Permission to make money from Miniclip games

Making money by playing games? It sounds almost too good to be true… but it is true.

We’ve always been happy for our players to make videos of themselves playing our games and then upload them to YouTube – who wouldn’t be? There isn’t much that we enjoy more than watching people having fun playing Miniclip games!

We’re also happy for users to make money from those videos, on any broadcasting service – especially YouTube – by having adverts running alongside them.  We were delighted to see Vlambeer, another games company, taking up the baton on this and bringing it into the public eye.

So, we at Miniclip wanted to be 100% clear on this:  we’re totally happy to give you full legal permission to make videos of you playing Miniclip games and to make money off those videos. All our games. Literally every game on Miniclip. Yes, even 8 Ball Pool. In fact, we’ve recently been using some of your 8 Ball Pool videos to make some totally awesome trickshot collections.

This permission extends back to the dawn of time and will continue until the end of eternity. It transcends all spatial boundaries; users can upload and monetize gameplay from any country, including the bottom of the ocean and from the moon if they so desire.

The only tiny thing we would like to add, which we’re sure you know already, is that Miniclip is a family-friendly site. So, we’d be very grateful if you could bear that in mind when making videos of our games, or using them on your own channels. Keep it clean and fun and you might even find your stuff shared on our official Facebook page or Twitter feed.

Other than that, we wish you all the best with videos of our games. Seriously, we hope you become super-rich off the back of them. If that does happen, and you’re at a loss as to how to spend it all, perhaps you would consider buying us a small island in the Bahamas, or, failing that, something for our next Cake Friday.

If YouTube or someone else says that you can’t do this, then please direct them back to this blog post.

As always, have fun!

The Miniclip Team