8 Ball Community Update, April 2014

It’s been a busy month in 8 Ball Pool, with plenty of new features added to the game. Also this month, we wanted to address a popular topic among the community – chat.

Chat Packs can be found in the Pool Shop.

Chat Packs can be found in the Pool Shop.

Chat Packs

You can now customize your chat phrases in the game, with the new Chat Packs that were recently introduced. You can ask your opponent “Best of 3?” with the Rematch pack, cheer them on with the Motivational pack (“You’re awesome!”) or even give them a bit of a gentle mocking with the Competitive pack (“In your face!”).

Of course, you could always use the Motivational pack in a sarcastic way (“Best shot ever!” as your opponent sinks the white) but we definitely, 100% do not endorse that. Nope. Really.

Hey, why not just give us free chat?

It’s a question that we’ve seen get debated among players for some time – so we thought this would be a good time to reiterate our thoughts on unrestricted “free” chat.

We want 8 Ball Pool to stay fast, fun and friendly – a game that can be enjoyed by players from all around the world, no matter what their age or ability. It is a competitive game, we recognize that, but we never want that competitiveness to stray away from the fun experience of a quick game of pool.

Just like Blizzard’s Hearthstone, which has adopted a similar “chat phrases” build to 8 Ball Pool, we don’t want anyone’s enjoyment of the game to be harmed by the risks of abuse or offensive language that come with having unrestricted chat. Even a “censored” chat won’t solve that problem as people may find ways to be abusive without using censored words. Similarly, a “report” function is a reactive measure – it doesn’t stop people from being offended or abused in the first place.

Re-order your chat phrases in the Settings menu.

Re-order your chat phrases in the Settings menu.

We did want to give you the opportunity to add more depth and customization to the chat phrases that are available to you, and we feel that the Chat Packs are the best way to do this while still keeping the game fun and friendly. Yes, we have included a few “competitive” phrases like “Watch and learn!” because 8 Ball Pool is a competitive multiplayer game – but we wanted to reflect that while removing the risk of people being offended or upset while playing our game.

Remember also that 8 Ball Pool is a fast-paced game where you have seconds, not minutes, to take your shot – typing out custom messages will slow down the game and leave you waiting for your opponent to send you a message and then take their shot.

We know that there are plenty of players out there who recognize these problems with free chat, and we’ve been following the debates on our Facebook page. To all our players, we thank you for your support and understanding – and hope that you’ll find a phrase you’re looking for among the new Chat Packs, and continue enjoying 8 Ball Pool.

Chat Pack Protips

There’s also two things you might not have noticed about the new Chat Packs.

Firstly, you can re-order the list of phrases in the Settings menu. Just head over there and drag the phrases around to suit your personal tastes – this will make it much easier to find your favorite phrases when you’re in a hurry.

Secondly, if you’d rather not hear from your opponent at all… you can turn off the Chat phrases completely. Just set Chat to “Off” and you’re good to go.

Practice your no-guideline skills on mobile.

Practice your no-guideline skills on mobile.

Sharpen your no-guideline skills

If you play 8 Ball Pool on mobile, you’re probably well aware of the Play Offline mode. We just added a new feature to this: you can turn off the guidelines and practice without them.

This means you can improve your no-guideline skills without having to stump up the entry fee for a high-ranking tournament or 1v1 tier that doesn’t use guidelines. Then, when you feel like going for a big prize, you’ll know that you’re ready for it. Sharpen those skills, 8 Ballers!

New All In awards

This award will be yours if you've got the skills to win an All In match.

This award will be yours if you’ve got the skills to win an All In match.

 There are now a couple of new awards available for anyone who plays an All In match on mobile – Winner Keeps It All and Go For Broke. One you earn for winning an All In match… and we think you can probably guess how you get the other one 😉

@8ballpool on Twitter

The official 8 Ball Pool Twitter account has had a name-change from @poolbyminiclip to @8ballpoolSo if you want to tweet us any questions, suggestions or cool pics/videos – or you just want to say hi – that’s the handle to use.

Double Coins Weekend

If you’re looking to boost your coin stash… this weekend (25th-27th April), we’re doubling the amount of coins you get on selected bundles from the Pool Shop.

