

  4. I would love to see my opponents play while waiting in tournaments, or any other game, I would love the option to view game third. It would be great to have that option

  5. hi…why dont my yome avatar refresh in the 8pool profile ! it shows my new avatar in my site profile but does not change in the pool game even after refreshes/logout_login. can you plese help.

  6. Love this game! Would be great to have some other kinds of pool like 9-ball, rotation, straight pool (14to1) etc, maybe a bit of 6 red snooker. I’d also love to see replays included in the game, with the ability to save those special trick shots.

  7. There should be a new rule/update implemented immediately – so we can determine just who breaks. It’s not fair in a tournament where I don’t get a chance to even play because the grandmaster/vip level who broke just ran the table on me and I lost $200 (coins) without a chance to even play. Just like in real pool – there should be some type of “lag” process in tournaments before each game to determine just who gets to break. Breaking is a BIG advantage. You guys should seriously implement this right away. Also – break up the tournaments by skill/experience level – not just money. Have a level 11 or 12 play a level 88 or 95 is just ridiculous. The VIPs, Grandmasters and Pros should play each other and the rest of us should play the rest of us. Keep it fair and balanced, miniclip!

  8. ok programmers you ask for ideas and such i see people asking for open chat between us players and yes we all would like to see this happen but only you can do it

  9. Guys you should make it avaible for players to sell their pool coins for real cash. I think it will make the game better and even more people are going to play it.

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