8 Ball Community Update, January 2014

Happy New Year, 8 Ballers! We’re super-excited about some of the new stuff we’re working on for 8 Ball Pool in 2014, and these updates are the first place you’ll hear about them. In the meantime, here’s what we’ve been up to since our Christmas update.

Beat The Boss

As we’re sure you’ve seen, Miniclip chief Big Rob took to the tables of 8 Ball Pool last week to play against some of the 8 Ball community. He took on as many challengers as he could squeeze in – maybe you were one of the people he played! Out of ten games, he won 4 and, er, lost the other 6. Big thanks to everyone who logged in to challenge him, and congratulations to our boss-beaters Edvinas, Loayh9, Humayun, Bo, Denizarikan12 and Chaddy111222!

Look out for details of when Big Rob is online!

Look out for details of when Big Rob is online!

Were you logged in, but didn’t manage to get a game? Don’t panic – we’re looking to make Beat The Boss a regular event. But remember that you’ve got to be quick – there’s a lot of people who want to take him down…!

So, how do you go about joining the action? Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter feed for announcements of the next event, and make sure you’re logged in to the game on Miniclip or Facebook (not mobile) at the time given. Hit Play Friends and search for Big Rob’s player profile, RobertMiniclipand add him – if you’ve not already done so. In the Play Friends page, you’ll be able to see when he’s online, and when he’s in a game – it’ll show his status as “Busy”. The moment that “Busy” disappears, hit the challenge button to send your request!

To make sure that all players have a fair chance of playing, Big Rob will accept the first challenge he receives – get ready to click that mouse button!

If you have any ideas that you think may improve our Beat the Boss event (live-streaming? exclusive awards?), please let us know either in the comments below, on Facebook, or by emailing us on social at miniclip dot com.

8 Ball on web – updated

It's now much easier to see ALL your achievements in the game, from your Player Profile page.

It’s now much easier to see ALL your achievements in the game, from your Player Profile page.

We released a new version of 8 Ball on web and Facebook last week, mainly focussed on improving the game’s interface to make it cleaner and faster to navigate. We’re sure some of you have already noticed the new nav bar on 8 Ball on Facebook which gives you easier access to your friends, items and more.

We’ve also changed how your achievements are displayed in the game: in your player profile is a new button which shows all your unlocked achievements (and the ones you’ve still got to win), so all you completionists can accurately check your progress!

Finally, we’ve also put your friends list in alphabetical order to make it quicker and easier to find your friends for a game. We’re working on a way to display your friends by how often you’ve played them to make sure your favourite opponents are at the top. Less scrolling through lists, more playing 8 Ball!

No guideline, no problem

No Guideline mode is coming to elite tiers on mobile.

No Guideline mode is coming to elite tiers on mobile.

Looking ahead, we have new updates in store for 8 Ball Pool on mobile too. One of the bigger changes is something that we’ve had plenty of requests for – a no guideline mode. Yup, this means that in the highest tiers, 8 Ball will be played without a guideline and you’ll have to use your own skill and judgement to beat your opponent. We’re looking forward to a few games of this ourselves – it should be the ultimate test of 8 Ball skill!

We’re also continuing to roll out new language versions of 8 Ball on mobile. The next update on all platforms will contain Russian and Turkish translations, and iOS users will also now have the 6 languages included in the Android update at the end of 2013.

Cool stuff from the Community

We’re not even a month into 2014 and we’ve already been sent some great new trickshots by our players. Huge thanks to Arvind, Amruth, Kunal908, Kilkiju and plenty of others for their incredible creativity and 8 Ball skill – we’ve been loving your videos and we’ll include as many as we can in our new Trickshot Masterclass #3! It’s already looking pretty sweet – we’re putting it together at the moment.

Remember, if you want your trickshot to make it into our masterclass, email us at social at miniclip dot com. This bit of showboating from Amruth is our current favourite!

That’s all for this month’s update! As always, we love hearing your feedback and suggestions on new features and improvements to 8 Ball. We look forward to hearing what you guys make of the no guideline mode, and any ideas you have for making Beat The Boss even better!

Enjoy the game,

The 8 Ball Pool Team