Miniclip Interview: Zero Gravity creator Jamie Joseph

Zero Gravity is a brand-new space shooter/runner coming soon to Miniclip, created by our very own Associate Producer Jamie Joseph. In his role at Miniclip, Jamie oversees development of our games – he works closely with developers to produce games like Crash n Burn, Bow Master Japan and Guns of Anarchy. We sat down for a chat to find out how he went about getting his game made.

ZG 5

Survive on your dangerous trek back to Earth

Could you tell us a bit about Zero Gravity?
It’s a shooter set in space inspired by endless runners. It has several levels and we added in side objectives to each one to increase replayability. Your character has to avoid obstacles on the way to the end of the level but you also have to shoot enemies to survive.

What were the influences for Zero Gravity?
Dead Space 2 was one of the main things that influenced Zero Gravity.  A section of the game has you guiding Isaac’s descent to a space station whilst flying through and around space debris and that was a definite inspiration.

What was the process you went through to get Zero Gravity produced?
After coming up with the game concept, I pitched it to our in-house games team to see if they liked the idea and to get it approved. The team talked about whether or not Zero Gravity would make a good game, the key features and any areas they think could be improved. After that I made amendments to the game design document and pitched the concept again. Once everyone was happy they gave the game a rating on how successful they thought it would be. Finally, I contacted the developer to get started on the creation of Zero Gravity, in this case it was the studio Silent Bay.

Shoot robots and dodge debris

Shoot robots and dodge debris

Were there other things you’d like to have included but didn’t have time/budget?
We wanted the game to have an endless runner mode too. We also wanted to include an oxygen meter which would double as an energy bar, and an end of game boss. These are features to include for a potential Zero Gravity sequel.

Is this the first game idea you’ve pitched?
I’ve pitched a few concepts before but the scope of those game ideas was too big so needed to be refined. Even if you have a great idea, there is still time constraints and a budget to consider. It’s always great to see an idea that you’ve created become a game, and in my time at Miniclip I’ve been lucky enough to see many games become reality.

Any plans to port the game to mobile?
If the game is successful then it’s an option we’d definitely look into. It would be interesting to see how we’d work out a shooting mechanic alongside the movement controls.

So what advice would you give to someone if they got lost in space?
Always be prepared for any situation, have lots of food and oxygen to survive! Make sure there’s a nearby planet to land on and hope someone comes to get you soon.

Blast your way through hostile territory

Blast your way through hostile territory

Zero Gravity is out now on Check out the trailer below.