8 Ball Community Update, March 2014

Hey guys, we’re back again with more news on 8 Ball Pool’s recent updates. Lets jump right in!

Match three and win big!

Match three and win big!

Scratch & Win

Scratch & Win is a recent addition to 8 Ball Pool on Web, you may have seen it already if you play 8 Ball Pool on mobile. It’s been pretty popular so we decided to put it Web too!

It’s a scratch card mini-game, similar to lottery tickets. The aim is to match three of the same squares to win that prize, e.g. Match three 500 coin squares to win 500 coins. Not every card is a winner, but the prizes are bigger than Spin & Win.

Just like Spin & Win, the higher value prizes are rarer and harder to win. You can win scratches from Spin & Win and also buy them from the Pool Shop.

Sport Relief

Help us raise money for charity!

Help us raise money for charity!

As we’re sure you’ve noticed, there is a promotion for Sport Relief in 8 Ball Pool Web and Facebook. We’re donating a minimum of £2.10 from every purchase of the 7K coin bundle to the charity. The campaign is running in-game from March 19th to March 26th 2014!

Sport Relief takes place from 21st – 23rd March and it’s already shaping up to be an unmissable weekend with more than 1,000 events taking place across the UK. Money raised through Sport Relief will help people living incredibly tough lives in the UK and across the world. You can find and enter your local events at www.sportrelief.com.

10 million Facebook fans!

Massive thanks to all our users!

Massive thanks to all our users!

Just over two weeks ago, the 8 Ball Pool Facebook page passed 10 million likes! This is all thanks to you guys and the love and support you have for 8 Ball Pool. Thanks for being the biggest and best Pool community in the world!

Beat the Boss

We’ve been doing the Beat the Boss event for a while now and it’s becoming a pretty big deal! We’re now livestreaming the event on Twitch, so the world can see you win (or lose). We’ve even added a Beat the Boss award into the game so you can brag to your friends about how you’ve beaten Big Rob, the Miniclip CEO. Don’t forget, you have to be playing 8 Ball Pool on Miniclip.com. Check out the Beat the Boss FAQ for more info!

The last event was one of the most successful to date: Big Rob came out ahead with 7 wins and 4 losses. You players need to brush up on your skills before you take down the Boss! He had a few close matches: one of his opponents, Domingos, was on the black but fortunately missed his final shot, so Big Rob took the opportunity to clear the table and win the match. Better luck next time!

You can find us on Twitch. We will announce all new Beat the Boss events on the 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer Facebook page.

Are you good enough to Beat the Boss?

Are you good enough to Beat the Boss?

A few reminders…

One of the big updates to 8 Ball Pool Mobile was the All-In mode where you have the chance to double your coin balance – just so long as you win two consecutive games. Another point to be aware of is that the winnings are the total of the player with the lowest balance. For all information on the All-in mode check out last months blog post.

Cairo has also made a reappearance as the top tier 1 vs 1 room with a whopping 500,000 prize pot. Tokyo Warrior Hall is now the highest ranked tournament to enter, with an amazing 60,000 coin prize awaiting the victor!

Trickshot Masterclass #4

We’re working on the 4th edition of the Trickshot Masterclass compilation. We’ve received loads of trickshot videos from you guys already but keep on sending them in. We love watching them and might even share them on Facebook or Twitter.

The Tokyo Tournament, and a brand new Cairo 1v1 tier, are coming with the next mobile release.

The Tokyo Tournament, and a brand new Cairo 1v1 tier, are coming with the next mobile release.

Check out Trickshot Masterclass #3 below.

Remember, you can email us at social at miniclip dot com or message us on Facebook.

That’s all for this month’s update. Leave your questions in the comments section or you can message us on Facebook or Twitter.

33 replies

  1. I have an issue with my table. When I play one on one, the table is there, when I go into tournaments, it go’s back to my first used table. I’ve tried everything, and I can’t get my table that I bought, to show up. I so could use some help on this one. Please e-mail me if you have the correct answer to this problem, thanks ya’ll.