That’s all for this month 8 Ballers – as always, hit that Post Comment button if you’ve got anything you want to say about any of the above.

66 replies

  1. Ben M., Did the game developers ever consider making a lower tier tourney in between the London & Sydney’s 200/3000 coin entry fees (IE: 500 coins & call the 8 ball) that we conversed about in the March update?…Hoping so, if not would you please reiterate it to them again for us players…Thanks!

    PS: Also, I like the new chat packs & chat options (especially the rearrange & turn off options)…Good job.

  2. Why can’t there be a chat off option ? Players who wants to chat will only switch on chat, otherwise they will keep it switched off.

  3. i am using a touch screen computer and I can’t play via the touch screen and in the setings page in the laptop i don;t have all the choices such as cue peed, etc as on my ipad. can’t play on a laptoop?

  4. Yeah. Is a good ideea for this question asked ”Why isn’t there unrestricted chat in 8 Ball Pool?” and it is really good

  5. I like the new chat feature, but maybe if you could have an option to block the chat on a certain player? There seem to be a growing minority who constantly click random messages while I’m at the table. Still, it’s nice to be able to write “say hello to my little friend” as I roll the black in 🙂

  6. Is anyone else finding that the game is slowing down again after about 10 minutes of play? It uses a lot of CPU, and after 10 mins or so, it struggles to draw all the frames, making long play sessions difficult. It did it earlier this year, then it got fixed for a while, but it’s back to doing it again.

    The other issue I am having goes something like this: I break, I sink a ball. I retain the cue ball, and sink another…. Then I wait, and eventually, play returns but in an alternate reality where the second ball I sunk hasn’t been sunk, the balls that got hit are all in slightly different places on the table, and the opponent has the ball. I’m guessing it occurs because of some kind of connection issue, but why decide on the outcome the way it does? It’s soul-destroying and kills the momentum of your play when you find that a ball you totally legitimately sunk has not only come back out of the pocket, but the cue ball has been handed to your opponent.

    • I absolutely agree. Yesterday my PC overheated and and it shutdown automatically (by hardware, like pulling the plug). It’s the first time my laptop does something like that and it’s because of 8 ball. Oh, and my laptop has an Intel Core i7 3630QM.

  7. Is this the next step towards having No Guidelines mode in ‘Play a friend’? If so then it’s the best thing MC have done yet on this game imo

  8. Hai Friends my doubt is If own millioinare table, Pattern and Cue….while i am playing with a opponent who owns another table, pattern….Can the opponent see my milloanaire cue and pattern while playing instead of his table and cloth…sorry for my english….please clarify my doubt

  9. How about making a Pool Coins to Pool Cash Converter so that we can convert some of our coins to cash in order to buy the cues and chat packs that can only be bought with Pool Cash. Please consider this as I and I’m sure, many others, would be happy for this addition to the game. Like the new update! Thanks!

  10. Even with the chat packs u provided it is very hard to find a suitable phrase according to that moment while playing a game. when I began to scroll to find the suitable phrase the time is running…so please make a change that all chat phrases will appear in a single window and with a single mouse click…..

  11. “It is a competitive game, we recognize that, but we never want that competitiveness to stray away from the fun experience of a quick game of pool”
    You’re confusing ‘competitive’ and ‘trash talking’.

    You compete by playing well and concentrating on the match.

    You trash talk by choosing douchebag chat options. I’ve just turned chat off now.

    Cheers, odt

  12. The shot clock is often very wrong. It expires and does not change possession and runs so fast at times that you cannot get a shot off. Frustrating!!!!

  13. How about removing ad ” I will be notified when to update adobe flash” so I can play 8 ball? I updated anyway though I have windows 8. Still can not enter game, have contacted support, no help. Also took PC to tech shop. What gives?

  14. What about snooker multiplayer or 9-ball pool multiplayer with identical physics? I love snooker and it would be awesome. 8 ball is becoming more and more boring.

  15. Yes I complain a lot. Why doesn’t everyone else speak their mind? All games I’ve played are plagued with problems to some degree. All I wanted was an even playing field for all. Requests have fallen on “I don’t care” ears. I will not play or throw good money after bad. There are other interests in this world, so don’t get sucked in.

