Be in our new game, Calabash Bros!

See this soldier? He needs a voice!

See this soldier? He needs a voice!

Get your name in a game

Ever wanted to be in a game? We are looking for a sound effect to go in our new game Calabash Bros, and YOU could be the one to provide it!

Calabash Bros is a tactical tower defence game, where you try to throw back the forces of darkness using your own armies. We’re looking for a short sound effect to give voice to the footsoldier unit, to be played every time that another soldier enters the battle – could you be the one?

Not only will you get the awesome feeling of knowing that every time you play Calabash Bros, that it’s YOUR sound effect playing time and again – we’ll also add your name to the game’s credits. Special Sound Effects created by Your Name Here – sounds good, right?


How to get in the game

All you need to do is record a short soundclip and email it to social at with the subject line Calabash Bros.

Remember, it needs to be a SHORT sound effect! The foot soldier is the most common unit in Calabash Bros, so the sound will be played a LOT of times. Sixty-second battle cries are not the sort of thing we’re after, no matter how awesome it may sound. The ideal sound effect should be no longer than one or two seconds.

It’s entirely up to you as to what you think this SFX should be, but try and think of something that would work well with a soldier turning up for battle, ready to rock. Maybe it’s a voice recording of you shouting “Atten-SHUN!” or “Bring it on!” But it doesn’t need to be a voice – it could be the sound of marching feet, a crashing cymbal, a ringing bell – whatever you think is best.

You can record your clip using a microphone on your computer, or on your mobile phone using recording apps like Voice Record Pro (iOS) or Smart Voice Recorder (Android). Once you’re happy with it, email it over to social at The deadline is Monday 14th April – don’t miss out!

The best sound effect we receive will be included in Calabash Bros, AND you’ll see your name in the game’s credits – not many people can say that!

Get recording – we look forward to hearing from you!

Calabash Bros in action!

Calabash Bros in action!


6 replies

  1. No doubt that this is innovative search of sound for a game to be soon available and playable.I would like to be the part of this event, even thought i probably loose coz many experienced musicians will probably participate too *sigh*

    And yet the idea in my mind is sparkling.I know what support of sound i’m going to use.After a few practice times at making my short sound i’m submittng my sample! Eh, saddens there won’t be choice for players from 10 best samples before picking the best one of them all in event history….

    Ps: This post made me visit that Miniclip blog! Congratz!

  2. bad idea. really? miniclip is making ANOTHER tower defense game? they already have tons, plus, if you play one you play them all. i mean, whats the point of making another dumb tower defense game when they are all the same? stop this stuipd idea and make something GOOD for once!

    totally take back what i said before. miniclip, if u want MY sound effet, make a GOOD game!!!!

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