    • You can´t change a tournament table,you can only use your table on 1 on 1 games
      No offense,but everybody knows that is the rule
      People can´t play on your table,but only in the tournament table in the tournament

  2. I thoroughly enjoy playing this pool game. I have the following comments. When entering tournaments, for example the first tournament, 8 players each pay an entrant fee of 200 coins making a total of 1600 coins, the winner reevives 1000 coins and the runner up receives 200 coins so total prizes amount to 1200 coins, why do you not pay out the total entry fee as you do in the 1v1 games. Also, although it is good that the black is returned to the table of potted at the start of the game, I think the advantage should go to the opponent and not to the player who potted the black.

    • I have voiced my displeasure before. All of money should be paid out to the winner’ Maybe second place gets some. I agree 8 ball on break is pure luck and should not be counted as a win.

    • I have also inferred on several occasions why the tourney pay out percentages are not equal to the amount collected on entry (refer to Jan/Feb 2014 updates). Ben M. responded to my post on the blog and basically confirmed what I said in regards to the pay out percentages with the fact that the higher the level of the tourney, the higher the payout percentage. This is true, but the entry fees increase as well and still never pays out 100%. There are cost associated with holding/hosting a “real” tourney, so I can understand a percentage going to the house, but this is “virtual” pool, so why is a profit margin built in on each tourney? I have even asked the zen desk, but failed to get a reply from them. I agree that the winner should get a major portion of the pot, with the runner up getting a smaller portion for making it to the finals.

      Ben M., Thanks for all your support to us players and hopefully you can help clarify this…Why it’s not a 100% pay out?

      Much appreciated,

  3. Look at my last game and see how the timer gave me but a few seconds on the 8. Then look what my opponent got, seems like all the time in the world. Fix the damn thing and be fair.

    • Oh no…Don’t get me started on the timer issue again!…I really would like the game developers to take into consideration that most of us just want equal time for each shot…This a pool game, not a race…But this has been stated so many times in the past without any change, so now I guess it’s like whipping a dead horse.

  4. Also just found out that the words and phrases that went along with our cue sticks are missing. I paid for the those sticks and phrases and would like them back. Thanks though for providing a great game. Reminder to players to up date windows and clear malware. that was a lot of my problems.

  5. I’m not too excited having to pay for chat phrases, but I don’t chat much while playing anyway. I do like the option to rearrange chat phrases and most of all, the option to turn chat off/on.

  6. I have been playin pool for a while now love the game. But the past couple days I’ve been getting please wait for server response or something to that effect and when it comes back I lose the game. I lost several games in a row and I gets frustrating to try so hard to win coins and then lose them all for a server response. Any info on what to do would be appreciated.

  7. It would be nice so that every hour you miss collecting the extravagant 25 coins that it builds up… so let’s say I haven’t played all day 6 hours passed… Please let me collect 125 coins not just 25.
    Frustrated with how little coins you earn.
    Let it regenerate quicker…please!

    • I agree with Cella, as long as you play several times in a day then why not let them25 coins accumulate say to a maximum of 100.

  8. I have some problem with Moscow table, when I putted all balls and just number 8 is on the table, I cannot shoot the ball, the mouse working well and everything, but just cannot shoot. This happen many times. some one have any idea? Please help me. I have lost many matchs because of this.

  9. I was about to win a game. All I had to do was pot the 8 ball. The other player scratched. So I had ball in hand. My timer said 6 seconds when the ball appeared. 6 seconds!!!! Are you kidding me???? Who could make s shot in 6 seconds. Cost me 200 coins. Thanks!!!

    • Hi Gov, the league that you’re in is based on your Level in the game. You can increase your level by earning XP (from playing and winning matches and tournaments).

  10. I have been playing in the weekly competition with friends and finally beat Stephen last week but did not receive my 4000 points.I know I was in the game because every time I returned play with an opponent it reminded me that the points would not be counted.I did however notice that my name on the list of players was the only one with,Challenge,next to it.I love this game,but I am not happy,points are hard enough to win,with all the various factions thrown at you,so,especially in the interest of fair play ,I would like my points please

  11. Why is it that the last two weeks in a row I was clearly the winner of the weekly competition among my friends yet I didn’t win the prize. I would like this rectifyied please as that’s 8000 coins I did not receive


    First time i won 250k and the 2nd time i got 1.5k both the it happened. The winning coins didn’t added to my coins
    Would anyone help me out here…????

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