Man Or Monster Developer Blog #2: Who’s The Man?

UPDATE: Man or Monster has been unleashed! PLAY NOW!

This week’s blog is all about the Man, the hero of Man Or Monster. Playing as the Man, your role is to defend the cities being attacked by the Monster, using  a variety of weapons and abilities at your disposal. In the second of our series of developer blog posts, Diederik Groesbeek goes into some more depth about the development of the Man and the tools of his trade.


Our 3-D defender

“Who’s the Man? The Man is just a regular guy! It’s what you get when you try to make a guy out of cubes. And we gave him a cool cap. That’s it! Of course, it’s the the jetpack that makes him SUPER and gives you a fighting chance against the Monsters. Everybody loves jetpacks. It’s a fact.

As well as being a cool bit of kit, the jetpack was a design necessity for the game. If you’re playing as the Man, you need to be able to get around the city very quickly to set up your defenses and then take on whatever Monster is dropped into the action.

When we started making the game, we’d imagined these huge environments and Godzilla-sized Monsters, and then were faced with the problem of having a tiny little guy running around trying to avoid getting stepped on by a giant foot. So the jetpack was a natural solution: it gives you the maneuverability to zip around the map, placing units and overseeing the action. You can get down to ground level to pick up items, or you can easily fly up to the rooftops to set up artillery or take a shot at the Monster yourself. You can even perch on moving clouds for a nice view of the city.

“We faced the problem of a tiny little guy getting stepped on by a giant foot.”

So the jetpack was in from the start. It’s also in one of the games we used as inspiration: the brilliant Giants: Citizen Kabuto by Planet Moon!

You can place units like tanks, helicopters and even electrified Tesla coils all across the city to help you defend the city from the Monsters. You’ll have some time before the monster arrives to strategically place those units in the Monster’s path.”

The bigger they are…

“We won’t spoil some of the surprises that you’ll face when you come up against the Monster, but it’s likely that you’ll take a bit of damage when you’re playing as the Man. Fortunately, you can pick up heart containers and medikits when you get hurt. There’s also armor to make the Man invincible for a while, so you can really get close to your foe. Besides this, you can upgrade your heart containers, fuel and especially your weapon to do more damage.”

“We tried to give the items a retro feel – we started feeling nostalgic for Gameboy or SNES-era games while we were creating these! The Man has currency to collect so he can purchase upgrades to increase his chances of survival.”

Too many ideas, not enough time

“As with most games, we’re never able to include every idea we come up with. With Man Or Monster, we thought about creating multiple characters to choose from – we even made a few turnarounds of other models, but didn’t have time to implement them properly. One of the coolest features that we didn’t get to include was the ability for Man to directly control the units he builds, like in Grand Theft Auto. Maybe for Man Or Monster 2…!”


“Regardless, Man Or Monster is packed full of content. We’re building in daily challenges to provide loads of replayability even after the main game has been completed, adding fresh new challenges for players to get into.”

Keep an eye out for the next developer’s blog where we’ll be taking on the city destroying monsters. In the meantime, read the previous Man Or Monster dev blogs for more info as we build up to the game’s release this summer.

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The Man with jetpack in action.

Update: Watch the brand new and exclusive Man Or Monster trailer now!