  16. This morning I played my daily free spin and win. I won 5 scratch and win cards. When I scratched the second card I won the jackpot of 250,000 coins. So the top prizes can be won. Not many games give you a daily prize game within the main game. You also receive 25 coins each 1/2 hour and I believe a separate daily allowance for playing on consecutive days. (I only receive 25 coins per hour and no daily allowance but miniclip are investigating this for me.

  17. The All In game is very good as long as you are happy to accept that you can lose or win, I have done both. Obviously to win is very good, as long as you do not put more than say between 1000 -2000 coins into the game, then it is ok. Personally I would prefer not to put more than 2000′

    What I also like is that if you enter the game, you are asked are you sure you want to proceed, it is a pity that all the games did not do this as it is easy to press the wrong 1v1 or tournament game.

    • That’s why I requested to have a tourney in between London & Sydney (see Mar. & Apr. updates). The disparity between 200 & 3000 coin entry fees is a bit much. I requested a tourney with approx. 500 coin entry fee. This would help with the lower ranked players having to play so many high ranked players in London and encourage all to play another tourney besides London without having to gamble 3000 coins in Sydney.

      In regards to asking “Are you sure” before playing…I agree. I have made the mistake of clicking on the wrong game several times and not having enough time to click the “Return to main screen” once I realize the mistake I’ve made. I know this is my fault by not paying attention to detail, but it would be nice to have a “safety device” in place just in case I have another brain cramp…lol.

  18. Changing the ghost ball to a opaque would be better in no guidelines tournament, so that we can aim better. Top of that, adding a no guidelines stage (low rank player ex. 1-10) on play 1-1 mode will increase exitement on ur game.

    • I totally agree . Why are you making uspay for the chat phrases and why have you made some of them so expensive

  19. Thanks for the Beat A Grandmaster award, (yawn) it is now a bit old. How about one for beating a VIP or a (I’ve only seen one) a King which I also beat? No brag, just fact.

  20. If you can hide what the other person says with their chat packs, why can’t you do the same thing with free chats? If people are offended they can just hide the chat or disable receiving them before starting the game or in settings.
    Please add a free chat option

  21. I also need to know how to delete friends. although in the edit option it give me a selection of friends that I can delete, I have a few friends that must have added me as I have no clue who they are and it’s these people I can’t delete HELP 🙂

  22. I did saw an idea for adding up there chat phrase “You ‘re welcome”. Just in the comments to a post on Your blog. I’m sured it should be some chat phrases available to use by picking them from “Gentle chat pack” – That’s where chat phrase like “You re welcome” would be placed. And i not forget i haven’t seen even simple “Goodbye” but i did saw something like “Do you like me?”, “Will You marry me?” and there weren’t just kind “Good Morning”, “Good Afternoon”, “Good Evening”, “Good Night”, “Nice to meet You”, et cetera… You know what? I don’t get it! Not so much is in these now available chat phrases in game really. This is saddening 🙁

  23. Ok, I searched high and low but couldn’t seem to find “watch and learn” and some of the other chat phrases some of my opponents use. How can I find those? Please help!!!

  24. Hey please why you guys dont give us our own chat i know some people uses abusive words but let that word in restrictions and give warning to them or even ban them.. for couple of days get penalty for swearing but please believe me the game will be more Awesome and every going to enjoy it alot! Thank u

  25. Twice when i got to the final and my opponent didnt show, it said that if your opponent does not show up you win the game and they did not show. then icon comes up saying my opponent has won the the game, on both games, i dont think this is fair do you?
    Tom Brown

  26. What I dont get is when a player hits my ball to knock the 8 ball in isnt fair..This has happen a few times and when I tried it ,I got a fault..What gives????I have played real pool and one cannot shoot the 8 ball into the pocket while hitting it with your oppenents ball..Am I wrong???

  27. I cant connect in to 8 ball pool on Facebook it wont let me play anymore can you please help me and fix it up its the only game I like to play in Facebook thanks

  28. you need a chat pack or a way to take a break during a game to let or ask the other player hey I’ll be back on line Saturday at 9 pm or will you be on line later or let me know when you want to play again.
    Thanx just sayin

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