Miniclip Roundup #4 – New games, tips, tricks, and cake!

News! Updates! Fun stuff! Yup, it’s our monthly Miniclip roundup post!

A new update to Rail Rush will unlock a new world: Amazonia.

A new update to Rail Rush will unlock a new world: Amazonia.

As we’re sure you know, we love games. So, we’ve decided to gamify this blog post. Hidden on this page is a cake. The first person to find the cake and announce its location in the comments section gets a prize of indeterminate value.

While you’re looking for the cake, we recommend reading the post. Perhaps a clue to the cake’s location is contained within. Perhaps the words themselves are full of awesome stuff that you need to know. Find out for yourself.

New Games

2014 has started with a literal bang on Miniclip – a common theme shared by two of our most popular games so far this year has been “cars” and “destruction”. Total Wreckage has brought high-speed pile-ups and spectacular crashes to your screens, with its stylish total-wipeout traps adding an even bigger element of vehicular violence to the mix.

Our other new favorite is Crash & Burn, which takes place in an open city packed with stunt jumps, cash stashes, hidden secrets and lots of things to destroy. Go where you want, leap off buildings, plow through sports cars, drive up (and off) cliff-sides – it’s totally up to you. Unlock new vehicles – the rocket-launching fire truck is a personal fave – and tons of upgrades to make yourself faster, tougher, and more destructive. Check out our video to see it in action, or, if you’re already convinced, play it right now.

Bob The Robber 2

Bob The Robber 2

Hot Rod Racers is out now on iOS, Android and WP8 - and on!

Hot Rod Racers is out now on iOS, Android and WP8 – and on!

Another game you should definitely check out this month is the super-sneaky Bob The Robber 2. We’ll let one of our YouTube commenters, CrimsonFury606, summarize this one for you as we’re not sure we can do any better: “Robin Hood, Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil all in one. Bob the Robber (technically burglar) is one heck of an anti-hero. He truly does fight for the 99%.” Bob The Robber – what a guy.

Mobile news

This month saw our first big mobile release of the year, with the awesome Hot Rod Racers hitting iOS, Android and WP8 devices. It’s a free racing game that requires perfect gear-shifting timing to squeeze every last bit of speed out of your car as you try to get over that finish line before your opponent. You earn coins and crowns as you complete challenges,allowing you to upgrade your hot rod – or even get your hands on a new one if the style isn’t to your liking. But it’s not just about who’s got the fastest car: your opponent will also try to ram you to slow you down. Solution: get him before he gets you. You can also play it on

Total Wreckage has been one of our most popular games so far this year.

Total Wreckage has been one of our most popular games so far this year.

Hot Rod Racers is out now, but we’ve also got something cool coming very soon to Rail RushWe’ve got a whole new world (okay, now you’re going to be singing that for the rest of the day), plus a new character, swinging through the jungle and onto your phone or tablet in the next few weeks.

The latest version of 8 Ball Pool on mobile also included a brand-new feature: a no-guideline mode on the highest tier. Yup, this means that for the really big bucks, you’ll need all your 8 Ball skill to win – only the top players need apply.

We’ve got some more cool stuff coming to 8 Ball soon – there’s a sparkly new Valentine’s Cue in the shop right now – make sure you follow our Facebook page to get the latest info.

Beat The Boss

On the subject of 8 Ball Pool… have you seen our Beat The Boss events? Beat The Boss is YOUR chance to take on Miniclip CEO Big Rob on the 8 Ball Pool tables. So far, each week seems to follow a similar pattern: Big Rob loses most of the first five or six games, but then gets his act together for the home straight, rattling off three or four quick wins that take him back into the safe water of respectability. Beat The Boss is still a new event, and we’re always looking to improve it – and we’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments section.

No Guideline mode is now out on elite tiers on 8 Ball Pool mobile.

No Guideline mode is now out on elite tiers on 8 Ball Pool mobile.

To find out more about Beat The Boss, check out our Frequently Asked Questions post.

8 Ball Pool – Trickshot Masterclass

We’ve recently published our new 8 Ball Pool Trickshot Masterclass, featuring 14 of the very best shots sent in by 8 Ball players over the last month. We think this collection has some of the finest shots we’ve seen to date – make sure you watch them all as we saved one of the best ’til last!

Don’t forget, if you’ve got a shot you want to share with the world, send us a message on Facebook or email social at miniclip dot com. In the meantime, sit back and be amazed at this world-class display of 8 Ball Pool skill.

Big Rob during one of our Beat The Boss events

Big Rob during one of our Beat The Boss events

Tips & Tricks

We’ve recently published a load of new tips and tricks videos on our YouTube channel for some of our most popular games, including a full walkthrough for Bob the Robber 2 and a guide to all the tricks in Motocross Nitro. If there’s a game that you’re stuck on, let us know and we’ll look at putting together a walkthrough vid for it!

Alternatively, if you’ve made your own walkthrough video of one of our games, share it with us! It might end up on Miniclip where thousands of others can benefit from your gaming skills. Just email us a link to social at miniclip dot com. 

Team Miniclip

Our growing Lisbon team have just moved into a shiny new extended office, complete with an awesome chill-out area with fussball tables, sofas and game consoles. You also get a cool view of the Atlantic ocean out of the window (now, we just need the sun to start shining again). We also took the opportunity to upgrade our entrance hall with some Miniclip artwork – check it out!

Miniclip Portugal entrance

The London office Pool Tournament was won by... Big Rob

The London office Pool Tournament was won by… Big Rob

In London, between battling tube strikes and weather that actually washed away the ground underneath the train tracks that one of our team uses to get home, we also held a real-life Pool Tournament. As we’ve learned in the past, being good at 8 Ball Pool bears no relation to your ability on a real pool table. No relation at all. Having said that, the eventual winner was none other than Big Rob himself, although the overall standard would probably cause some of our 8 Ball players to turn their nose up in horror. Anyway, here’s the winning moment (right).

Meanwhile, our team in Neuchâtel – in between sending around photos showing just how sunny Switzerland is right now – recently enjoyed a chocolate making (and tasting) session. Possibly there was more interest in the tasting than the making.

We’re Hiring

Want to be a part of Miniclip? We’re always looking for new people to join our team, and we’re currently hiring for a wide number of roles in London, Lisbon and Neuchâtel. Positions include Software Developers and Web Designers, but there’s plenty more too – take a look at our Vacanciespage for more information.

And Finally

Did you find the cake?