Motocross Nitro – Tips & Tricks

So you’ve started on your journey to become a Motocross Nitro champion… but unlocking all the tracks, bikes and achievements is tough! Fortunately, our in-house team of Motocross Experts have put together this tips and tricks guide to help you on your way.

1. Wheelies are key


Wheelies are the best way to build up nitro throughout a track. It’s a lot safer than trying to do a Can Can on a small jump! You can also do a standing wheelie by holding the left and down arrows at the same time, while your bike is stationary. This comes in handy during Freestyle events, especially if you near the end and you still have a bit of time left – you can balance a wheelie for some extra points.

If you can perfect the art of doing a wheelie on every bike, then you’re well on your way to being a Champion.

2. Don’t be afraid to use an older bike

Old bike

All the bikes have different stats, which makes them better (or worse) for certain events and for going after certain achievements. Just because you’ve unlocked a shiny new ride, doesn’t mean it’s going to be the ideal vehicle for the next event. The Spark bike is very light and easy to do tricks on, so it’s perfect for Freestyle events – but useless for higher tier races where you need a bit more raw power.

3. Use nitro tactically

Tactical Nitro

Nitro can be used to get the edge on your opponents: it can give you more height or distance on your jumps, and that oh-so-cool slo-mo effect when you’re pulling off tricks. Using nitro is essential to getting the bonus objectives on each level. The best time to trigger your nitro boost is just as you hit the top of a hill or ramp: this’ll ensure that as you leave the ground, your boost is fully engaged.

4. Don’t button mash

Button Mash

It may seem like you don’t have much time to execute the trick you want, but if you press the keys quickly (and in the right combination) then you’ll be able to put off a string of high-level moves without a fuss. It’s also good to be aware of how long each trick takes to complete… so you don’t end up face-planting in the middle of a Superman. Practice until you’re familiar with them all.

5. The “R” key is your friend


Don’t be afraid to hit the “R” key if things aren’t going your way, and restart the level. Trial and error is the best way to figure out what techniques do and don’t work on a particular track or bike – even the experts won’t hit the jumps perfectly on their first run. Experimentation is a key skill of a Motocross Nitro Champ.

6. Use brake when pulling off a frontflip


You would think frontflips would be quite easy, seeing as they’re just backflips in a different direction. Think again: a frontflip is a true pro move. Be sure to brake during the frontflip – accelerating will actually slow the flip which looks cool but you’re more likely to crash.

7. Control that skimobile


With great power, comes great responsibility – and the skimobile has a lot of power. However, you must wield that power with a lot of control. When you start a race, lean forward (right arrow key) to steady the skimobile. This also applies after small jumps as the skimobile is liable to flip itself (and you) over if you jam down the accelerator without getting your balance right. Also, be aware that the skimobile is much bigger and heavier than a bike, so flips take a lot longer to perform.

8. Master the trick combos

Motocross Nitro has tons of tricks to learn and master. Some of them are straightforward, where others require precision timing and very big air. Luckily for you, we’ve put together this sweet video showcase of all the tricks. You’ll soon know your Electric Doom from your Hart Attack – check it out and get practicing.

9. Get the awards and pass the Challenges


Passing challenges and earning awards is a great way to get extra cash and to unlock upgrades for your bike. Pay special attention to the challenges that are set for each track, and don’t forget that you can race a track as many times as you want in order to pass them. As always with Motocross Nitro, the better you know each track, the better chance you’ll have of getting that 90m jump distance, or pulling off a long wheelie.

These tips should be everything you need to unleash your inner speed demon on the courses of Motocross Nitro. All that’s left now is to get on your bike, hit that nitro boost and get some big air! Good luck – and try not to face-plant too spectacularly…

Got a top tip for other Motocross Nitro players? Post it in the comments below! We’ll pick out the best ones and add them to the list above.