Evil Easter on Miniclip

Update! Still trying to find a few eggs? We’ve tracked them down – here’s where to find them!

Egg 1: Ninja SlashEvil Easter

Egg 2: Rail Rush Worlds

Egg 3: Urban Basketball

Egg 4: Slime Laboratory 2

Egg 5: Saloon Brawl 2

Egg 6: Turbo Racing 3

Egg 7: Stunt Pilot 2

Egg 8: Amazing Sheriff

Egg 9: After Sunset 2

Egg 10: Hong Kong Ninja

You’ve only got until Friday 25th April to bag these awards (and the Super Award – hurry up, egg-hunters!

Evil Easter Egg Hunt

Easter comes to Miniclip with a twist this year! Some evil Easter bunnies have stolen all the good eggs and replaced them with bad ones – and it’s down to you to hunt them out and return them to their rightful home.

We should point out that these are some particularly bad bunnies: there’s the zombie bunny, the chainsaw massacre bunny, and the evil general bunny. And, being the evil critters that they are, they’ve hidden these good eggs in some of our games.

There are 10 eggs, and each one is hidden as an award in a different Miniclip game. To get the eggs, you have to find the game and then win the award! Which games are the eggs hidden in? Well, that would spoil the surprise… but you’ll know if you’re on the right track when you see this award banner across the top of the game page.


We will also be dropping a few hints on our Facebook page and Twitter feed, so keep a close eye out for clues!